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Slipcover for Single Module | EM Sky Sofa

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  • The world's most comfortable sofa, well-proportioned and timeless. The Sky Modular Sofa is iconic in every sense of the word. Create a formation of comfort with our most versatile range. Arrange your very own Sky, available in a wide array of modular configurations and fabric selections. You can swap out slipcovers for your sofa, armchair and ottoman modules effortlessly with our easily removable, easy-care covers that ensure your couch will always be fresh and clean.

    Product Details:
    • Slipcover for a corner module includes 3 pieces: 1 frame cover, 1 seat cushion cover and 1 back cushion cover.
    • Slipcover for the frame has a snug fit and is easy to remove for dry cleaning. The frame cover attaches with Velcro and the cushion covers are closed with zippers.
    • All materials are Flame Retardant-Free & non-toxic (Baby Friendly)
    Cleaning Methods:
    • Textured Linen Weave: Vacuuming keeps dust particles out of the fabric, making it appear brighter. Most spills can be blotted. Spot clean with mild soap, rinse with lukewarm water and air dry. For stubborn stains, use a solution of one part bleach and two parts water.
    • Woven Palo: Spot clean with a mild solvent, an upholstery shampoo or the foam from a mild detergent. When using a solvent or dry cleaning product, follow the instructions carefully and clean only in a well-ventilated room. Avoid any product that contains Carbon Tetrachloride or any other toxic materials.
    • Performance Felt: Spot clean to eliminate small stains. Take a soft cloth, wet it, and dab at the stains, using a tiny amount of delicate hand-washing detergent for stubborn stains.

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