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We do ✔

Eternity Modern
Womb Chair & Ottoman

✔ 304 Stainless Steel tubular with 1.5mm thickness

✔ Highly polished frame with aczoiling treatment

✔ Eco-friendly foam: non-toxic & flame retardant-free * Meets new policy TB117-2013

✔ High performance upholstery

✔ Water-based glue & non-toxic production materials

✔ Product aspect identical to the original

We don't ✘

✘ Metal frame or 202 Stainless Steel tubular with less than 1mm thickness

✘ Uneven polished frame which rusts easily

✘ Recycled foam which contains harmful substances & toxic chemicals

✘ Lightweight upholstery

✘ Glue that is utilized for heavy construction & contains toxic chemicals

✘ Dimensions & shape are not identical to the original

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