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Cashmere-Red $1,255.00
Cashmere-Dark Grey
Cashmere-Dark Grey $1,255.00
Cashmere-Sky Blue
Cashmere-Sky Blue $1,255.00
Cashmere-Blue $1,255.00
Cashmere-Black $1,255.00
Cashmere-Fuschia $1,255.00
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Cashmere-Moss Green $1,255.00
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Cashmere-Burnt Orange $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Ruby
Boucle Wool-Ruby $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Aqua
Boucle Wool-Aqua $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Charcoal Grey
Boucle Wool-Charcoal Grey $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Yellow
Boucle Wool-Yellow $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Cocoa
Boucle Wool-Cocoa $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Ocean
Boucle Wool-Ocean $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Haze Grey
Boucle Wool-Haze Grey $1,255.00
Boucle Wool-Copper
Boucle Wool-Copper $1,255.00

Identical to the original

All of our Egg Pod Chair are manufactured with our 13 years of experience to ensure our quality and your peace of mind.

Egg Pod Chair

Designed by Henrik Thor - Larsen, OVALIA egg pod chair was exhibited for the first time at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 1968 and was an immediate success. The chair was sold up to 1978 and was in demand throughout the world. It is just as contemporary today as it was then and is back in the spotlight for its relaunch. Apart from a few improvements, there have been no visible changes to the design.

OVALIA is a classic furniture design. A chair with a lot of attitude. Hollywood was well aware of this when it was decided to put Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in an OVALIA each for the launch of the films MEN IN BLACK I & II.

Material & Feature:
  • Shell: 100% molded fiberglass (GRP) with gloss sheen
  • Performance fabric upholstery
  • Cast - aluminum foot; 360 degree swivel 
  • All materials are fire-retardant & non-toxic (Baby friendly) 
  • Width: 36" x Depth: 36" x Height: 52"
Ovalia Egg Chair
* All measurements are approximations.

Industrial designer and inventor. Born in Roskilde, Denmark, in 1932. With the aim of becoming a graphic designer, Thor-Larsen underwent a 4-year apprenticeship which was concluded with a qualifying piece of work for membership of a guild as a journeyman. He got maximum marks. After a few years' practice in Denmark, he worked in Norway and Switzerland. It was 1956.

Thor-Larsen designed and built a very well-received sports and racing car in plastic on a Porsche chassis in Stockholm.

Thor-Larsen was discovered by Saab and was asked to design the seats for the company's new product, the slightly more sporty model Sonett. His interest then turned increasingly to industrial design and it was not a big step from car seats to easy chairst.

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Customer satisfaction is one of our key principles and we will work ddiligently to resolve any issues that should arise.

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