What Does Your Love for Mid-Century Modern Style Mean?

Today, more than ever the mid-century modern look is everywhere.

Flip through an issue of Elle Decor and you'll find that more than half of the featured homes prominently include mid century modern furniture pieces.

Turn on The Daily Show and you'll see guests sitting in classic Knoll office chairs.

Mid-century modern style
Wherever you look, mid-century modern style is present.

There's no denying the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are becoming increasingly interested in this trend.

In fact, mid century modern benches are beginning to pop up in homes everywhere.

So is this look for you? 

In this blog, I want to share the common characteristics in those who gravitate towards the mid-century modern design.


Trait #1: Adaptable and Minimalist

One of the prevailing themes of mid-century modern architecture is a nearly equal emphasis on function and form. 

The style itself originated for both practical and aesthetic reasons. This is why so many companies opt to use mid century modern office desks.

As a result, many homeowners who have a small space to work with or want to make the most out of their home are turning to mid-century modern design.


Trait #2: Trendy and Broad-Minded

Design trends come and go, but mid-century modernism seems to be a timeless style, very much like the love for the classic Womb Chair & Ottoman that has never faded.

These pieces are so versatile, you can pepper them in your mid century modern living room without having to rethink the entire space. 

People who are up-to-date with home decor trends want open floor plans, less stuff and more room to breathe and that's at the crux of the mid-century modern look.


Trait #3: Promiscuous and Charming

The mid-century modern design gives you optimal space for seduction. 

Interior designers who have done a lot of work on creating spaces for sexuality always gravitate towards this style. In fact, Playboy is a huge advocate for mid-century modernism. 

For this reason people who are passionate about promiscuity and sex are all about this design.

Now that you understand the goal people are trying to achieve with their mid-century modern home ask yourself, where do I fit in?

If any of the traits mentioned above hit home for you... 

There's no doubt in my mind you're going to love incorporating mid-century modernism into your life. 

I hope you gained some valuable insight from our blog.