The Do's & Don'ts of Styling Your Outdoor Space

The summer season is upon us. This calls for barbecues and lounging in your terrace under the night stars. Why not make it a space you feel comfortable and peaceful in? Follow our do's and don'ts when it comes to refreshing your space. 

1. Do! Think about how you wish to utilize your space. 

Don't just go about copying what you see online. How do you and your family and friends like to spend time? If you like being barefoot, try adding a rug. Enjoy sitting and having a chat? Invest in quality seating. Think about how you're going to spend depending on the activities that you enjoy.

2. Do! Go for low maintenance furniture. 

Remember your outdoor pieces need to be weatherproof. Don't opt for items that will be a waste of money after a month or two of being exposed to the sun or rain. 

3. Do! Choose a color palette. 

Pick a color palette that makes your outdoor furniture match with each other as well as your home. Your inside and outside are still the same property, so make sure the vibe matches. No, it doesn't have to be the same colors, but it does have to be complementary! Try neutral and earth tones for a relaxed ambience or bright ones such as orange and yellow to make it a bit tropical.

4. Do! Measure your space.

Before going on a shopping spree, make sure you measure your space. You don't want furniture that's too big or too small that looks awkward. 

5. Don't! Overdo it. 

Adding decor items that pop is great. However, don't make it so that it's overwhelming and distracting. Try outdoor candles, potted plants, pottery, wind chimes, or throw pillows to tie your patio together. This will make it feel homey but not cluttered. 

6. Don't! Forget about weather. 

Outdoor pieces should be aesthetically pleasing and ALSO work for you. Think about the weather you usually experience in your area. Chilly nights? Try a fire pit! A lot of hot days? Shy away from stainless steel.