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Ball Chair



Fabric-Black $1,135.00
Fabric-Brown $1,135.00
Fabric-Dark Gray
Fabric-Dark Gray $1,135.00
Fabric-Light Gray
Fabric-Light Gray $1,135.00
Fabric-Green $1,135.00
Fabric-Mustard Yellow
Fabric-Mustard Yellow $1,135.00
Fabric-Orange $1,135.00
Fabric-Pink $1,135.00
Fabric-Purple $1,135.00
Fabric-Red $1,135.00

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Ball Chair

Created in 1963, the Ball Chair, also known as the Globe Chair, is an impressive, unconventional design that has featured in a number of TV shows and films. Sheltered for privacy, this classic of industrial design can swivel 360°, which makes it a functional centerpiece of any room. The padded cashmere upholstery provides a cozy and comfortable seating experience. Known for his innovative furniture design, the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio combines aspects of popular culture with simple geometric forms. Due to his original design, the Ball Chair has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies including ‘Men in Black’, ‘Dazed and Confused’ and the 1960s series “The Prisoner”.

  • Width: 40″ x Depth: 36″ x Height: 47″
  • The durable fiberglass shell is available in a glossy white or black finish, or choose from custom-order colors such ferrari red, canary yellow and lime green.
  • Choose from 8 popular fabric colors for the interior lining and cushions.
ball chair
* All measurements are approximations.

Eero Aarnio Eero Aarnio (born 21 July 1932 in Helsinki) is a Finnishinterior designer, noted for his innovative furniture designs in the 1960s, such as his plastic and fibreglass chairs.Aarnio studied at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, and started his own office in 1962. The following year, he introduced his Ball Chair, a hollow sphere on a stand, open on one side to allow a person to sit within. The similar Bubble Chair was clear and suspended from above. Other innovative designs included his floating Pastil Chair (similar to a solid inner tube),[2] and Tomato Chair (more stable with a seat between three spheres). His Screw Table, as the name suggests, had the appearance of a flat head screw driven into the ground. He was awarded the American Industrial Design award in 1968.