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Top 17 Best Phoenix Interior Designers

June 25, 2021
Top 17 Best Phoenix Interior Designers

This capital city of the state of Arizona is also home to some great interior designers.

If you live in the area and are looking to revamp, refurbish, and transform your homes in any way, then this list of best Phoenix interior designers is just for you. Every firm on this list has been hand-picked because of their amazing vision, ability to please clients, great press, and the talent to convert simple spaces into extraordinary ambiances.

Let’s take a look:


Interior Preference LLC


 Paula Savino is one of Phoenix’s best interior designer and her company has become a respected vanguard in this industry. She and her team offer full services, including home staging to get a better output on your house’s resale value. They take on residential, commercial, and home exterior projects, making any building feel as holistic, well-adjusted, and humanely proportionate as possible.


The I Light Box project by this team provides a very keen look at what this firm has to offer. The rustic contemporary aesthetics of this home are accentuated with natural materials, double-height spaces, and natural light. Despite the cramped layout, the residence feels decadent, beautiful, and charismatic. From the stunning furniture to the gorgeous finishes, everything works in tandem to create a beautifully pulled together ambiance.




AB Design Elements, LLC


This custom home design and remodeling studio provides some excellent residential interior services in Phoenix. Helmed by Amy Klosterman, this practice has become renowned for their excellence in home refurbishment. The team here is incredibly collaborative and consists of experts who pride themselves on crafting spaces that are fit to please all contemporary sensibilities.


Their Mockingbird Residence in Paradise Valley is a stunning example of what they have to offer. The full majesty of this residence comes from its careful curation of furniture, elegant material selection, and an emphasis on the gorgeous outdoor views that have been beautifully integrated within the interiors. The final décor and accessorizing has been carried out with a keen eye as well, giving this home lots of flair and personalization.




Guided Home Design

With 16 years of experience in the industry, this practice has garnered the reputation of holding some of the best Phoenix interior designers in their team. Their award-winning and well-publicized projects are known for being timeless, diverse, and exquisite. The team at this firm strives to be as collaborative as possible, and has designed some of the best residential and commercial projects that you’ll ever experience.


Their Desert Industrial project is known for its cozy, comfortable, and breezy ambiance. With a plethora of views on each side, the inside of this residence is designed to reflect a sense of unity, homeliness, and contemporary comforts. It’s classy, sophisticated, and absolutely timeless – a trifecta of qualities that ensures that this home will never go out of style.




J & J Design Group

As HGTV’s pro Network Designers, this team offers one of the best consultations in Phoenix. The dynamic duo that helms this company is known for crafting playful, beautiful, and vibrant spaces that always evoke a sense of whimsy within the users. This is why their specialty lies in kids interior design as well! If your preference plays the gamut of eclectic, modern, and contemporary, then this is the best place for you!


J & J’s Grayhawk project is a fine curation of beautiful picture frames, tasteful furniture, and refined aesthetics. With a background of neutral colors, bright natural light, and an emphasis on both rustic and modern textures, this home is a juxtaposition of timelessness, agrestic visuals, and contemporary comforts. It’s absolutely breathtaking and unique.




K & Q Interiors

This full-service studio is home to the best Phoenix interior designers. Their focus on residential projects has resulted in many award-winning designs. From material selection to gut renovations, they can help you with anything. The team here comprises of industry experts, so their advice and keen eye for detailing will definitely help you design the home of your dreams!


Browse through their portfolio and take a look at their specialties. From sleek contemporary to bucolic and rustic, they’ve got every type of ambiance down pat. The beautiful accessorizing and décor of each space is truly commendable, and the expert color/material selection shows that there are true professionals behind the scenes!




Friedman & Shields

This best Phoenix interior designer is popular for emulating understated luxury in even the most old-school of spaces. Led by Tracie Shields, this company specializes in both renovating and furnishing a space to the nines. Her 30 years of experience in the industry have made her a veteran. She and her team always strive for excellence in every project, which is a quality that many clients appreciate a lot.


Tracie’s Paradise Living residence is an ode to contemporary timelessness. Designed in gorgeous neutral hues and natural materials, this home is embellished with stunning lighting accents, gorgeous and luxefurniture, along with a charming transparency between indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a clean, sophisticated, and beautiful home whose interior hooks the eye and simply doesn’t let you budge.




Mackenzie Collier Interiors

This Phoenix-based interior design firm strives to make every project as sustainable and functional as possible. The team is very diverse, and each member brings something totally new to the plate. They also strive to make their client-experience as stress-free as possible and always focus on developing a space that reflects their client’s personal style the best.


Their eclectic Boss Babe Bungalow is a free-spirited project that is an excellent example of what this firm has to offer. The colorful ambiance is inexplicably timeless and he organized chaos of décor and cool accessorizing in each space not only enlivens the overall ambiance, but also provides some great visual dissonance. This home is gorgeous, airy, has modern-minimalist undertones, and is simply, stunningly diverse.




Janet Brooks Design

Very detail-oriented about luxury living, Janet Brooks has garnered the reputation of one of the best Phoenix interior designers that you’ll ever consult. Always taking their client’s timeline and budget in utmost consideration, Brooks and her team always strive for greatness when designing any space. With many award-winning projects and some great press, this team will ensure that you never feel stressed or outbound by your own project.


Their Silverleaf Condominium project in Scottsdale is a great example of what Brooks and her team is capable of. The beautiful neutral designing of this home is complemented with bold-hued accentuating. The abundance of natural light evokes a sense of breeziness within the ambiance, and the accessorizing feels like it’s been plucked straight out of a magazine spread!




IMI Design

IMI Designs studio believes that a beautifully designed space can elevates the human spirit, which is why their projects are as tasteful, refined, luxurious, and comfortable as possible. The technical and conceptual expertise of this team is quite amazing, and they try to create spaces that respect the architectural integrity of a building along with their client’s tastes, preference, and personal values.


The Paradise Valley project by this team is a modern dream. Its clean lines and minimalistic materials are not only the epitome of elegant sophistication, but also evoke a smooth, classic appeal. The plethora of beautiful outdoor views have been stunningly utilized and the overall designing is extremely swanky and exquisite.




Ownby Design

With a mission of transforming typical spaces into an indulgence, this best Phoenix interior designer crafts interiors that are decadent, tasteful, and one of a kind. Combining minimalism and lavishness, the team at this firm is popular for creating budget-friendly, distinguished, and stunning ambiances that always strike close to the personal values of a client. They’ve received many accolades and had their work widely publicized in famous magazines as well!


You can take a look at their Modern Mediterranean project for a taste of what they have to offer. The contemporary luxury of this project is articulated in the form of sculptural light fixtures, understated hues, and sleek materials. The furniture is very fashion forward and the overall look is super trendy! It’s definitely a home fit for a modern king!




 Vallone Design Inc.

This custom home renovation and refurbishment service is home to one of the best Phoenix interior designer. Donna Valone and her team are masters at curating stunning spaces. Their full services span the gamut of floor plan development, furniture selection, and they’ll even go the extra mile to help you order your things. You’ll see a lot of great press around their work and their ability to integrate trends with comfort is absolutely unparalleled.


The Solano DriveClemmensen residence designed by this firm instantly evokes a sense of tranquility. It’s a home that’s designed in calming neutral tones and features stunning natural and artificial lighting accents. The plush minimalism and intimacy of this home is complemented with personalized additions and flairs. It’s wide and breezy, but also incredibly intimate to boot!




Vicki Bergelt Interior Design

This leading North Scottsdale based interior design firm is known for creating stunning, unique, and highly distinguished interior designs.  Their specialty lies in clean and modern themes, emphasizing on chic and elegant interiors that are not only eye-catching, but also complements the individual tastes of every client. Each project is catered and customized to every client's preferences, nothing this firm does is considered cookie cutter.


Vicki’s Paradise Valley project is a Modern Contemporary masterpiece. With details like double-height windows, stone fireplaces, stylish material details and high-quality blended furnishings to make every space in this home extravagant, sleek, and extraordinary.




Elle Interiors

This award-winning best Phoenix interior designer is known for her careful detailing and ability to transform any space into a magical, livable, comfortable reality. Elle’s expert knowledge and beautiful aesthetics have made her quite a client favorite. She and her team always focus on crafting healthy, functional spaces that are enriched with individuality and uniqueness.


Elle’s contemporary take of her Mid Century Modern residence project is simply charming. She took on the bare bones of the existing space and totally transformed them with the magic of soft neutral colors, fine detailing, and excellent view-finding. It’s a home that is bright, airy, and sophisticated with hints of old-world charm despite being incredibly contemporary in visuals. You’ll love the amazing craftsmanship and accessorizing as well!




Esther Boivin Interiors

Ester Boivin designs interiors that thrive on drama, vibrancy, and color! Her passion for music and culture shows in every space that she designs. She and her team are considered best Phoenix interior designers, and you’ll love how artsy and distinctive they’ll make your spaces to be. With lots of great press and big scale projects under their belt, you’ll definitely appreciate how this team can make your raw ideas shine.


Browsing through their gallery will show you just how amazing their vision is. From gorgeous bedrooms to beautiful conference rooms and full upscale residences, Esther and her team are veterans in this industry. You’ll love their bold take on typical interior designing and how they’re able to refresh even the most drab of spaces with their unique aesthetics.




EstEst Inc.

EstEst Inc. has been in the industry since 1959 and has become a longstanding, award-winning firm in Phoenix. This firm’s decade’s long heritage has withstood the tests of time and during that time, they’ve crafted innumerable exquisite interior designs. They are known for their detailed material specifications and their incredible working drawings. The final articulation is always amazing, leaving clients no room for any kind of complaint.


The Sonoran Clubhouse project designed by this team is one of the best that you’ll ever see. The gorgeous designing is carried out in various shades of brown and neutrals. The teal accentuation adds diversity to the whole look and the sleek lines of the architecture are complemented with tasteful, highly refined accessories.




Bates Interiors


Bates is considered one of the best Phoenix interior designers. This team believes in taking inspiration from the client’s ideas and needs, then transforming them into gorgeous realities. Their idea of articulation their client’s vision includes vibrant vignettes that are embellished with stunning artworks, décor, furniture, folkart, handcrafted accessories, and more. Beauty and antiquity are their main focal points, and they believe in emulating culture within the space.


The projects designed by this firm are each incredibly distinctive. The way that they’re able to emulate a vintage, old-school charm in each of their projects is simply outstanding. The rich, decadence of their projects is full of inherent charm. The materials, the use of views, the quality of the accessorizing, and the excellent detailing all come together to deliver gorgeous Bates signature spaces that you won’t be able to help but fall in love with.




Distinctive Interior Design & Real Estate

This boutique interior design firm is all about providing a one-stop-shop to their clients. Home to some of the best Phoenix interior designers, they specialize in providing design services as well as full access to their show room inventory to the clients. They can even help you stage and sell your home at a better value! Clients certainly appreciate all that they have to offer in every aspect of their services.


The Inhouse Interior Design services provided by this firm always strive for perfection. People are attracted to how the team at this firm can totally transform their homes. The amazing outlook is an important part of their client outreach and you can browse their portfolio for a closer look at everything they can do for you!


These top interior designers in Phoenix are definitely some of the best that you’ll encounter. Their amazing talent and 

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