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Florence Knoll Bench 3 Seaters


To ensure that your furniture is made to the highest quality standards, every piece is custom made. Hence, our lead time is typically 8-12 weeks.

Cashmere-Wheat $995.00
Cashmere-Granite Dark Grey
Cashmere-Granite Dark Grey $995.00
Cashmere-Chartreuse Green
Cashmere-Chartreuse Green $995.00
Cashmere-Snow White
Cashmere-Snow White $995.00
Cashmere-Onyx Black
Cashmere-Onyx Black $995.00
Cashmere-Tiffany Blue
Cashmere-Tiffany Blue $995.00
Cashmere-Imperial Red
Cashmere-Imperial Red $995.00
Cashmere-Moss Green
Cashmere-Moss Green $995.00
Cashmere-Victorian Plum
Cashmere-Victorian Plum $995.00
Cashmere-Blue Grey
Cashmere-Blue Grey $995.00
Cashmere-Spanish Orange
Cashmere-Spanish Orange $995.00
Cashmere-Fuschia $995.00
Boucle Wool-Ruby
Boucle Wool-Ruby $995.00
Boucle Wool-Aqua
Boucle Wool-Aqua $995.00
Boucle Wool-Charcoal Grey
Boucle Wool-Charcoal Grey $995.00
Boucle Wool-Yellow
Boucle Wool-Yellow $995.00
Boucle Wool-Cocoa
Boucle Wool-Cocoa $995.00
Boucle Wool-Ocean
Boucle Wool-Ocean $995.00
Boucle Wool-Haze Grey
Boucle Wool-Haze Grey $995.00
Boucle Wool-Copper
Boucle Wool-Copper $995.00
Velvet-Ecru Beige
Velvet-Ecru Beige $995.00
Velvet-Slate Pebble
Velvet-Slate Pebble $995.00
Velvet-Rose Mauve
Velvet-Rose Mauve $995.00
Velvet-Ginger Cider
Velvet-Ginger Cider $995.00
Velvet-Tangerine Orange
Velvet-Tangerine Orange $995.00
Velvet-Graphite Grey
Velvet-Graphite Grey $995.00
Velvet-Ash Brown
Velvet-Ash Brown $995.00
Velvet-Empress Green
Velvet-Empress Green $995.00
Velvet-Indigo Blue
Velvet-Indigo Blue $995.00
Velvet-Jeweled Plum
Velvet-Jeweled Plum $995.00
Velvet-Midnight Blue
Velvet-Midnight Blue $995.00
Velvet-Onyx Black
Velvet-Onyx Black $995.00
Linen-Slate Grey
Linen-Slate Grey $995.00
Linen-Smoke $995.00
Linen-Burnt Orange
Linen-Burnt Orange $995.00
Linen-Weeping Willow
Linen-Weeping Willow $995.00
Top Grain-Black
Top Grain-Black $1,245.00
Top Grain-White
Top Grain-White $1,245.00
Top Grain-Cream
Top Grain-Cream $1,245.00
Top Grain-Dark Brown
Top Grain-Dark Brown $1,245.00
Top Grain-Tan
Top Grain-Tan $1,245.00
Top Grain-Red
Top Grain-Red $1,245.00
Aniline-Black $1,345.00
Aniline-White $1,345.00
Aniline-Cream $1,345.00
Aniline-Dark Brown
Aniline-Dark Brown $1,345.00
Aniline-Beige $1,345.00
Aniline-Camel $1,345.00
Vintage-Brown $1,445.00

Identical to the original

All of our Florence Knoll Bench 3 Seaters are manufactured with our 13 years of experience to ensure our quality and your peace of mind.

Florence Knoll Bench 3 Seaters

Designed in 1954 as what Florence Knoll modestly referred to as one of the “fill-in pieces that no one else wants to do,” the Florence Knoll Bench now stands as a defining example of modern design. Consistent with all of her designs, the bench has a spare, geometric profile that reflects the objective perfectionism and rational design approach Florence Knoll learned from her mentor, Mies van der Rohe.

Material & Feature:
  • High elasticity dacron-wrapped foam with genuine down feather layer 
  • Polished #304 grade stainless steel legs frame with chrome finish
  • Medium firm cushion seat feel (cushion softness customizable) 
  • Fabric, Top Grain/Aniline Leather upholstery  (C.O.M available) 
  • All materials are fire-retardant & non-toxic (Baby friendly)
  • Width: 60.25" x Depth: 19.5" x Height: 16.75"
Florence Knoll Bench 3 Seaters
* All measurements are approximations.

Born to a baker, and orphaned at age twelve, Florence Schust grew up Saginaw, Michigan. Schust demonstrated an early interest in architecture and was enrolled at the Kingswood School for Girls, adjacent to the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

While at Kingswood, Florence befriended Eilel Saarinen, whom she would later study under at Cranbrook. Warmly embraced by the Saarinen family, Florence seeded in Michigan the foundations of her incredible design education and pioneering career. Florence went on to study under some of the greatest 20th century architects, including Gropius, Breuer, and Mies. In 1941 Florence moved to New York where she met Hans Knoll who was establishing his furniture company. With Florence’s design skills and Hans’ business acumen and salesmanship, the pair, who married in 1946, grew the nascent company into an international arbiter of style and design. In creating the revolutionary Knoll Planning Unit, Florence Knoll defined the standard for the modern corporate interiors of post-war America.

After the tragic death of Hans Knoll in 1955, Florence Knoll led the company as president through uncertain times. In 1960 she resigned the presidency to focus on directing design and development and, in 1965 after pioneering an industry and defining the landscape and aesthetic of the corporate office, Florence Knoll Bassett (she remarried in 1957) retired from the company. Her contributions to Knoll, and to the rise of modernism in America, are immeasurable.

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