Top 58 Renowned  Interior Designers in San Francisco

The city of Lombard Street and the Golden Gate Bridge is certainly home to the best designers in the world. Not only are they pros at respecting the urban fabric of their city, but some of them are even globally renowned, while others have been listed on several best of lists on sites that are highly acclaimed for upholding the highest standards when it comes to principles of interior design.

Many of their works have been featured on well-recognized publications and websites, so there's absolute surety that this list will lead you to the cream of the crop and your dream mid century modern living room. 58 may seem like a huge number, but when compared to the fakes that you find on the internet, it's a good number of authentic sources that you can check out while keeping your budget, ideas, and project scope in mind. Let's take a look at them:

San Francisco Interior Designers

1. Tucker & Marks 


With history on its side, Tucker and Marks was founded in 1986 by Suzanne Tucker and Timothy Marks. Today, it's one of the largest firms of the West Coast grown by exquisite designing, amazing project management, and excellent client collaboration. Even today, the designers at this firm are experts in residential interior designing.

The firm specializes in evoking a sense of luxury in all their projects. From stunning mountain lodges, beach houses, and country villas to city homes, you can consult this firm to provide you with their full services no matter what the scope of your project.


2. Kendall Wilkinson Design


With a passion for bringing life to new things, Kendall Wilkinson and her team of designers aspire to create spaces that wow their clients. Their ability to breathe uniqueness into conventional spaces makes them such a great place to consult for projects that you want to distinguish from the rest.

This interior design firm is excellent at providing the full-service palette. They can easily guide you through a full-scale renovation but are just as great at focusing on bespoke furniture pieces. No matter what the scope of your project, they can help you get the best of it.


3. Jeffers Design Group


As one of the top interior designer's in San Francisco, Jay Jeffers and his trusty team can enliven any space. They pride themselves on evoking a soulful atmosphere in even the drabbest of spaces. Experts in finding middle ground between form and function, this firm believes in collaborating as closely with their clients as possible.

Jay Jefferson's concept-to-installation services take on quite a big scope. From interior architecture to customized furniture design and even art acquisitions, Jay and his team can effortlessly guide you through every single phase of your project.


4. Coddington Design


With a firm philosophy that, great spaces do not happen by accident, Coddington Design has built itself a firm footing as one of the best interior design firms in San Francisco. The designers here know and appreciate that every client comes with a select vision for their space, and they believe that it's their job to refine what you've already got.

The Coddington Design team is especially cognizant of each client's budget. They keep everything transparent regarding the pricing and try to deliver the best in each project by helping you maintain your bank balance.


5. Palmer Weiss Interior Design


This San Francisco based interior designer credits her stunning aesthetic to her southern roots. She and her team are experts at evoking that charming, casually home-grown but elegant effect in every space that they design. They promise to deliver the best of each project by combining functions and aesthetics as seamlessly as possible.

Palmer Weiss also has experience in the business world, so she runs her firm quite smoothly. She's raised her firm to be exceptional on all grounds, which is why she offers full services no matter what the scope of your project. She also offers bespoke furniture designing, so if you want to personalize anything, she and her team have got your back.


6. Grant K. Gibson Interior Design Inc.


This San Francisco interior designer believes in designing spaces that are totally out of that box but without losing their functional credibility. An expert in the eclectic theme, he and his team always crafts ambiances that are two shades ahead of the ordinary. With an emphasis on boldness and unique perspectives, you'll love what this firm can do for you!

Gibson believes that all interiors are reflections of the people who use them, so what he crafts always pays an allusion to the client's desires. If you go through their portfolio, you'll notice that everything they design has a visual hook nothing is ever stagnant and no space goes unnoticed.


7. Applegate Tran Interiors


This San Francisco interior design firm was established in 1999, so they're a highly credible place to consult. As the brainchild of two principal designers named Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran, this firm has since made quite a name for itself by crafting spaces that are bold, dynamic, and always brimming with charisma.

Focusing equally on timelessness, creativity, functionality, and aesthetics, the team at Applegate Tran Interiors consists of a cohesive unit that always strives to deliver the best of all worlds to their clients.


8. Form + Field


If you're into modern spaces that feel unique and personal, then this is the San Francisco interior design firm that you should be consulting. Their epic reach into a client's psyche and their ability to craft modern eclectic spaces has made them one of the best places to reach out to, if you're into timeless contemporary aesthetics.

Christine Lin is the mastermind behind the whole team, and she has ingrained it in her professionals to craft spaces that suit a client's personal values, are well-balanced, artfully integrated, and brimming with individuality.


9. Cilesa Interior Design & Space Planning


Believing in the transformative powers of inspired spaces Cillesa and her team of experts take on every project with gusto, no matter its scope. Their full-service package applies to all sorts of renovations, be it a bathroom, kitchen, or some other room.

This firm believes in the philosophy that every space should reflect the owner's preferences, so they always work in close relation with their clients. Every step of the process is closely evaluated and discussed, so the end product always feels like an extension of the client!


10. Tal Golstein


Led by the Israeli born painter and designer Tal Goldstein, this San Francisco based interior design firm sets itself apart by offering the best blend of art and interior craftsmanship. With an emphasis on colors, textures, and visual arts, this firm is all about making its mark on the user and leaving a distinct impression on anyone who experiences the space.

Tal always bases her designs based on the scale and proportions of the room. Her vibrant aesthetic comprises of wonderful visual arts, abstract additions, and carefully curated decor pieces that add to the already distinguished quality of the space.


11. Ingrid Demoor


A passion project that grew into a beloved business, deMoor Designs is now one of the best San Fancisco interior design firms that you can consult. Led by Ingrid deMoor and her skilled team, this firm is all about crafting beautiful spaces that make the user feel relaxed, tranquil, and totally at home.

With fourteen years of experience in the industry and a strive to craft the most inspired ambiances for her clients, Ingrid and her team have certainly left their mark around the city. You can reach out to them for any type of a project you need consultation on.


12. Artistic Design For Living, Tineke Triggs


ADL is a San Francisco based interior design firm that is led by Tineke Triggs. She and her skilled team of professionals strive to create exquisite spaces that always reflect the personality of the client.

The firm offers full services and the first few consultations always result in a rough conceptualization of what the space might look like as a whole. Tineke and her team can also help you with budget refinement and project management. They can partner you with the best professionals in the field and source/design the most sought-after items for your interior designs.


13. Kimball Starr Interior Design


This interior design firm is quite renowned in the San Francisco area. They believe in creating spaces that offer the epitome of comfort because if an ambiance is not livable, then there's no point in making it beautiful.

The qualitative value of Kimball Starr's interior designs is recognized by both clients and professionals alike. The firm has been around since 2005, and since then, the team here has been constantly upgrading and enriching their client's lives by creating the most innovative, timeless, and comfortable interiors.


14. The Proposed Plan


Helmed by Swati, this interior design firm in San Francisco is a great place to consult if you want to design a space that will be livable for years to come. A firm believer in timelessness, Swati and her team always strive to create ambiances that provide comfort, elegance, and remain tasteful through the changing times.

Clients appreciate this firm because the process is always highly collaborative and in-sync with the owner's personality. Thus, each project culminates to be an amazing combo of culture, texture, and ambient beauty.


15. Mikodam LLC


An interior space is never truly finished until you have mastered its details. This is why this California based global company, Mikodam, is such a well-loved and highly renowned place. They deal in bespoke walls and ceilings that are gorgeous, customizable and acoustic, which makes them a one-stop-shop for people who want to decorate and revamp their homes with lots of flair.

Mikodam specializes in creating pieces that lets the user into the creative process while relieving them of issues such as detail solving, manufacturing and quality management. They deal in the most qualitative pieces that will last you through thick and thin.


16. Design Loft Company


This San Francisco interior design firm is led by Hellen, who is a firm believer in designing spaces that work for you. She and her team are passionate about crafting ambiances that speak volumes in personalization.

Design Loft Company comprises of skilled professionals who can tackle every project aspect from small scale detailing to statement concepts and everything in-between, they've got you totally covered. Her commercial and high-end residential designing has been awarded many accolades and her talent is widely recognized throughout San Francisco city.


17. Kelly Scanlon Interior Design


As a San Francisco interior design firm that has been active in the Bay Area since 2004, Kelly Scanlon Interior Design has gained a lot of popularity and renown over the years. The team here is well-known for crafting spaces that are the epitome of elegant sophistication without losing their livability.

This firm takes on all sorts of projects, be it large or small. With a seamless and fully enjoyable design process in addition to some create client collaboration, you can bet that this team can take your vision and articulate it in the most fun, comfortable, ergonomic, and beautiful manner.


18. Nest Design Co., Inc.


Nest is a San Francisco interior design firm that has been crafting stunning interiors around the greater Bay Area since 2008 now. The team has since evolved and now features a wonderful collection of skilled professionals that are great at what they do. With an emphasis on creating stunning spaces that wow with their elegant livability, this firm has bought a lot of renown through their excellent services.

Nest Design co. provides full services and you can consult them for new construction, ground-up work, gut renovations, project management, and even custom furniture design.


19. Studio D


This bi-coastal interior design firm is based in both New York and San Francisco. They fancy themselves a boutique consultation that specializes in home staging and crafting wonderful spaces for real estate developers, other professionals in the field, as well as general homeowners.

Clients are always super impressed by the magic touch of the studio D team. The way that they transform spaces is truly appreciative and the talent genuinely shines through. The firm's philosophy is to design sophisticated, timeless, and inspired spaces that provide a true experience to anyone who walks through or lives in them.


20. Benjamin Dhong Interiors


This high-end residential interior design firm is all about crafting unique, playful, and super elegant spaces. Providing a thorough emphasis on qualitative craftsmanship, excellent ergonomics, and pleasant ambiances, you can consult this San Francisco based firm for all sorts of projects, be it ground up new constructions or gut renovations.

Led by Benjamin Dhong, this firm takes a unique stance in the Bay Area by providing a distinguished, cumulative aesthetic that features traditional furnishings in contrast with a modern ambiance. So if that sounds like your jam, then this is the firm that you should be checking out.


21. Isolina Mallon Interiors


This award-winning interior design firm is helmed by Spanish native Isolina Mallon, who takes pleasure in delivering a hassle-free project timeline for her clients. She's a pro at ensuring that you go through a fully enjoyable and gratifying experience throughout your renovation.

Isolina's wholesome full services comprise of a collaborative engagement of clients, builders, landscape architects, and a whole other network of professionals that always gets overlooked throughout the design process. This firm has been active in the Bay Area since 2012, and has garnered a lot of popularity over the years.


22. Culbertson Interiors


With a history of 35 years, this San Francisco based interior design firm has taken off for the stars. Led by Jeff and Deborah Rae Culbertson, the studio has since expanded and now offers a wide range of services that include new constructions, renovations, furniture design, lighting design, window treatment curation, and art/accessorizing.

With a number of local and international projects under their belt, this designer duo always have their finger on the pulse of the latest design trends in the market. Both of them and their team strive to craft evocative, visually appealing, and personality-filled spaces that always inspire the users.


23. Ann Lowengart Interiors


This luxury interior design firm is one of San Francisco's best. The team here specializes in thematic experts who can help you craft ambiances that range from stylishly modern to skillfully traditional. No matter what style you pick, they can help you make it look as fresh and timeless as possible.

Additionally, Ann Lowengart and her team always take their client's taste, vision, and personality in close consideration. The sheer sophistication of every space that they craft never fails to leave clients in awe. They deliver an experience, more than a fully curated space.


24. The Home Co.


This firm believes that interior designing is a process of discovery for both the clients and the professionals, so they help you refine, manage, and express your ideas through clear communication. This philosophy and excellent client management has led them to be one of the best consultations in San Francisco.

From buying and selling homes to crafting wonderfully customized spaces, this firm covers a wide range of basics. Their team consists of a diverse range of builders, designers, and real-estate agents, and their full services are just a call or an email away.


25. Rice and Detienne Design llc


If you're searching for some of the best residential interior design firms in the greater Bay Area, then Rice and DeTienne Designs should definitely be on your list. The team at this studio comprises of experts in this niche and has several single and multi-family home renovations under their belt.

They offer full services and do not discriminate based on the scope of the project. They can tackle space planning, bathroom renovations, kitchen cabinetry, architectural designing, and lots of other things. No matter which part of your house you want to revamp/refurbish/redesign, they've got you covered.


26. Marea Clark Interiors


Marea Clark Interiors has an amazingly loyal client base around the Bay Area, and has become one of the most sought after firms over the decade. By emulating the habits and lifestyle choices of clients in the spaces that she crafts, this designer and her team have garnered many accolades over the years.

Marea and her team are skilled at crafting spaces that speak to the soul. Her exposure to architecture, travel culture, and antiques from a very young age fostered a passion that she now expresses by crafting gorgeous ambiances. Her full-service palette also speaks of a highly groomed professional aura that never fails to impress clients.


27. Noz Design


Designer and owner Noz as built herself a great client base in the San Francisco area by designing spaces that evoke a sense of stylish comfort and amazing ergonomics in the fast-paced lives of most homeowners. As a former marketing guru, she's got her finger pinned on the zeitgeist of all the latest trends in the industry and never fails to decipher her clients tastes.

Noz was also names the rising star of 2020 in Architectural Digest, so that's a true testament to her skills and unique aesthetic. Her work has been widely publicized and appreciated by both professionals and general audience alike.


28. Tower Design Interior & Art


This San Francisco based residential and commercial interior design firm also specializes in curating the best art for their clients. The team at this studio believes that the spaces you use shape the way you live, so they always strive to delve deep into their clients lifestyles to design the most innovative and refined version of what they want.

Their philosophy is to transform the very core of your life through the spaces that you inhabit. The firm has been around since 1988 and although the headquarters is based in the Bay Area, they now take on projects all over the USA.


29. Kerstin Dieterich Design


This German bred interior designer has made a home base for herself in San Francisco, and her roots show in the spaces that she designs. A connoisseur of all things practical, light oriented, and simple Kerstin prides herself of creating spaces that are ergonomic and soulful at the same time.

Kerstin's design process in very in-sync with her clients. She even helps you establish a budget and has contractors bid on the project so that you won't end up busting your budget. She's an expert at both residential and commercial designing, and pays special attention to sustainability.


30. Refined Interiors


There's nothing more dear to a client than great collaboration with the designer, and this San Francisco interior design firm provides this in spades. The principal designer calls herself your very own design therapist where in you through your raw ideas at her and she helps you refine them into something unique and gorgeous.

With a bright cache of creative outlets, lots of inspiration, and much-needed technical skills, this firm has made itself well known throughout the Bay Area. Their unique customization and great ideas definitely make them worth checking out.


31. Niche Interiors


Interior designing and architecture are intrinsically linked, and the team at Niche Interiors always pays a special nod to this connection. This San Francisco interior design firm is known for crafting tailored modern spaces that not only speak to the soul, but are also timeless enough to stay relevant for the longest time.

This studio provides a full-service design palette to their clients. This also includes small details like rug selection, furniture, and lighting design. By creating healthy, non-toxic spaces, this firm strives to create the best environment for their clients to live in.


32. Laurie Ghielmetti


This San Francisco based interior design and art consultation firm is known for creating wonderful spaces that will enrich your heart and soul. With a wide range of residential projects under their belt, you can consult the team here for anything you want be it a country villa, a Hamptons beach house, a vacation home, or an urban loft.

As far as the art consultation side of this firm is concerned, they partner with the best galleries in the Bay Area, New York, and LA thus curating the most wonderful pieces for their clients.


33. Prevalent Projects


Helmed by Floyd Albee, this San Francisco interior design firm has carved itself a specialized little nook in the Bay Area. The team here comprises of experts in both residential and commercial designing, and they promise to craft you an ambiance that will be as bold, timeless, relevant, and sophistication as you can ever imagine.

You'll be mesmerized by the quality craftsmanship and material sourcing provided by this studio. They consult you to curate an ambiance that suits your lifestyle the most, and the process is always highly collaborative so clients feel very in-sync with the goings on of the whole process.


34. Lydia Lyons Designs


Advertising a motto of, love where you live, Lydia Lyons and her team of expert professionals is one of the absolute best in the Bay Area. They strive to take all your design considerations into account before refining all your ideas into a wonderful symphony of elegance, charm, and comfort.

This San Francisco based firm specializes in residential and commercial interior designing. They pride themselves on coming up with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that are complemented by strong management skills, so that the project always goes as smoothly as possible.


35. Kirsten Pike Design


Promising to capture the international design vernacular into the very heart of America, Kirsten Pike and her San Francisco based firm are the rising stars of the bay area. Her Denmark-based upbringing shows in the spaces that she designs. The layered aesthetic never fails to impress clients.

With simplicity as the core value of every ambiance she crafts, Kirsten offers full services to everyone who consults with her. She's a pro at what she does and you can bet that anything she designs for you is always going to be great.


36. Fiorella Design


You always need to have a spirited personality to craft charismatic spaces, and Fiorella definitely has it in spades. This Bay Area based interior designer has become a force to be reckoned with. Her early interest in art and architecture led to a passion for crafting spaces that always leave everyone speechless.

Today, she runs a successful design business and is quite adept at creating gorgeous, function-based, and comfortable spaces. You can consult Fiorella and her team for your project and get her full-service palette for a smooth run.


37. Peruri Design Company


Inspired by the bold cultural blend of her Indian upbringing, Sindhu Peruri developed her passion for designing and stunning aesthetics at a very young age. As such, the spaces that she crafts always boast the most exquisite, rich, and enlivened visuals without ever compromising the small details and ergonomics.

The great thing about Peruri and her team is that they always approach their projects as holistically as possible every inch (be it the layout, the material, the lighting, the decor) is carefully curated and selected to complement the client's aesthetic in the most wholesome manner. It's definitely a great place to get your consultation in the bay area.


38. Amy Weaver Design Group


Known for her eclectic tastes and an ability to weave a casual practicality in formal spaces, Amy Weaver has built herself quite a loyal client base in the Bay Area. She used to be a fashion executive, so her knowledge of textiles and design is skewed in a highly unique manner. You'll certainly appreciate her distinguished perspective.

This San Francisco interior design firm collectively holds decades of experience, so consulting this team will definitely help you refine your ideas in the best manner. Plus, their extensive contacts in the industry mean that you'll get the best deals with your hired professionals.


39. Suzette Sherman Interior Design


Suzette Sherman and her team are skilled experts that strive to deliver the best experience to their clients. Their services range a diverse palette and include hourly consultations where you can get their help to refine your ideas or solve your design dilemmas. Then there're the furnishings and renovation packages depending on your need.

This San Francisco interior design firm has a step-by-step guiding process that helps them cultivate their client's lifestyle choices and aesthetics into fully-formed, visually pleasant spaces!


40. HSH Interiors


HSH Interiors is an interior design firm that has been servicing the good people of San Francisco since 2002. They pride themselves on coaxing out their client's vision and articulating it into spaces that speak volumes in magnificence, luxury, and comfort.

With a motto that flaunts how each space should be as unique as the person who uses it, Holly Hollenbeck and her skilled team showcases an offbeat and highly distinguished aesthetic that always pleases their clients. You can bet that whatever space they design for you is always going to be top of the line.


41. Regan Baker Design


As San Francisco's resident home makers, this interior design firm strives to make every space as qualitative, original, and comfortable as possible. Personalizing through a modern concept is their jam, and they can definitely help you create an ambiance that will charm everyone who walks through it.

Regan Baker's passion for interior design can be clearly deciphered through her belief that every space should be an extension of your individual self. Therefore, her full-services are catered to refine this ideology and come up with ideas that will make your homes the epitome of classy, debonair, and stunning.


42. Gamble + Design


Jenny Gamble and Murray Agnew's love for design and entrepreneurship culminated into this renowned San Francisco based interior design firm. This husband-wife duo have carved themselves a nice little niche in the industry and pride themselves on crafting spaces that are absolutely wonderful to experience.

This full-service firm can help you through every aspect of your project. Cut through initial consultation to final drawings and even contract ready documents, and Gamble + Design is the firm for you. From the smallest detail to the biggest hurdle, they promise to guide you through it all. 


43. Geoffrey De Sousa Interior Design


As someone who's designed home interiors for the leaders of San Francisco's Bay Area, Geoffrey De Sousa has become a well-known name in the industry. Both he and his team pride themselves on crafting spaces that are well-curated, high-end, and qualitative in both comfort and aesthetics.

Geoffrey is an expert at combining modern and traditional visuals, so you'll see quite a warm and austere juxtaposition in all his projects. No matter what size or type of project you're aiming to opt for, this firm can guide you in the best direction possible.


44. Decorist


Every homeowner faces some design dilemmas whenever they're going through a renovation, and the team at Decorist is here to make every step as easy as possible. Struggling with a paint color? They've got a specialist. Have design dilemmas? They'll consult you wonderfully. Can't curate your favorite art piece? They've got you covered.

The Design Bar at this firm offers a range of services that spans all sorts of services, so all you need to do is click through the options and the team at their backend will help you sort everything out in the best possible way!


45. Senga Design


Lauded as masters of the mix, this San Francisco based interior design firm has built a reputation for delivering unique aesthetics. Helmed by Agnes Moser, the team here derives their inspiration from the natural beauty of the Californian coast and imbues that breezy, homeward bound, coastal charisma in everything that they design.

Senga Design promises to be as innovative as possible in their design approach. Their highly competent staff is always very much in-sync with the clients and you'll be surprised how easily and skillfully they can refine your raw ideas into something exceptional.


46. Riguerra Design


You live your best life when you surround yourself with an ambiance that speaks to your soul, and that is exactly what the team at Riguerra Design strives to accomplish. Covering every aspect including comfort, ergonomics, and stunning aesthetics, this firm will help you craft a space that will enrich your very lifestyle.

The team here specializes in client collaboration, so they'll listen to your story, coax out the details of your living style, and help you come up with ideas that will inadvertently add to the quality of your environment while tacking on the charisma, personality, and elegance.


47. Studio SHK


This San Francisco interior design firm is committed to crafting spaces that not only suit the client's wishes but also complement the context of the site. The team at this studio comprises of experts, so no matter what kind of an idea you have in mind, they can elaborate on it to craft a space that commandeers everyone's attention.

The team is helmed by Sherry Hope-Kennedy, whose strong vision and ability to put her pulse on the latest trends has led to this firm being quite renowned in the Bay Area. They'll definitely help you craft wonderful spaces of all types.


48. Julie Rootes


Julie Rootes believes that every moment can be customized if the space they're happening in is as personalized as possible. So, she and her team have become experts at designing ambiances that deliver the best experience that is tailored to befit the client's lifestyle.

Based in San Francisco, Julie Rootes Interiors is known for creating spaces that exert presence with bold colors, unique textures, and patterns. Experts at the eclectic theme, this team consists of pros that will help you create ambiances that are the height of classy, distinguished, liveable, and unique.


49. Studio Munroe


This interior design firm is led by Emily Munroe, who dubs herself as a translator that can deftly articulate all her client's wishes, dreams, and ideas into a gorgeous, ergonomic, and really comfortable spaces. She has the inherent gift of being able to craft mindful and luxurious spaces that always hook the eye.

The projects completed by this firm have been featured in many renowned publications, such as House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, etc. The full-services that they offer span a diverse variety that covers all facets of an ongoing project, no matter how large or small its scope is.


50. Odada


If clean sophistication and understated luxury is what you're going for, then Odada is the firm for you. Internationally renowned for their clean, elegant take on interior designing, this San Francisco based firm has a loyal following around the Bay Area as well as overseas. Their artful, carefully curated aesthetics are fascinating and timeless enough to make an impression on anyone who experiences them.

Odada has a vast portfolio of projects under their belt. From commercial spaces to hotels and other hospitality genres, they've delivered many successful ambiances to satisfied clients. The team here also specializes in high end residential designing and their work has been featured in many reputable publications.


51. Jute


This firm is all about crafting, curating, and extending a livable environment for everyone who consults with them. As the name suggests, Jute prides itself of designing spaces that are the epitome of warm and welcoming without compromising on the understated austerity that's considered timeless these days.

The creative team at this San Francisco-based firm comprises of visionaries who'll be able to take your raw ideas and mold them into something delectable. Their full-services span all sorts of projects, no matter how small or how big their scope is.


52. Geremia Interior Design


Helmed by Lauren Geremia, a well-known and recognized figure in the industry, this San Francisco-based firm will be able to turn all your raw dreams into gorgeous, stunningly crafted realities. Lauren has been included in Forbes 30 under 30 list, so she's definitely a big talent that you'll want on your project.

This firm's full services are great, but you can also consult them for smaller aspects of your project such as lighting design, styling, furniture procurement, bespoke furniture design, and more. They'll be able to help you get ahead in the game, no matter the style or genre you want to pursue.


53. Ken Fulk


This San Francisco interior design is popular for fashioning spaces that deliver an experience, and not just a space to sit/sleep in. As a self-proclaimed impresario he prides himself on creating layered ambiances that are a discovery in elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness.

Ken Fulk is a not just as designer, but also a creative director. He's designed not just residences, but also jet interiors, hotels, restaurants, and even done excellent art directing for weddings, anniversaries, and other such functions. He's lauded and well-loved in his field, so rest assured he and his team will deliver the best of all worlds for you.


54. Will Wick


Will Wick is a traveler at heart, and he expounds on this passion by curating the most marvelous pieces for his showroom. You'll find a globetrotters haven when you visit this space, and be even more inspired by the spaces that Will and his team create with them.

Home decor and accessorizing are an art form that Will Wick and his team have mastered to a T. As San Francisco's best design center, you can find all sorts of things here. So if you're a connoisseur of gorgeous interior decor items, then this is the perfect place for you to check out.


55. Catherine Kwong


As an expert in high end residential and hospitality projects, Catherine Kwong has become a renowned figure in the San Francisco interior design industry. She and her team are experts at reinventing the modernist aesthetic and you'll definitely appreciate the way that they pay attention to all the small details of a project.

Catherine Kwong's full services span a diverse genre of projects. Her expressiveness and creative talent always wow the clients, and you can bet that she'll design the most amazing spaces for you.


56. Design Matters


This kitchen, bath, and interior design showroom has become a sweetheart of the San Francisco's South Bay Area. They comprise of a team that provides a client-focused atmosphere and collaborates closely with industry professionals to give you the best experience possible.

With a special focus on residential designing, this showroom has garnered many loyal clients. No matter what part of your house you want to upgrade, they can provide you with great consultation to refine your ideas and provide you with the best contacts, materials, and more to create a timeless ambiance.


57. Urbanism Designs


This interior design + build studio in San Francisco plays on the concept of fun, functionally relevant, and aesthetically pleasing. This thoughtful trifecta of a philosophy always allows them to create spaces that are wonderful, ergonomic, and always looking fresh.

As a firm that has been consistently on Houzz's Best of series for many consecutive years, they've garnered a loyal client base. They specialize in creating spaces that are brimming with character and personality. Their full services apply to all sorts of projects, be it new construction, a simple renovation, or more.



This San Francisco interior design firm boasts a highly collaborative team of professional individuals. They pride themselves on their distinct design process and strived to create balanced spaces that are functional, livable, and inspire the inhabitants with their distinguished aura.

Comprised of an ensemble of creative people, this firm is all about helping clients build their dreams and the most visionary way possible. The driven and collaborative nature of the team here never fails to make clients feel satisfied that they've chosen the right place.


So these are the top 58 interior designers in San Francisco that you can consult for your project. Each of them offers a unique perspective, a signature style, and a distinct ability to transform plain old space for the better, be it adding a fresh mid century modern sectional to your space or sprucing up your nook with an overarching Arco Lamp and a Corbusier Chaise Longue. We hope that you find your perfect match within this list and end up having your project perfect, heartily, and comfortably designed for you.