Home Design According To Your Astrological Sign

Now more than ever, our astrological signs say a lot about our personality. It's far past horoscopes, to the point where you might often find yourself being asked what's your sign? Don't worry! We don't judge anyone based on their zodiac chart, but we do love seeing the creative ways people interpret their astrological signs.

Today, we wanted to share the different home design choices that are associated with each sign!



Aries are known for their fiery personality and ambitious attitudes. While this might keep them busy when they're out on the town or working hard it's different once they get home. Aries are full of energy, but once they get home, they need to relax. That said, their ambitious style mixed with their need for comfort makes a fashionable lounge chair their home design favorite.


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This earth sign is always seeking pleasure and beauty, especially in their own space. In terms of their home design, taurus signs typically gravitate towards the dining room. That's why an iconic dining table design is the perfect centerpiece to satisfy their need for beauty and simple pleasures.


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Geminis are said to have two sides to their personality, which makes them highly entertaining and busy people. They're flexible but find inspiration in all places, leading to impulsive decisions to change their home decor. Luckily, a modular sofa is the perfect design to keep up with a gemini's changing style.


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If you need a friend to vent to, find someone with a Cancer zodiac sign! Their vulnerable and relaxing personalities make them great emotional companions. Whether they are setting up a calming environment for themselves or a late-night talk with their friend, a plush sectional sofa is a must-have for every cancer's home.


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If there's one thing to be said about Leo's, it's that they love to make a statement. Their bold, confident personalities translate to their interior design choices. That said, a colorful lounge chair will fit perfectly into a leo's home decor.


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When it comes to home design, Virgos prefer to plan their choices ahead of time. Every piece of furniture has a purpose, and when it all comes together, it looks perfect. They also love a timeless design, which means they are bound to love a stylish coffee table.


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Balance is one of the most important aspects of a libra's life. This sense of symmetry is likely to translate into their home decor choices, often creating simple & cohesive interiors. We have a feeling that a set of matching chairs can bring that balanced style every libra loves in their home.


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For Scorpios, inspiration can strike at any time. To foster creative impulses and spontaneous needs, their bedroom is extremely important to their home design. You can be sure to find a modern, enviable platform bed in a Scorpios space.


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It's hard to find a Sagittarius at home, considering they tend to flow wherever their heart desires. When you find them in their home, odds are they are sitting at a stylish desk where they are planning their next adventure.


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Similar to cancer signs, Capricorns love to tend to their friends & family. However, Capricorns are more capable of nurturing in group settings, making them excellent entertainers. This is why every Capricorn needs the perfect dining table to host memorable gatherings.


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It's not always easy to pin down an Aquarius, which means it's even harder to determine a home design that defines them. They constantly change their preferences and are drawn in by different elements. This makes a frame style sideboard the most useful piece to display and store an Aquarius eclectic decor & memorabilia.


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Your Pisces friends love to embrace their freedom, constantly moving on instinct or enjoying an open environment. They don't like being tied down, even in their own home. Luckily, they can embrace the openness of nature with an incredible Outdoor Set.


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