Top 6 Favorite Fabrics for Mid-Century Modern Furniture

When it comes to furniture shopping, choosing the right fabric for your home is extremely important. The right material will match your lifestyle, comfort needs, and your home's interior design style. That said, there are endless options to choose from! It may seem overwhelming at first, so we wanted to share some of the best fabrics for your mid-century modern furniture.

You can’t go wrong with these beautiful choices!


Chenille Helios in Dusty Rose


This fabric adds a touch of luxury to every piece. With a soft plush pile, a slight sheen and a tight-knit weave, it truly emanates a sophisticated, timeless look that lasts. One of our favorite color choices for this fabric is a stunning dusty rose, which brings a fun yet delicate touch to any room. Depending on your design preferences, you can amplify this fabric shade with bright, colorful decor, or you can keep it elegantly modern with a neutral color palette.



Sherpa in Cloud White

Nothing says cozy quite like sherpa cloud fabric. This specific style in a beautiful white shade has an organic look and a soft, comforting feel. It’s plush and inviting, making it the perfect choice for lounge designs. The Finn Juhl Pelican Chair is the ultimate mid-century modern piece to match this material. Add it to your living space, reading room, or even in your bedroom to build a dreamy atmosphere.



Velvet in Ginger Cider


There are endless reasons to love velvet fabric! Prized for its luminous finish, the velvet is a smooth fabric material with a soft flush and pleasant feel. The style is versatile, the material is durable, and it’s easy to clean! Velvet has a smooth, unique shine that brings the whole room to life, especially in our Ginger Cider shade. This choice is filled with color, but isn’t too overpowering. It adapts to every season, creating the perfect oasis within your home.



Boucle Wool in Copper


If you’re looking for a bold design, we highly recommend this copper boucle wool fabric. This fabric is currently rising in popularity due to its unique range of benefits, including the undeniable softness. With its slightly raised, tight circled looped appearance, Boucle Wool upholstery has a charming aesthetic. Boucle wool pairs perfectly with designs that have curved edges, as you can see in this photo of the Papa Bear Chair.



Cashmere in Cobalt Blue


Cashmere is one of those fabrics that you just want to wrap yourself up in! This cozy premium fabric is saturated with a rich solid color dye. It’s the perfect material that exudes warmth with a soft and smooth texture. One of our favorite shades of cashmere is cobalt blue, which has a bold yet calming aesthetic. Mid-century modern furniture paired with this fabric creates an attractive statement that you’ll instantly be drawn to whenever you come home.



Sunbrella Cast in Silver


Sunbrella fabric is beautifully engineered to compliment all kinds of mid-century modern designs. As you can see, the sunbrella cast in silver has a modern charm that looks extra welcoming with the Husk Chair design. You’ll find yourself cuddling up to this fabric on rainy days and sunlight mornings, for the ultimate sense of relaxation.




At Eternity Modern, you can order all of these swatches and more to help make shopping for furniture easier. We have plenty of swatches available, as well as custom order material options.