The Best 101 Craft Blogs in The World

This is the go-to blog of everyone who needs a little everyday inspiration. They've got advice on fashion, recipes, and DIY-crafts, and since Christmas is just around the corner, we decided to share their totally amazing Happy Holiday's craft project with you!

No one likes skimping on the decor when it comes to this special Holiday, so this project is all about designing your own shelf space with 5 easily available items. You'll love how easy it is to follow and how you'll be able to make the most of your wall space without giving up your favorite decor items.


My Poppet Makes

This blog embraces DIY like a charm and features a variety of amazing projects that will totally blow you away. The main focus here is crochet, so that's what we'll be elaborating on that as well. It was pretty challenging to pick out a single perfect project because they're all so lovely, so we decided to go for the classic combo.

This link leads to a compilation of some amazing DIY crochet-related project. From rainbow cushions to headbands and even some stylish socks, you'll find a ton of gorgeous curations that you can easily do as well, if you're well versed in this particular art.


Oh The Lovely Things

You'll instantly fall in love with the super cute aesthetics of this blog. It covers a wide range of beauty, fashion, and DIY ideas, and we love the roundups that they present with the fantastic aesthetics that go along with all the ideas.

While the ideas here are not their own, everything has been tastefully curated and is recommended for young and old women who love crafting things. You'll really admire the whole list and how it's chock full of gorgeous DIY craft ideas that will improve the aesthetics of your home while keeping you busy and engaged.


Jacks & Kate

His blog is full of wonderful and innovative ideas that are tried and true. You'll find many wonderful and unique inspirations if you browse through it, but our personal favorite is the Egg Crate Foam puppet box!

Who knew such an inane object could be used to create such wonderful animations. By painting the foam different colors, you can just let your kid's imagination run wild and ask them what they see in it. Whatever they say can be created into a stick puppet that you can attach to the foam on a cereal box! It's a great way to let your kids fantasize splendid worlds of their own!


Mini Eco

Cool kids crafts are a dime a dozen these days, but it's a challenge to find some that don't require you to bust a leg while getting all the materials ready. This is why we adore this Paper Owl Mask tutorial! It's super easy, fun, and requires no hassle at all.

The colorful design will really attract your kid. You can even sit them down and hand them the various parts to glue together. This craft project is a great interactive activity that will allow you and kid to bond through art.


The Sweetest Occasion

This is another DIY blog that's got everything on its menu, but part planning is their calling, so that's what you'll love about their offerings. Out of everything they've got, we especially love their Oktoberfest Party at Home, and here's why:

It's cozy, it's intimate, and everything feels like fall personified. The food ideas are absolutely brilliant and the decor matches the high bar as well. There are some planning tips and hacks in there as well that you'll find incredibly helpful while planning your own celebration!



This blog deals with DIY home renovations projects and have transformed many drab and boring spaces into something unique and amazing. It was a true challenge to pick out the best project from their catalogue, but we just couldn't look past the gorgeous flower shop reveal!

From the soft pastel accent wall to the incredibly designed and super ergonomic main shelf, this shop showcases the talented genius of Jenni Yolo and inspires everyone on how simple technique and vision can help you create the space of your dreams! It's definitely a reveal worth looking at!


Mer Mag

Tis blog is an influx of creativity and if you're looking for something to do with your kids, then you'll love all the different things that they have to offer. We looked through their extensive directory and although it was super hard, we picked the Forivor Pupper Theater as our favorite!

It's basically a reenactment of the enchanted forest-inspired puppet show that inspires kids to envision their own ideas and express them through a physical format. You'll love the wonderful inspiration board and can even enlist your kid in the following competition!


 Crafty Chica

This blog belongs to a creative motivator, so it's full of some amazingly versatile DIY ideas. You'll love almost everything that they have to offer, but we simply couldn't get past their awesome No Struggle Pumpkin Carving technique!

This tutorial features all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to carve out the best amateur designs on your pumpkin. There're even some handy-dandy tips here to tell you which pumpkins you should choose for your carving. It's really just an all-rounder and that's exactly why we love it!


 Paper & Stitch 

This blog is literally a catalogue of inspirations. It touches on every genre from DIY crafts to fashion, recipes, and more! And while there was a bunch of stuff that we absolutely loved, nothing was superior to the DIY clay earrings tutorial!

Featuring a bunch of techniques with easy-to-find materials, this blog teaches you to design your own fashion-forward ear-wear. You'll love the funk details and how everything comes together in stylish pastel hues.



If you're into funky and unique crafts, then this blog will be your haven. They've got a bunch of some truly distinguished craft ideas and we simply loved how their DIY carnivorous plant just packs that extra-eclectic punch!

It's basically made out of paper mache technique and you can see how close it is to the inspiration photos. The sculpted body and teeth come together brilliantly, and we love the spooky end results! Just image the terror on kids faces when they knock on your door for trick or treating with this thing in the background!


The Craft Sparrow

Everything's precious if you know how to repurpose it, and this blogger has taken this statement to the heart. We love her unique take on crafting and absolutely adored her DIY boho-inspired perler bead elastic bracelet tutorial!

This simple and easy to follow blog shows how you can create stylish jewelry of your own with everything that's readily available at home! All you need are some perler beads and elastic cording to design wonderful bracelets that suit your personal style!



If you're into easy, simple, and elegant solutions that improve your daily life, then you'll love this blog and everything they have to offer. But as far as we're concerned, we just can't get over their essential tips for crafting with glitter!

Glitter is just timeless never goes out of style, never will! It's a total crafting essential but it has this uncanny tendency of getting out of hand when you're using it. So this blog touches on all the ways that you can easily contain it, use it in moderation, and clean it up when it gets to messy!


Not Martha 

Making beautiful stuff and sharing it with the world is an inspired passion, and very few do it better than the front runner of this blog. We love everything on their menu but we especially fell in love with their DIY felt Dahlia flower brooch tutorial!

The lush flower looks like the real thing and can be repurposed for any occasion be it your kids prom corsage, a wedding, or more! The instructions are super easy to follow and you can easily make your own in the color of your choice!


Craft On Sea

Beautiful kids crafts these days are the Holy Grail of every mother who's raising some cute little munchkins, and this blogger's got you covered in this department. Her Resist Art Ghost Craft is such a fun little activity that will keep your kids busy and creatively inspired!

This negative painting effect will totally intrigue your kids and you can always help them make more unique and intricate shapes/designs as they keep coming back! This tutorial sets a nice footprint for everyone to follow and leaves room for more creative interventions by you!


Heart and Handmade

This blog brings you a daily dose of creativity with its fresh look at everyday stuff and how small things can bring you joy if you just put in a little time and innovation. We absolutely loved the easy-peasy Halloween Table Runner tutorial here! It's a fun way to add a little haunted-house horror to your homes!

It consists of a simple stencil technique that prints out spooky designs on your desired runner fabric. There's a whole tutorial here on how to make a complicated stencil so you won't have to repeat the pattern by hand! Just follow the steps and make this unique runner your own!


Say Yes 

Finding great Halloween DIY ideas can be like finding a needle in a haystack if you don't find the right sources, and if you've been struggling similarly, then try out this amazing Spooky Cheesecloth Ghost tutorial!

It's just the perfect way to hand ghosts around the house while retaining that perfect Casper-style shape! Just follow the steps and get that scary look in your homes to complete your Halloween theme!


ModPodge Rock!

Crafting and outdoor activities are a total joy when you want to try new things out with your little ones, and nothing can ever beat this best camping crafts list if you're really into getting the nitty-gritty of it!

You can make so many fun accessories by following this list. From DIY fireflies to summer camp chairs and travel spice kits, there's so much to explore on this list! Rest assured that your kids won't be missing their screen time once they start accompanying you on these craft ideas!


Oh Happy Day

When it comes to Halloween, chocolates are a total overkill. If you're one of those treaters who want to give something fun to the kids, then you'll just love the Halloween Eyes Treat Bags DIY tutorial!

There's just something about a plastic bag of faux eyes that hits all the sppoky notes when you want to both trick and treat those little costume-clad door-knockers! You can even tack on customized messages on each bag when you hand them out! So just follow the simple steps and you'll be well on your road to adequately creep everyone out!


Oh Joy!

Pumpkin projects are always an evergreen way to add some fall flavors to your homes, and this blog's got several gorgeous projects for everyone. In our favorite post from here, there's an entire list of some amazing pumpkin-related projects!

We love how each one is so unique and offers a totally distinguished outlook! Trust us you've never seen so many awesome pumpkin revamps in one post! After going through this list, you'll definitely want to break out your carving and paint kits to indulge in one last fall hurrah!


Studio DIY

Just like the name of the blog suggests, Studio DIY is all about crafting things for fun! They've got a bunch of awesome ideas that you can indulge yourself in, but nothing could top the Edible Haunted House tutorial in our humble opinion.

Making these mini-houses can be the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids, letting them unleash their creative side, and finding a good hobby to partner with you! Not only are these super pretty, but they can also be customized according to any occasion if you know how to play around with frosting!


Hello Glow

Self-care is important, but what's better is that you do it in a natural way. That's exactly what this blog teaches you. You'll love their ideas, and if you're like-minded with us, you'll especially appreciate their 15 different ways to make your house smell amazing tutorial.

It's full of aromatherapy ideas that can make your homes both smell and look amazing! All of these ideas are extremely easy to follow and the best part is that they're all organic, so you won't be investing in any chemical odors!


Crafty Pod

If you like repurposing old things, then you'll love the specialty niche of this blog. Although there are only the greatest hits left here, you'll definitely be able to find things that you love here. The plastic canvas gem ornament is just one of the projects we loved and we'll name it our best one from here.

This project just might make your day if you like investing in complicated things. Don't be daunted by the looks of it just follow the instructions and see how everything just seamlessly comes together! You can use these as window hangings or even put some up on a statement wall to showcase your craft soul to the rest of the world.


Red Ted Art

Searching for some fun activities to do with your kids? This crafts blog is full of them! While all of them are pretty good, we loved how easy and fun the paper crafting tutorial actually was!

From things as simple as ornaments and toys to full on pop ups, there's a lot that you can find here. There are even science-related paper crafts and Christmas ornament designs that will totally blow you away! Trust us there's definitely a lot to love here!


The Spruce Crafts

If crafting 24/7 is your hobby, then you absolutely need to check out this wonderful blog! They touch on crafts and hobbies of all kinds, but the one section that's after our own heart is the one that teaches paper crafting!

This entire niche is full of various craft ideas that you can pursue at your own leisure. From stylish banners to tissue paper flowers, tassel garlands and lots more, you can easily find projects that match your interest and skill level the best! You'll definitely enjoy sifting through various tutorials and find all the instructions super easy to follow.


Craftberry Bush

If you aspire to create your own wonderful home decor, then this blog would be your personal haven. It's got craft and DIY ideas that can help you reinvent your home aesthetic with lots of flair, and our favorite one is the DIY textured clay vase technique.

It's basically about repurposing already existing vases (or you could buy some cheap ones from the thrift store!) and giving them a new, trendier life. The end results are pretty chic and will make your homes feel infinitely more fashion forward and a la mode!


Happy Hooligans

This blog promises to help your kids explore the world through arts and crafts, so all of their offerings are quite child-friendly. We especially love their cardboard pumpkin string art and how it's a super creative way for kids to explore intricate threadwork!

The materials used in this craft are pretty simple and easily available. You can even customize the pattern to any other type of a cookie cutter available at your home. You'll definitely love the end results and how much your kids will enjoy indulging in this activity!


Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

This blog strives to create wonderful things with everyday objects! You can also find lots of costume and printable ideas here, but our personal favorite was the slime recipe. It's the perfect stress reliever and you can always indulge in a bit of slime-related fun with your kids as well!

This middle-school classic just requires you to follow a simple recipe. It's very safe and doesn't have any toxins. You can even have your little one mix all the ingredients and have it all come together in their little hands!


A Pumpkin & A Princess

This craft and recipe blog is full of fun, innovative ideas to let your inner homemaker and designer out! Everything is very neatly organized, so we were able to browse to our heart's content. Although everything was pretty amazing, nothing could beat the DIY resin bookmark craft for us!

If you're an avid reader, then you'll definitely love this craft project and how magical it turns out to be! All you need are some simple materials and the instructions are also pretty easy to follow. You'll absolutely LOVE how sparkly and pretty the final look really is! 


Sugar Bee Craft

This blog will become the happy place of every craft aficionado who likes exploring new ideas and skills be it sewing, crochet, or putting things together out of ordinary stuff. We loved the easy-peasy paper flower tutorial and how absolutely versatile it is!

The blog covers 3 different types of flowers and shows a step-by-step pictorial instruction on how to get them right! You'll love the easiness of this craft project and even have your kids help put them together! In the end, you can even repurpose the flowers for greeting cards or simply put them in a vase!


Artsy Fartsy Mama

Potterheads, rejoice! This particular craft is espe ially designed for every Harry Potter aficionado! It covers the Mandrake plants from the second book/movie, so if you like recreating your favorite fictional items, then put this one on your list!

The Mandrakes are actually made out of polymer clay and you can have a lot of fun molding it into the shapes that you like. It's a very cathartic activity with satisfying end results! The instructions even tell you how to use each tool to work better with the clay! You can even recruit your kids to help you out in the process!


Mad In Craft

This eccentric little blog really is mad in ideas, as its name suggests. The owner is teacher-converted-full time crafter and we just love how unique her stuff is! We'll share the Worbla Halloween Bats tutorial as the best one because it's simple buy crazy good!

These bats are crafted out of a cricut maker (which is a smart cutting machine that can cut hard materials like Worbla Thermoplastic!). There's an extra depth to these bats thanks to their unique material choice, so the end product has that super realistic effect that you simply can't recreate in simple paper-cut bats!


Hobby Craft

There's nothing quite as classic as a Christmas card, which is why we absolutely fell for the 5 Easy Cards to Make This Christmas tutorial on this blog! Essentially a craft store website, you can find tons of other amazing tutorials here as well, but this one is our favorite!

Featuring 5 easy-to-make Christmas themed cards, this blog teaches you to emulate your inner Christmas cheer into a physical manifestation. All the ideas are pretty simple to recreate and you'll have lots of fun making them for your family and loved ones!


The Crafty Blog Stalker

This craft tutorial website is all about beautifying the ordinary, so whatever ideas they feature are totally spankin! We loved their How to make a rag quilt with Minky tutorial because it looks super cozy and something that everyone should have in their homes!

You might need some sewing expertise to take this project on, but it's a skill that everyone should have, so this craft project might be a good opportunity to learn. You'll love how all the colorful fabrics come together and the best part is that you can always customize your selection according to your tastes.


Cutesy Craft 

This crafts blog lives up to its name and features an extensive list of many wonderful and cute ideas that will brighten up your day, but we loved her minimalist take on the last minute ice-cream themed Halloween costume!

It's a super cute venture and can be easily repurposed for anything and everything through the rest of the year as well. You might even wear it as a normal clothing item if the need arises!


Merriment Design 

If you're searching for some simple and clever DIY's then this is the website for you! You'll find many amazing handmade ideas here but we just couldn't help but take a fancy to the Minecraft Halloween Costume!

This one is also super minimalistic and easy to craft. Minecraft lovers would definitely appreciate the realistic aesthetic and it's not very time consuming to make as well. Just keep following the instructions and you'll get there pretty soon!


Rae Gun Ramblings

You'll find many things that will make you smile on this wonderful little niche craft blog just like the clever Skeleton Gingerbread recipe make our inner spooky Halloweener super proud!

With an easy recipe and a decidedly delightful end product, this idea just wormed its way into our hearts. You can also have lots of fun with your kids while making this just enlist their help for making the cream skeleton and see how happy they become!


Think Craft 

You'll find lots of craft ideas on this blog and each one is neatly categorized so you can easily find your preferred niche. We're fall creatures, so that one that reeled us in was the Little Jack Felt Pumpkin! It was just too adorable not to be listed as the best!

You'll love how the instructions are very graphic and super easy to follow! This project requires some basic sewing skills, but it's something that anyone can do! You can even customize the size of your pumpkin and craft as many as you want!


Glued to My Craft

This blog is all about sharing fun, friendly tutorials and crafts that will guide you through any and all occasions! We especially loved this Handprint Cookies for Santa keepsake that your kids can craft and leave under the tree to thank Father Christmas for his generosity!

It's a super easy craft idea and requires just some basic materials. All you need to do is sit down with your little one and help them make their very own personalized keepsake. Years from now, it'll make a lovely story!




Doodle Craft 

This blog is home to some amazing crafting ideas, fun recipes, and lots of Geekery! You'll love browsing through all that they have to offer, and although we loved everything, there was just something special about the woven leather bench with hairpin legs project.

This DIY venture is great because it's also pretty functional. You can put it up in your porch or foyers as a temporary seat. It's super stylish and made out of old leather belts, so it's super charismatic and also gets additional points for being eco-friendly!


Pink Stripey Socks

This kids crafts and activities blog is run by a mom who is a child at heart as well, so you'll find many child-friendly tutorials to follow here. As for us, we just fell in love with the easy pop-up minecraft creeper and pig crafter for kids blog!

It's a really easy way to add a little bit of interest to your kids life. All you need is some paper, some round edges scissors, and some colored markers just 3 simple things to make a fun little pop-up collection with your favorite minecraft charactrs!


Tell and Love Party

This lovely little lifestyle blog covers a huge niche and you can find tons of craft ideas to follow here. But the one that really inspired us was the melted crayon solar system. It's fun, easy, and a great way to let your kids explore their creative side.

You'll love how easy it is to do! Just sharpen the crayons and melt the shavings with a fun ironing technique. You'll have a galaxy full of colors to pick from as you make up your solar system. You can hang the final product in your kids bedroom as a fun heirloom.


Minted Strawberry

The DIY life is going strong for this particular blogger and you'll find the theme consistently ramping up the creativity in all that they have to offer! Although there were some great ideas to choose from, we simply adored the fast and easy DIY sign with no tools tutorial!

The witty messages here are just too good and would make you want to break out your craft supplies right there and then! The easy to follow steps will make everything effortless for you and you can even customize the designs and messages according to your tastes and needs!


Craft Invaders 

This blog is chock full of some amazing ideas and it was challenging to find the best one. However, ultimately we landed on the 10 free outdoor activities to encourage kids outside, and just couldn't look away.

The list consists of several amazing ideas that can be used to entice kids to leave their screens and explore the great outdoors. From building fire to creating snake like bread sticks, you'll find some highly creative ideas here that will help you coax the kids to look at all that nature has to offer!


The Moments At Home 

Healthy snacking is an essential part of the human diet, but it's no easy feat finding recipes that are yummy as well as easy to make. This is why we love how this blog gave us the simplest and tastiest alternative.

This OatMeal Banana Pancake recipe is soft, fluffy, and super easy to make. It uses the natural sweetness of the banana and delivers a delicious meal that is also very healthy. You can make these for breakfast, evening or late night munchies. No matter what the time of the day, the Bana and Oatmeal's got your back!


Imagine Blog

If you love painting with water colors then this blog will be your haven. They've got tons of projects for paint lovers, but the one that attracted us the most was the Halloween card with fireworks shimmery craft spray.

It basically includes stenciling images onto paper and superimposing them with water colors. The background is created with shimmery craft spray and the video tutorial is highly easy to follow. You'll love trying out different ideas with this technique and how it will enable to you create a card for every occasion!



Into Craft

Envelops literally never go out of style and if you're searching for some great ideas to craft your own, then we've got the perfect source for you. The huge variety listed here makes this blog one of our favorites, and you'll be singing its praises soon enough as well.

The great thing is that you can always customize your envelop according to the patterned paper you choose. Other than that, the instructions are pretty easy to follow and you can even embellish your end product with ribbons, paper roses, glitter gel, and other craft accessories.


Gentleman Crafter

This blog has a bunch of unique, magical craft projects for you to follow. There's a very Hogwarts-ish vibe here that will instantly hook you in, and if you're looking for the best one to follow here, then our personal favorite is the September kits Scarecrow & Theater On Wheel.

It's basically a kit that you can purchase and assemble at your own leisure. It's got delicate parts with a general spooky air that will be perfect for Halloween. If you're an connoisseur of avant-garde things, then you'll love the distinguished aura that this project will bring to your spaces.


Craft Hustle Directory 

This sweet little blog has a bunch of creative lists that you can get inspiration from. They've got a lot of options for everyone to explore, but we absolutely loved the 10+ finger food ideas that they've featured.

Kids love finding stories in the most mundane of things, so these finger f od ideas will surely be a huge hit! From Witch Hat Cookies to Bat Shaped Quesadillas and Mini Mummy Pizzas, there are lots of options to explore here. If your kid is a picky eater, then you can definitely make these recipes and everyday thing in your household as well!


Ministry Of Craft 

This sewing and craft blog is all about creating your own designs. It's got tons of workshops that you can access to develop your skill of choice, and you can also look through their diverse catalogue of project ideas. However, our favorite one is the double-crochet yarn storage basket!

The cozy, homely vibe of this project will make your spaces feel even more charming. You'd need to be an expert at crocheting to tackle this project, but if you can do it, then you'll love the absolute mindlessness of its design.


Heathers Inspiration 

This is the official blog of a craft supplies store and they're great at listing out fun projects where you can use their items to create unique things. You can actually find a wide variety of craft projects you can partake in here, but we absolutely fell in love with A Christmas Angel or Two.

Holiday season is just around the corner so you can actually put these up on your tree this year! The vintage style of the angel is wonderfully retro and you'll find the cutting-out part to be fun as well. Just follow the useful instructions and your merry little Christmas will be all the more merrier with this homemade, handcrafted beauty!


What Abi Makes

This blog centers around three major kinds of crafts, i.e. sewing, knitting, and creating wonderful objects. There're lots of fun projects that you can find here, but the one that we love the most is actually a list of 5 simple crafts you can learn at home.

All the skills listed here also link back to where you can easily learn them. They include knitting, weaving, watercolor painting, cross-stitch, and sewing. All of these skills require a fair amount of dedication, but once you get the hang of it, you can really go nuts with all the types of projects that you can accomplish of them.


Brit + Co

This blog covers all sectors of the DIY genre. From foodie hacks to low card recipes to styling and kids projects, there's no dearth of wonderful projects here. But the one that really caught our eye was actually how to make no-sew pencil pouches for back to school.

Now that kids are finally starting to go to school, it's high time that we come back to this niche. These pouches are the perfect alternative to typical pencil boxes and the best part is that they require no sewing. All you need is a little bit of fabric, glue, Velcro and other small items to create a fully customized pencil pouch for your little one!


Craft Hours

This clothing blog features wonderful craft projects that recycle otherwise wasted clothes. You'll absolutely love the variety here, but nothing could quite beat our personal favorite: Beach Towel Dresses: A Tutorial.

These are basically children's dresses and the original hems of the beach towels are fully utilized here. We absolutely cannot get over the bright, vivacious patterns that are reminiscent of fun-filled summers! You'll need to be quite a sewing expert to get the look right, and if you can't then these dresses are also available for sale.


Something Turquoise 

This blog's got that soft-core glow and wow-factor that will totally blow you away. The projects featured here are not just creative, but also highly attractive, skillful, and detailed. Out of all the variety, the one that we wanted to list out was, How To Engrave Acrylic hanger With Your Glowforge.

This wedding-oriented project is all about customizing hangers. It basically requires a glowforge or any other kind of a laser printer to showcase personalized messages on the hanger top, cap it off with beautiful ribbons, and hand them out as fun part favors. You'll love the detailed instructions and how they are super easy to follow.


Hands Occupied 

This blog is helmed by a yarn craft designer, so all her projects are related to her expertise. Out of everything done by her, we just couldn't help but fall in love with the super avant-garde looks of her Bomb Popsicle Latch Hook Pattern & Tutorial.

The skill level of this yarn craft project is basic, so even beginners can easily handle it. The instructions are easy to follow and feature all sorts of specifications for materials. The end product looks like an actual popsicle on a stick, so you'll really love its unique looks.


Jader Bomb

This DIY blog has been around since 2010, and you can definitely find a ton of unique projects here. However, our favorite one from their extensive list is the Partridge in a Pear Tree, which is affordable, pretty, and easy to make.

With a few cheap supplies and a whole lot of creativity, you can make the most of this project ! There are several step and each one of them requires concentration, but we promise that you'll have so much fun and end up with a stunning statement piece that you can even gift to your loved ones as a housewarming (or any occasion!) present!


DIY Candy

You can find anything and everything DIY on the DIY Candy blog. They've got food, drawer organizers, and lots more to offer, but the project that we loved the best was actually How to make slime with Laundry Detergent.

This non-toxic recipe creates the perfect slime that both kids and adults can have a lot of fun with. The easy three-step guide is effortless to follow! There's even a picture that features a pretty variety of add-on's. From beads to tiny action figures, there's a ton of things you can experiment with to create the perfect slime for you or your kids!




The Stripe 

There are tons of cooking blogs out there, so it's hard to find recipes that stay true to the heart. This is why this Holiday Jam Recipe has become such a favorite of ours! It's very easy to make, doesn't require any professional skills, and would be perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving!

The directions listed on the blog are pretty easy to follow and link to all the products that have been used and there's even a list of all the little ways you can make the serving feel absolutely special. Charmaine from the comment section praises the easy recipe and promises to try it asap and so should you!


Trinkets in Bloom 

This little blog is a hotbed for finding cute DIY accessories! From headbands to chokers and clutches, you can find a ton of fun projects here! But our favorite one is actually the DIY Glitter Shoes! They're fun, easy to make, and look absolutely glam!

All you need are some suede shoes in any style that you want. Then sketch out your design to decide where you want to put the glitter! Use a chalk to mark the exact same design on both shoes. All that's left now is to mix up the glitter and mod-podge and apply it on the shoes. The best part is that this mix can be applied to any kind of a shoe surface yes, even faux leather! Bec from the comment section spruce up her fabric shoes and says that, they look amazing!


So, what do you think? Aren't all of these ideas phenomenal! They'll definitely satisfy all your DIY cravings and you can even make a checklist to keep track of your favorite ones on this list!