Top 50 Inspiring Miami  Interior Designers

Miami is the coastal hub of the USA, and this stylish city consists of some of the best designers that you'll ever come across. So, if you're hankering for a new look for your mid century modern living room, needing style advice on whether to pair your Tulip Table with the classic Wishbone Chairs or edgier with the Bertoia Chairs, or even a simple refresh on your mid century modern office, here are the top 50 interior designers that you should check out in the area:

Top Miami Interior Designers

1. Michael Wolk Design Associates


This globally recognized Miami-based interior designer is known for is expertise in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Wolk also specializes in bespoke furniture, and his ability to craft designs that perfectly suit the overall theme of a space is not only amazing, but also enviable.


This award-winning firm boasts a team that always manages to create compelling interior designs, no matter what the genre. Well recognized by clients and professionals alike, you should definitely consult them if you want spaces that are classy, upscale, and on the high-end side.


2. Efe creative Lab By Francis Dominguez

This firm is the best choice for those who're inspired by the contemporary aesthetic. The spaces that they design showcase the perfect marriage of style and functionality, so you can rest assured that anything they design for you is going to be the epitome of artful, elegant, fun, and sophisticated.

You can consult them to provide you with all sorts of services be it architectural, simple interior designing, home staging, or even putting a team together for great project management. They can assist in finding the perfect wicker bench for your home. If need arises, they can guide you from scratch as well.


3. Khadine Schultz Interiors 


As a cultured traveler and a passionate pursuer of the arts, Khadine Scults and her team of designers have created a well-known place of themselves in the industry. As one of Miami's most popular and sought after interior design firm, they deliver by crafting some of the best spaces that you'll ever come across.

The services provided by this firm span a lot of categories. From full-scale renovation and decor to even in-house consulting, you can hire them for a lot of different ventures. They also specialize in a One Day Makeover, and also provide e-designing services for those who don't want a face-to-face consultation.


4. DLT interior


Helmed by Debbie Travin, this Miami interior design firm is known for creating spaces that boast casual sophistication. Debbie's passion for crafting beautiful spaces was rooted in her family's haute-couture business as she accompanied them on business trips to Italy.

Over time, this passion resulted in her taking her own root, and DLT Interiors came into being. Now, with the help of her amazing team, she is one of Miami's experts in designing spaces that are the epitome of stunning but livable.


5. Jenny Velasquez Design


This Miami-based residential interior design firm is one of the finest to consult if you want a personable, fully-customized space. They're known for crafting spaces that take the users needs into account and always deliver on the personalized front. The client collaboration is also very on-point, and the results reflect wonderfully in their portfolio.

This firm provides a full-service menu, so you can consult them for a project that's yet to begin from scratch or even bespoke furniture, lighting, decor selection or more. Their team of skilled pros will definitely guide you in the best direction possible.


6. Design By Human


This Miami-based interior design firm is known for putting a beating heart in their spaces through gorgeous detailing. Even their statement of purpose is dedicated to the importance of details and how they can totally transform even the most boring spaces into something that is distinguished, personalized, and note-worthy. 

Other than that, their vendor and manufacturer network is also pretty noteworthy. They're especially known for their collaborative client experience and taking on projects that some might consider too small for their expert skill set.


7. Pfuner Design


Specializing in providing a stunning luxury design experience, this Miami interior design firm is an expert at crafting spaces that are the epitome of swanky, high-end, and expensive looking. Their creative energy and artistic intrigue is always showcased in their projects quite splendidly.

Known for their specialty in commercial, restaurant, and boutique hotel designing, this firm is always mindful of keeping the client's wishes intact in their project articulation. Their motto is, to enrich people's lives through beautiful environments, and that's exactly what they do while emulating a classic cosmopolitan appeal in the spaces that they design.


8. Design


A designer and artist, Mara Hu and her team of skilled designers specializes in crafting spaces that are known for their unique flair. This Miami interior design firm is led with passion and always takes their client's wishes in regard while designing holistic, comfortable, and beautiful spaces.

Specializing in thematic designing, you can consult them if you want to design spaces that need a contemporary, modern, eclectic, or even traditional panache. With their bundle services and excellent collaboration, you'll definitely end up making your dreams transform into reality.


9. Perla Lichi Design


This full-service Miami-based interior design firm is known for making one’s dream spaces become better, more comfortable, and livable than even they imagined. Their residential and commercial projects boast a luxurious aesthetic that is known to remain timeless for years to come.

Aside from their full package, Perla Lichi Designs also specialize in turnkey interiors. From new constructions to renovations and even remodels, they can consult you on the scope of works and all other interventions you might need along the way. Plus, their time and budget management is also pretty noteworthy. Additionally, the team at this firm is great at incorporating technology in their commercial projects as well.


10. Dkor Interiors


This Miami interior design firm is a residential specialist and prides itself on providing solutions that are human-centric and fully livable in addition to being easy on the eyes. From concept to collaboration and creation, they're great at catering to their client's needs and will definitely guide you the best if you're questing for the contemporary lifestyle.

The team at this firm is known for their interactive and fully collaborative process. They're great at deciphering how to retain the quality of a project while keeping the budget and timeline in mind as well. Other than that, they also offer turnkey services too.


11. Interiors By Steven G.


This Miami-based interior design firm is one of the best that you'll come across. Specializing in the highly coveted luxe aesthetic Steven G and his team of designers are experts at realizing their client's vision in the best possible way. 

This firm has received numerous design awards, and their headquarters in Florida also has a showroom that potential clients get really inspired by. Designing with passion is their motto and creating unique ambiances that complement the users lifestyle is what they strive to achieve during each project.


12. All Interior International


This Miami-based architectural procurement service is excellent for those who want to consult on either homes/condos, hospitality, or even office-related projects. Licensed and fast-growing, this firm has a great team that is known for amazing collaboration with clients and even better end results.

The great thing about them is that they provide a full-service palette, so whether it's starting a project from scratch, managing it, or even ordering furniture and materials, you can bet that they've got your back.


13. BRITTO CHARETTE Interior Designer


This globally recognized interior design firm is set against the backdrop of the Miami scene. Their multi-lingual design team always delivers on the unique and distinguished front. They craft spaces that appeal to all contemporary sensibilities and always keep up on top of emerging technologies in the design genre.

BRITTO CHARRETTE is known for their high-end and exquisitely luxurious aesthetics. The spaces that they design are not only upscale and ritzy, but also comfortable, stylish, and up to date. You can clearly see a confluence of culture in the spaces that they craft, so you'll never be let down if you want great visual diversity and affluence in your spaces.


14. Rebecca Gellar Interiors


With 20 years of experience and a keen eye for detail has made Rebecca Geller one of the best interior designers to consult in Miami. Her collaborative confidence never fails to put client's at ease and the way that she crafts spaces always leaves them in awe.

Well-versed in a variety of styles and boasting an ability to work with all sorts of budgets be they large or small Rebecca and her firm have carved a nice little niche for themselves in the local design scene!


15. Dida Home


This award-winning interior design firm is one of Miami's best. Their full-service palette includes interior design services, decoration, project management, and furniture packages. No matter what kind of a theme or a style or a vision you have in your mind, the talented designers at this firm will help you bring them all to life.

Their design-bid-build method always leads to a unique experience for clients. DIDA design specializes in using organic materials and translating them in sleek, modern lines. Their ability to conceptualize form and function through spaces has made them quite masterful in this genre.


16. Chynthia Kriz Design


Cynthia Kriz's 18+ years of design experience has given her a keen eye for ambient beauty and a sense of innovation that lets her create beautiful spaces. As a master of the field, she's definitely someone you should consult if you're searching for a good interior designer in Miami.

As a connoisseur of luxury, this boutique firm is well-known for taking on high-end residential and commercial projects. Their turn-key services are also pretty amazing and they can guide you through all phases of your project, be it concept development, project management and final execution!


17. D2 Interieurs


Founded by CEO Denise Davis, this Miami interior design firm is one of the best in the Fairfield area. With an award-winning consultancy, amazing project articulation, and a full-service palette, they've impressed many a client and crafted so many amazing spaces over the years.

With a crew of skilled designers, expert craftsmen, and construction managers, they're able to deliver designs, spaces, and ambiances that are as unique and distinguished as possible. Their collaborative process and quick delivery has made them quite a name in the field. If you're searching for someone to design tasteful, elegant, and eclectic spaces for you, then this is definitely one of the firms to consult.


18. Santana Design Studio


As an expert connoisseur of less is more this firm believes in crafting spaces that the users will enjoy without the clutter. Their ability to take the user experience and client's needs in mind is quite impressive, and the way that they articulate these concepts in a sleek, modern but liveable form is even better.

As one of the best residential interior design studios in Miami, this studio also discusses all project costs very transparently. Their collaborative process and understated aesthetic has garnered them quite a reputation with clients.


19. Sarah Z Design


Sarah Z believes that design is unique to each individual and your perspective always shows in your spaces. This is why customized interior design is so important in her regard, and she especially takes her client's vision very seriously whenever she takes on a project.

An expert in different design themes, Sarah Z's amazing collaboration with clients always provides in-sync end results that are loved by everyone. Well recognized within the field, her firm is a great place to get consultation on your projects if you live in Miami.


20. George Interior Design


This design and build firm is also a great addition to the Miami interior-scape. They pride themselves on seeing the big picture and executing it in with the utmost detail.

This firm particularly specializes in the bathroom and kitchen design genre. They also take care of all the technical details that come with the good stuff. So, from schematics to CAD drawings and even project management, they'll be able to expertly guide you in everything.


21. The Habitat Collective


This Miami-based interior design firm specializes in the residential niche. They're able to take a basic space and convert it into something timeless, sophisticated, but also liveable at the same time.

One of the best thing about them is that no project is too small. From a full renovation to simple room designing, decor, and new constructions, they're able to consult their clients in all facets of interior designing. So if you're searching for someone to design your home with lots of character, understated elegance, and flair, this is definitely where you should look at.


22. AGSIA Design Group


Promising the best quality, adherence to personal style, and ability to transform any space with the utmost flair and timelessness, this interior design firm in Miami is an excellent place to get a consultation for your project.

With great imagination, lots of creativity, and an excellent collaborative process that always keeps clients totally in-sync with the goings-on of the project, the designers at this firm always deliver on their promises. The expert staff can take you through concept development, planning, management and execution with their full-service palette, so you'll never feel alone during the renovation process.


23. Nina Haas Interior Design


With a motto that design is transformative Nina Haas and her team has definitely delivered on their words by crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary and are definitely an experience to walk in. There's always a fine balance of aesthetics and functionality in everything that they design, which a feat even many seasoned experts struggle with.

This Miami interior design firm offers a variety of services. They can help you with home staging if you need to sell your property. They also offer full-services on new constructions and renovations. And lastly, Nina and her team can also help you with project management!


24. Acra Designs


Helmed by Nathalie Arca, this interior design firm has garnered a lot of popularity in Miami thanks to her innovative designing, her penchant for adding a lot of texture to spaces, and ability to deliver a total experience through every single ambiance that she crafts.

From concept to reality, this firm guides their clients through each and every phase of renovation. Their full-service palette includes space planning, drafting, project management, and even deriving cost estimates for potential projects. They can even help you stage resale properties!


25. Captiva Design


A renowned Miamia based residential and corporate interior design firm, Captiva Home Design has carved itself a nice little niche in the industry. Featured on the Best of Houzz series for 4 consecutive years and able to work with any and all budgets, you'll get some amazing ideas by consulting with their team.

This firm offers a huge variety of services. From small to large consultations, they're able to tackle everything quite nicely. You can pick their minds for color selection, window treatments, and even home staging. On the other hand, they also take on bigger projects as well!


26. Cahlin Design Group


Alison Cahlin prides herself on pinpointing a client's desires and articulating them timelessly in the spaces that she crafts. She also believes that design is all about the details, so her keen eye for the classics and everything that makes a space pull together is quite legendary.

As a renowned Miami-based interior design firm, this firm provides a variety of services from conceptualization to management and even the detailed organization of accessories that comes at the end. Alsion Cahlin herself is a licensed practicitioner and even as an ASID membership.


27. Natalia Neverko Design


No matter what the scope of your project is, this Miami interior designer's got your back! From designing stairs, selecting color schemes, designing furniture, and strategically putting all the decor, you can consult this firm for anything and everything related to interior design

With qualitative, refined, and highly transformative project ambiances in their portfolio, this firm thrives on good leadership and great client collaboration. They deal in high-end, luxe, and sophisticated aesthetics, so if that's your jam, you definitely need to check them out!


28. Darla Powell Interiors


Boasting a fearlessness in creating wonderful spaces, this interior designer should definitely be on your consultation list if you're a Miami resident. Darla Powel and her team provide a fun, sassy outlook with a sassy flair by taking their client's deepest wishes and desires, and articulating them in a gorgeous ambient format.

Promising to dazzle you with their end results, this firm provides a number of services. They take online consultations and virtual design sessions. You can also book an in-person appointments with them for a face-to-face consultation!


29. LHID


This luxury interior design studio is every eclectic lover's dream come true. They've got that distinct ability to emulate a sense of spontaneity in a space, which always comes off as unique, charming, and totally fun! So if you're searching for a designer who specializes in the quirky aesthetic, then this is where you should check.

Recognized for their attention to detail and unwavering client dedication, this firm boasts a pretty versatile portfolio that you can check out on their website.


30. Mothe Design


Founded by Raquel, a Brazlian architect and urban designer, this firm is known for delivering on the swanky front. With several residential and commercial projects under her belt and an internationally recognized cavalry to back her up, she's led her firm to be one of the best you'll find in Miami.

This firm is known for collaborating with licensed practitioners in the design and management field. They provide full-services in addition with project management, lighting design, landscaping, pool scaping, furniture design and more. 


31. Pepe Calderin Design


This internationally renowned interior design firm has garnered many accolades over its 20 years of service. With a passion for bringing their client's ideas to physical execution, the design team at this firm always manages to incorporate a signature high-end appeal in everything that they craft.

Aside from designing fresh and innovative ambiances, this Miami based interior design firm has made won many awards over the years. Their design team is one of the best and always manages to invoke the client's ideals into every project they design.


32. Design House


This Miami interior design firm is known for crafting stunning high-end interior designs as well as gorgeous architectural details. The team here is comprised of the best designers who know exactly how to bring someone's dream aesthetic to reality. In their own words,every project is a distinct and personal story.

Specializing in residential and commercial projects, this firm provides full services and prides itself on speaking the language of its clients. Led by a father-daughter duo, this multi-generational studio is perfect for those searching for distinguished elegance and sophistication.


33. Designs with you in mind


Known for providing some of the best design services in Miami, this interior design firm definitely lives up to its name. Their team consists of experts in residential and commercial projects, and each designer has a keen eye that never lets any detail skip by.

Providing full-services and renowned for creating comprehensive ambiances that always speak to the client's ideals, this firm is a great place to consult as a Miami resident. From space planning to color consultation and everything in-between, they can certainly help you realize your dream aesthetic.


34. Errez Design Studio


Specializing inBiographical design this interior design firm has made quite a splash in Miami over the years. Their persistence on imbuing a space with the culture, the physical integrity, and tradition of a client makes every single space that they design absolutely unique in the best possible way.

Their belief that good design has many facets has led to the creation of many distinguished spaces. They can work your style and your mannerisms very intangible things into something physical while designing your dream environments.


35. Robyn Hughes Interiors


Known for crafting exceptional spaces, this interior design firm believes in the utmost client collaboration, thus coming up with stunning, well-loved, upscale yet livable spaces. By harmonizing function and beauty, this Miami based interior design firm is able to craft ambiances that always make their clients feel at ease.

You can reach out to this studio for any type of design service that you require. They specialize in new constructions, renovations, simple consulting, lighting, and even art and accessory selection. Basically, whether what you need is big or small, they'll be able to guide you through it all.


36. Nicole White Designs


Founded by Nichole White, president and principle designer, this Miami-based interior design firm has won several awards and has even been nationally published. Known for cultivating a great relationship with clients, Nicole and her team of designers never fail to create spaces that are the epitome of understated sophistication.

The team at this firm always works hard to provide clients with a hassle-free experience. Their full-service palette applies to all sorts of projects, be they large or small. They also offer virtual design consultations and services for those who can't do a face-to-face meeting!


37. Lipari Designs


Founder Vanessa Lipari is an expert at articulating the high-end aesthetic thus making this Miami interior design firm one of the ritziest that you can consult for your project. Founded in 2012, this firm has quickly grown by showcasing innovation and creativity while designing exquisite spaces that clients always fall in love with.

This firm specializes in corporate office interior designing, condo designing, sales offices, and retirement homes as well. Depending on the type of your project, this firm can consult you in basic conceptualization, marketing, planning, furniture design, and many more aspects!


38. David Charles Klein Design


Miami interior designer believes that every space is sacred, and that each client deserves to showcase all the unique aspects of their personality and that's exactly what they help them do with their on-point consultation skills. By understanding their client's vision and design aesthetic, David and his team is able to craft spaces that always offers a fresh perspective. 

Aside from basic 2-hour interview consultations, this interior design firm also specializes n redesign, where they use all existing furniture and accessories in your spaces to create a better ambiance. You'll also really appreciate their Design DNA Board and De-cluttering services!


39. Lisa Aportela Interior Design


This Miami interior design firm would be the best one to consult if you want your homes to look like a Pinterest board come to life.  Founded by Lisa, this firm specializes in residential interior designing, and a single look at their project portfolio will tell how you exquisitely they're able to craft spaces. The sheer beauty and flair of each space will turn you more and more in their direction.

Thirs firm offer sourly consultation packages for people who already know what they want, but require some general guidance. Their turnkey services start at $3 per square foot and their new construction services always guide people through the most harrowing stages of interior designing.


40. Interiors By SBI


This Miami-based interior design firm has won many awards and has been part of Houzz's best of series for many consecutive years. Owned by Sheryl Bleustein, this firm has garnered national and international fame over the course of its existence. With an experienced and skilled team of designers, and a portfolio that boasts the best spaces, you'll definitely be impressed with what they can do.

Founded in 1996, this firm boasts years of experience and a full-service palette from you to choose from. You can consult them for space planning, new constructions, renovations, product design, and even bespoke furniture craftsmanship!


41. McKinlay Rose Interiors


Under the combined ownership of Kristin McKinlay and Melanie Rose, this Miami interior design firm boasts a 20 year experience of crafting spaces that are just as exquisite as the client's always imagined. 

With a fun ambiance and a really collaborative client collaboration process, this firm helps you keep on top of all your project details with their customized IVY software. Their full-service design palette ensures that all your spaces turn out to be the epitome of lovely through excellent consultation and execution.


42. Interiors By Maite Granda


This Miami interior designer was born in Cuba, but her passion for gorgeous aesthetics and stunning ambiances led her to found a firm in this sea-side haven. Her intimate understanding of the Spanish culture and a soul-deep appreciation of the modernist movement has led to n exceptionally unique interpretation of interior designing.

Maite and her team always work on the agenda of harmonizing i.e. creating that zen balance between all aspects of a space so that the user feels completely at ease. This firm's full-services will help you find the core of your vision and how you can interpret it in a physical form.


43. 2id Interiors


This Miami interior design firm specializes in the complete residential package, but also promises exceptional deliverance of retail and commercial projects to boot. As an esteemed member of Miami's upscale design scene, this firm is all about crafting distinguished ambiances that remain fresh, bold, and timeless through the passage of time. 

Offering a wide range of services, you can hire this firm to develop the conceptualization phase of your project, leading up to space planning, 3D rendering, project management, and even color & material selection! 


44. Design Solutions Interiors


This Miami based interior design and architectural firm is known for their high-end conceptualization of projects. Their sleek aesthetics and upscale ambiances always make any space feel expensive. Their teams of trained, skilled, and experienced designers are experts at handling residential and commercial projects of all types.

With a motto of transforming spaces into lifestyle destinations this firm offers full-services. From white-glove to turnkey solutions, the team at this firm is renowned for paying attention to details and coming up with ideas that are classic but unique at the same time.


45. Mint Decor Inc


One of Miami's finest interior design firms, Mint Decor Inc. is led by Daniela, and testimonials prove just how much love she puts into her labor. Her team is also touched with this particular magic of understanding client's needs and articulating them through wonderful design techniques, aesthetic, and timeless visuals.

An expert in residential and commercial interior design, Daniela and team always make sure to retain the essence of the space in its function and aura. If you're searching for someone to curate a fantastical ambiance for you, then do check this firm out.


46. J Design Group


With 26 years of experience, this interior design firm has managed to stay abreast the Miami industry and has made quite a name for itself. Their cache of high end design services ranges from commercial to residential projects, and their team consists of highly competent individuals in the field. 

As a renowned player in Miami's design industry, this firm has completed a wide range of projects. Their full-services include consultation, planning, management, and everything else you'll ever need to garner a hassle free renovation experience.


47. Brown Davis Interiors


This Miami architecture and interior design firm is a premier member of the industry. Featured in a number of publications, the firm is led by Tod Davis and David Brown. Their motto, comfort is the greatest luxury, is something that's channeled them through a number of projects ever since the starting point in 1994. 

This firm has designed two residences for the president and secretary of state Clinton, along with other such politically important clients. Their penchant for creating classy, cozy, and stylish spaces has risen them to the highest echelons of the interior design industry. 


48. Avanzato Design


If you're searching for a Miami-based firm that specializes in crafting totally cosmopolitan and glam spaces, then this is the one that you should be checking out. Found in 1999, their passion for custom luxury interiors is still going strong. With a global presence and a command over all types of interior design themes, this firm will blow you away with their amazing portfolio.

The hand-picked team at this firm is expert at crafting boutique ambiances for hotels, restaurants, and large-scale residences. You'll love how their full-services don't leave any part of the project unattended!


49. Alene Workman Interior Design


Super passionate about the art of design, this Miami interior designer and her firm specialize in gauging their client's needs, their lifestyle, and everything in-between and then craft spaces that complement all this with the utmost visual flair!

As an industry leader, this firm provides full-services and are experts in the residential and condominium genre. Their forward thinking approach and familiarity with the latest trends in the industry makes them a great potential consultancy to get in touch with!


50. B Pila Design Studio


This interior design firm takes on the motto of soul and style. Their spaces are not only charming, but timelessly crafted to complement one's personal tastes, hobbies, and lifestyle choices. 


With a number of awards and amazing projects under their belt B Pila promises to express your inner personality through their interior craftsmanship. Her aesthetic is inspired and the services provided by her firm will definitely guide you through the process as fully as possible.