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10 Best Columbus Interior Designers

10 Best Columbus Interior Designers

2021 Sep 9th

The city of Columbus is Ohio’s capital and boasts a fantastic urban landscape that is a testament to its residents’ inherent inclination towards style and beauty. As such, this city is also the home of some great design experts, and if you’re searching for one to spruce up, renovate, or totally updo your spaces, then you’re at the right place. 

This list contains some of the best Columbus interior designers. They’ve been hand-picked because of their distinguished aesthetics, great press, and the ability to transform any space that they put their hands on.

Picture your perfect mid-century modern living room: a EM Sky Sofa, a Wassily Chair or two, a Noguchi Coffee Table to bring it all together, and an Artichoke Lamp that takes center stage... Let's take a look at this list to find the interior designer that can help you make your dream space come alive:

KP Designs & Associates LLC

Recognized by Columbus CEO Magazine as the "Best Interior Design Firm" for its exceptional services, KP Designs and Associates LLC is one of the most amazing Columbus-based consultancies. The team at this firm believes that a space should always be layered to perfection and brim with elegance. They always design interiors that are supposed to be lived-in, instead of being just placeholders for magazine spreads.

Their Ski Inspired Office project is a testament to how they keep client lifestyle in mind while designing beautiful spaces. Featuring gorgeous distressed tones and cozy textiles, it actually feels like this office is part of a ski lodge instead of an urban landscape. You’ll love the warm tones and how the entire room feels like it’s a world of its own.

Crimson Design Group

This award-winning interior design firm in Chicago boasts fifteen years of experience in the industry and the team is known for their keen eye for detail, their design agility, and their ability to keep client preferences in mind. This firm tackles on a huge genre of projects, including high-end residences, commercial and corporate offices along with multifamily and hospitality projects.

Their Modern Luxe residence is inspired by the classic styling of a French chateau. By mixing and matching old and new details and imbuing the client’s value for history in specific details of the interior, the Crimson Design Group team has managed to make a fantastic, classy, and beautiful space that is inviting as well as visually pleasant.

Daniel Russo Home

By using their clients’ vision as a driving force to fuel their imaginations, Daniel Russo Home is a Columbus based interior design consultancy that has built a loyal customer-base for themselves. This team prides itself on being innovative and bringing a fresh perspective to every project. They can glamorize even the drabbest of spaces, be they public or private.

You can check out their living space portfolio for a glimpse of what they have to offer. From spaces that brim with inherent coziness to an expert command of material and color schemes, this team can structure any project to suit your lifestyle, your needs, and your aesthetics. You’ll really appreciate their unique take on conventional visuals and how they’re able to imbue each space with absolute distinction.

Mary Shipley Interiors

Mary Shipley Interiors is one of Columbus’s best and this team is of the firm belief that a beautifully designed space can uplift your spirits, make you happy, and create a sense of peace in your mind. So, they make it a point to design rooms where you can simply sit and enjoy. Shipley and her team believe that a home that reflects the best version of yourself is the better than any home you’d have imagined for yourself.

The Arlington residence designed by this team is a classic contemporary abode that leans towards the transitional side. It has classical highlights that are interspersed with modern elements that make it very appealing to today’s homeowners. The overall aesthetic has been especially curated to deliver a wholesome living experience.

Fine Designs & Interiors, Ltd.

This Columbus based interior design firm and custom drapery workroom has won many awards and accolades. Led by Melinda Peters Elliot, this consultancy always puts health and happiness above all else. Aside from knowledge, experience, and talent, Melinda and her team also have an incredible aesthetic that helps clients articulate their raw vision to polished perfection.

Fine Design’s entire portfolio is worth looking through. From elegant, sophisticated spaces that brim with modern charm to classic transitional spaces that that have subtle, old-world charm, you can find a lot of inspiration in their gallery. You’ll especially appreciate how they’re able to imbue every space with incredible charisma with just the power of good drapery.


Graceful Redesigns

Your story and the current trending styles are what inspire this Columbus-based interior design firm. Offering a distinct perspective on how to add value to your spaces, this consultancy also collaborates with local and nationwide design partners to bring you the best of all worlds. They can provide you with quick, efficient, and highly appealing solutions on any kind of a project – be it a new construction or an existing remodel.

You can check out their entire portfolio to get a gist of what they can do with your spaces. From clean lines and utilization of great views to expert lighting and curation of gorgeous furniture, this firm has got you covered on all aspects of renovation, and will definitely help you realize your project’s potential to the fullest.

Julie Paulino Design

This premium Columbus-based interior design firm works on a national level and has spearheaded many fantastic projects over the years. With two decades of industry experience, they not only have a loyal client base, but also a lot of amazing accolades under their belt. Their approach to design centers around creating elegant spaces that are infused with creative accents and cozy livability.

From decorating to designing from scratch, this firm can tackle anything, be it on a small or a large scale. This team’s dedication to designing personal and authentic spaces can be seen in their portfolio. From classic bathrooms to country style kitchens and everything in between, they can literally design the home of your dreams for you.

Anne Rogers Interiors

Priding themselves on developing highly collaborative relationships with their clients, this Columbus interior design firm is definitely one of the best in the region. Amy Rogers and her team always work closely with clients and professionals to deliver fantastic end results. They also act as a bridge between architects, builders, and contractors to ensure a smooth process.

Their Builder Model Home project features a kitchen renovation that is a study in contemporary eclectic aesthetics. By opening up the layout and repositioning the entire kitchen island, the team was able to make the space much more efficient, functionally viable, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s definitely an excellent benchmark in their entire portfolio.

House Of L Designs

Boasting an ability to create personal, comfortable, and interesting spaces, the House of L Designs team consists of some of the best interior designers in Columbus. By combining both art and architecture in their spatial configuration, they’re able to create spaces that transcend typicality and come alive in ways that no one would have ever imagined. They tackle both commercial and residential projects, priding themselves on their ability to infuse each one with the utmost purpose and sense of form.

The deconstructed modern look of their bath remodel is absolutely striking and sheer testament to what this team can do even with a limited amount of space. It’s all about adding character to even the smallest of spaces and House of L Designs certainly knows how to do that. The gorgeous combination of monochromes and modernity is certainly for the books.

Reflections Interior Design

Striving to look for beauty in every project, Marissa Matiyasic and her team are some of the best interior designers in Columbus. With great vision and an ability to tap into the raw vision of every client to make it a reality, this team is fueled by creative passion and the drive to make each project the best that it can be. You’ll certainly appreciate everyone’s collaborative spirit and how they’re able to polish even the vaguest ideas to perfection.

If you want a closer look at what they have to offer, then simply look at their Welcome Retreat project. Designed in various shades of ivory, this home has a definite whimsy to it. Underscored with a neutral palette and outfitted with the most gorgeous design pieces, you’ll simply fall in love with the calm, soothing ambiance and cozy, lived-in vibe of this space.

So, these are some of the best interior designers in Columbus, and now you can see how and why each one has been selected. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find your perfect match on this list!

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