THE GREAT OUTDOORS: The 2021 Guide to Outdoor Living Styles

We recently shared our Top Outdoor Sets For Summer, and now we're back with another mid-century modern style guide! Outdoor living spaces can feel like one of the finest luxuries when you use the right designs. Take advantage of the great outdoors and create your own oasis with the perfect outdoor sets!

This year, in particular, people are learning to appreciate spending time outdoors while in their own space. When you can't go on your usual summer retreat because of safety & health standard's“ bring the retreat to your home with these transformative sets.

Resort-Style Relaxation

Belmont 4-Piece Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set

Welcome yourself into the perfect getaway's“ right outside your home! The Belmont Wicket Set captures all of the relaxing & luxurious elements of your favorite summer vacations. This style is just what you need to soak up every moment of the summer. This set satisfies your nostalgia for those fond summer memories & unforgettable resort stays.

Plus, this is the perfect style for entertaining your guests who might also need some time to relax. The Belmont Set has an exotic bronze wicker weave that gives you the ideal setting for both a summer get-together and some tranquil alone time. 


Modern Coastal 

Citadel Grey 5-Piece Modern Modular Couch Set

If you are looking for a way to refresh your patio for the summertime, a modern coastal makeover is the way to go. The good news is that the Citadel Couch Set will get the job done all at once. The modular seating provides a versatile update that you can adapt to your outdoor space for an effortless modern style.

This set offers a tranquil and coastal ambiance that can completely transform the environment. Turn your backyard into an sophisticated outdoor evening lounge space then invite some friends over for an unforgettable al fresco event! 


Sophisticated Summer Nights

Malcon Patio Sofa Set & Duxton Sofa Set

While summertime is supposed to be relaxing, we often get too caught up in our busy schedules. That's why it's important to take the time & create a setting for sophisticated summer nights. After a long day, you can come home to an elegant oasis where you can enjoy the sunset. The Duxton & Malcolm Sofa Sets are two incredible options to set this scene! 

These sets offer unmatched comfort and sophistication that embrace nature in a modern way. Find the frame that fits your outdoor space best the Duxton's natural rope weave or the Malcon's classic wicker style! 

Everyone needs an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, so why not do it in style? Transforming your outdoor space into an oasis may not seem easy, but modern outdoor sets will make it effortless. Create the ultimate getaway just one step outside of your home, so you always have a place to relax, regroup, and refresh.

Depending on your design preferences, your home, and your intentions for the space's“ choosing the right outdoor set can bring it all together.