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To ensure that your furniture is made to the highest quality standards, every piece is custom made. Hence, our lead time is typically 8-12 weeks.

Boucle Wool-Ruby
Boucle Wool-Ruby $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Aqua
Boucle Wool-Aqua $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Charcoal Grey
Boucle Wool-Charcoal Grey $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Yellow
Boucle Wool-Yellow $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Cocoa
Boucle Wool-Cocoa $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Ocean
Boucle Wool-Ocean $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Haze Grey
Boucle Wool-Haze Grey $1,455.00
Boucle Wool-Copper
Boucle Wool-Copper $1,455.00
Cashmere-Wheat $1,455.00
Cashmere-Granite Dark Grey
Cashmere-Granite Dark Grey $1,455.00
Cashmere-Chartreuse Green
Cashmere-Chartreuse Green $1,455.00
Cashmere-Snow White
Cashmere-Snow White $1,455.00
Cashmere-Onyx Black
Cashmere-Onyx Black $1,455.00
Cashmere-Tiffany Blue
Cashmere-Tiffany Blue $1,455.00
Cashmere-Imperial Red
Cashmere-Imperial Red $1,455.00
Cashmere-Moss Green
Cashmere-Moss Green $1,455.00
Cashmere-Victorian Plum
Cashmere-Victorian Plum $1,455.00
Cashmere-Blue Grey
Cashmere-Blue Grey $1,455.00
Cashmere-Spanish Orange
Cashmere-Spanish Orange $1,455.00
Cashmere-Fuschia $1,455.00
Linen-Slate Grey
Linen-Slate Grey $1,455.00
Linen-Smoke $1,455.00
Linen-Burnt Orange
Linen-Burnt Orange $1,455.00
Linen-Weeping Willow
Linen-Weeping Willow $1,455.00
Top Grain-Black
Top Grain-Black $1,845.00
Top Grain-White
Top Grain-White $1,945.00
Top Grain-Cream
Top Grain-Cream $1,945.00
Top Grain-Dark Brown
Top Grain-Dark Brown $1,945.00
Top Grain-Tan
Top Grain-Tan $1,945.00
Top Grain-Red
Top Grain-Red $1,945.00
Aniline-Black $1,945.00
Aniline-White $1,945.00
Aniline-Cream $1,945.00
Aniline-Dark Brown
Aniline-Dark Brown $1,945.00
Aniline-Beige $1,945.00
Aniline-Camel $1,945.00
Vintage-Brown $2,275.00

Identical to the original

All of our Heritage Lounge Chair are manufactured with our 13 years of experience to ensure our quality and your peace of mind.

Heritage Lounge Chair

The Heritage Lounge Chair from 1930 is a true modern masterpiece. A supremely comfortable and organic easy chair that adds charm to any room. The Heritage Lounge Chair's warm and elegant lines bear testimony to Frits Henningsen's constant pursuit of perfection. With a love for natural materials, he created a chair that is inviting and evokes tranquility, fulfilling the eternal human quest for breathing space in a hectic daily life.

The Heritage Lounge Chair is best placed where its soft lines and organic shapes can be viewed from all sides. With its beautiful details, arching curves and supreme comfort it is a gift to any room. The relaunch also demonstrates that Henningsen's furniture pieces are as relevant today as ever. It has a radiance rarely found in modern furniture. The Heritage Lounge Chair is inviting and evokes tranquility, fulfilling the eternal human quest for breathing space in a hectic daily life.

The Heritage Lounge Chair is available in fabric or leather with legs in oak or walnut. The chair buttons will match the chosen fabric for online purchase. Contrast button fabric may be specified by note/email. A matching footrest offers extra comfort.

Material & Feature:
  • Molded fiberglass shell with highly resilient urethane foam
  • Medium firm cushion seat feel
  • Fabric, Top Grain/Aniline Leather upholstery with button (C.O.M available) 
  • Solid ash wood legs 
  • All materials are fire-retardant & non-toxic (Baby friendly)
  • Width: 29.9" x Depth: 37.4" x Height: 40.6"
  • Seat Height: 16.1"
Heritage Lounge Chair
* All measurements are approximations.

Frits Henningsen (1889-1965) was known as an uncompromising designer. He viewed quality craftsmanship as the most important element of his work, making it his focus when developing new furniture. Unlike other cabinetmakers, Henningsen always created his own furniture pieces - although his greatest desire was to be recognized as a cabinetmaker and not as a furniture designer.

After he opened his own furniture store in Copenhagen, he drew much inspiration from contact with customers, using daily conversations to better understand demand and apply this directly to the production process.

At age 22, he completed his cabinetmaker apprenticeship with one of the most recognized cabinetmakers of his day, I.P. Mørck. Like many of his creative elite contemporaries, Henningsen then traveled around Europe to gather experience and inspiration, working in Germany, France and Great Britain for several years before returning to Copenhagen in 1915.

In his designs, Henningsen was able to capture traditional expressions from other style periods and reinterpret them with a modern and organic flavor. He drew inspiration from earlier styles such as French Empire, Rococo, and British 17th-century furniture, much like one of the other great furniture designers of his day, Kaare Klint. The two designers met at technical college, where Kaare Klint was one of Frits Henningsen's teachers.

This encounter had a major influence on Frits Henningsen's development as a cabinetmaker, while the competition that arose between the two men led to a constant renewal and reinterpretation of furniture craftsmanship by both parties.

Frits Henningsen saw himself as constantly developing and, due to his great attention to detail, permitted only very few of his furniture pieces to be produced outside his own workshop. During Frits Henningsen's lifetime, Carl Hansen & Son was one of only two furniture producers to be shown such trust. Carl Hansen & Søn manufactured Frits Henningsen's Windsor Chair for over 70 years and re-launched his Heritage Chair in 2013.

We at Eternity Modern are pleased to offer an outstanding guarantee on all our products!  We proudly stand by the quality and craftsmanship of all our furniture pieces. 

We do not compromise on any of the procedures and follow a strict protocol to ensure that the quality of our products is maintained.  Hence, to sustain our devotion to quality, Eternity Modern offers 1 year warranty from date of delivery on all factory defects and 5 years warranty on all furniture parts.

Customer satisfaction is one of our key principles and we will work ddiligently to resolve any issues that should arise.

Defects/blemishes resulting from negligence, accidents, maltreatment or commercial use is not covered under the Eternity Modern warranty

Please contact customer service should you have any inquiries regarding our Warranty Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund.  Items must be shipped securely in its original packaging, and you must contact us within 7 days of receiving your order.   You are responsible for return shipping costs. Refunds will be issued once the item is received in our shipping warehouse.

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