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10 Guest Bathroom Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Your Guest

July 20, 2021
10 Guest Bathroom Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Your Guest

If you're searching for guest bathroom ideas guaranteed to impress your guest, your search is over.

We’ve all had that embarrassing moment when a guest has asked us to use the bathroom and we’ve floundered with doing a hasty clean-up of our personal one just to make it feel more presentable. Well, it’s a scene that can be totally avoided with a guest bathroom – but granted that it’s designed a certain way.

Guest bathrooms are usually neglected because of their infrequent usage, but that’s no excuse to design them in a barely functional way. It’s not only an excellent way to take your hosting to the next level, but it also givesyou and your guests some extra privacy that wouldn't have been achieved had all of you had to share a single bath.


So, if you’re planning on adding, reinventing, or refurbishing your guest bathroom, here are a few tipsthat will definitely help you out during the entire process:


 #1. Add Proper Lighting

Guest bathroom ideas - add proper lighting

Lights are one of the most important parts of any interior design, but even more so in a bathroom. No one likes using a dank, shabby, and unlit space, so make sure that you invest in proper vanity and ambient lighting for your guests to feel comfortable. If you’re wondering just how, here are a few tips to guide you:


Cove Lights for a futuristic effect

One of the best ways to brighten up a guest bathroom in a stylish and almost futuristic way is to bypass the typical ceiling lights and opt for hidden cove ones in the ceiling and the floor.

Cove lights have the added benefit of being totally invisible, so it doesn’t really show where the light source actually is. You simply get to enjoy the brightness of the overall ambiance without having to worry about looking up and being blinded by the glare of an LED.

This idea will also make your bathrooms feel very contemporary and add that extra oomph to the walls without blatant accenting.


Counter with glamorous vanity lights

Your guest bathroom will look the epitome of upscale, posh, and glamorized with proper vanity lights. The top trending idea in this particular niche is to backlight the vanity mirror for a swanky look.

 Once again, LED strips and cove lights are an excellent tool for you to do that. Just install them around the edges of your vanity mirror and see how the entire space lights up in the best possible way.

Note that your guest bath is not used regularly, so it doesn’t matter if the backlighting causes darkness on your reflection. However, if you also want to counter this particular challenge, then you can install three downlighter bulbs directly on top of your mirror and everything will be just fine.


 Accent with wall sconces

Another way to add a touch of glamour to your guest bathroom is to accent with wall sconces. No, they’re not exactly like those ancient torches that you just conjured up in your mind – instead, they’re sleek, beautifully designed, and modern.

 Contemporary wall sconces also have the added benefit of looking like stunning wall accessories. Their decorative aesthetics always come across as pretty amazing and you can affix them anywhere (be it beside your vanity mirror, on a blank wall, or even inside your shower cabin) to get the best out of them.


Consider overhead lighting

 Overhead lighting in the guest bathroom is an excellent way to enforce a brightly lit ambience. There are two ways that you can go about this venture. First off, you can hang a central, oversized, focus light fixture in the center of your bathroom. This will not only ground the overall space, but all also provide a beautiful accessory.

 Other than that, you can also get a gorgeous set of 3 overhead lights and hang them above the vanity mirror. If your bathroom is large enough, then you can also do a mixture of these two overhead lighting options for better illumination.

 The greatest benefit of overhead lighting is that you can experiment with a lot of design options. From beautiful and unique metal finishes that can evoke a contemporary effect to ornate glass detailing and striking geometric designs in the central fixture, overhead lighting can become a statement-worthy addition to any guest bathroom.


 #2. Upgrade the Storage

Guest Bathroom ideas - upgrade the storage

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom is storage, and it’s even more important for guest bathrooms where everything needs to be neatly compartmentalized, organized, and put away so that the users can find and browse through them easily.

 Now, there are multiple trendy storage options that you can choose from, and here are the top three that we recommend:


Vertical shelves

 Whether built-in or separate, vertical shelves can add some great organizational capacity to your guest bathrooms without compromising on the aesthetics. Some people opt for narrow alcoves outfitted with stacked shelves to get the right effect while others opt for freestanding vertical storage towers that can be bought from Amazon, Ikea, or Urban Outfitters. Whichever you choose depends on your budget, bathroom layout, and personal taste.


Floating shelves

 If you want to add some extra storage while elevating the aesthetics of your bathroom at the same time, then floating shelves would be the best option for you. They’re compact, stylish, and an excellent way to feature a mix and match of essential and décor items to enhance the visuals of your guest bath.

 The great thing about floating shelves is that they can be installed anywhere – be it beside the vanity, on top of your WC tank, or even in the middle of an empty wall.


Behind-the-door shelf storage

If your guest bathroom leans on the smaller side and you’re worried about where to put all those items, then worry not – you can always opt for some handy-dandy behind-the-door storage options.

 This is quite easy and ergonomic actually. All you need to do is install a single vertical SS channel behind the door and you can put up as many shelves as you need on it. This way, you won’t waste any wall space and still get so much extra room to keep everything handy and organized for your guests.


#3. Consider Décor for a Thoughtful & Personal Touch

Guest Bathroom Ideas - Consider Decor

Bathroom décor is an excellent way to personalize an otherwise fully-functional space. It’s all about lighting up the space and adding that extra oomph so that your guests feel welcome and enchanted when they use the bath. Here are all the ways that you can supplement the need for décor in such spaces:


Wall art

Wall art is all about filling up empty wall space without looking too overbearing. Plus, you should always select pieces that complement the context, color scheme, and overall ambience of the space. For guest bathrooms, you’ll have to be cognizant of the dominant color scheme and pick out the right wall art frame type to complement it.

Some people opt for a single statement piece to evoke a unique, focused look. Others opt for framed triptychs if they have a lot of space that they want to cover.

 Always remember: pick a size and girth that will complement the dimensions of the bathroom. Otherwise, it might just look overbearing.


Shower curtains

Tasteful shower curtains are an excellent way to add some oomph to a guest bathroom. They can be an inherent part of the ambiance and you can choose a print that contrasts with the tiles to make a striking impact.


Billowy sheer curtains for windows

If your guest bathroom has a window, then the window covering can also be used as an accessory. Which type you choose totally depends on your theme. Sleek roller blinds look amazing in modern baths while chicks and sheer, billowy curtains go well with rustic, contemporary, and boho-chic themes.


Rugs or mats

Adding a rug or a mat in your guest bath can also anchor the entire aesthetic. The trick is to choose a rug that contrasts the floor while complementing the rest of the material scheme of the bathroom.


Pro tip: Choose a design or color that matches with the visuals of your vanity. This will help create a visual homogeneity within the ambiance.


Go wild with plants


Plants are an excellent way to brighten up any space, so they’d be the perfect addition to a guest bathroom. Note that you don’t have to opt for an Instagram-worthy plant jungle to make the best of your bath – simply putting a blooming pothos or money plant on the window sill can have just as beautiful an impact.


Stones and tiles

Stone accents can add a gorgeous, rustic vibe to any interior design, and they’d look even better when paired with contrasting modern fixtures. A sleek vanity with backlighting or a gorgeous porcelain bathtub with a background of stone tiles would definitely give off a striking visual appeal.


Marble accents

If your goal is to add a subtle upscale vibe to your guest bathroom, then marble accents are the trend to opt for. You don’t have to go for large-scale and authentic. You can simply opt for a sleek backsplash, a bit of stony trim, or even a dust-bin that matches the marble texture, and you’ll be able to get a posh outlook.


Vintage fixtures for an old-world vibe

If you want to emulate a vintage appeal in your bathroom, then you should decorate with brass accents. Aside from framed artwork, you can also opt for brass finished fixtures for your sink, brass hardware for the vanity cabinets, and brass holders for your toilet paper and towels.


Light floral wallpaper for small guest bathrooms

A small guest bathroom should always be on the sleek and sophisticated side, but if you want to add a bit of homeliness to it, then light floral wallpapers with gilded mirror frames are a trendy option. Just make sure that the pattern doesn’t look overwhelming compared to the dimensions of your space.


Bold patterns for large guest bathrooms

If your guest bathroom leans on the large side and you want it to look effortlessly holistic, then you should decorate with boldly patterned wallpapers, peranakan floor tiles, and dark color schemes for the best effect.


#4. Consider a Statement Design Element

 Guest Bathroom Ideas - Consider Design Statement

Every space needs some anchoring and the perfect way to do that for your guest bathrooms is to go for a statement design element. It can be as large or as small as the dimensions of your available space, but having a focal point can make a person feel grounded, so you should definitely consider it. Here are some options for you:


Use shiplap wall for farmhouse style appeal

The long planks of the shiplap style are perfect for adding a gorgeous farmhouse appeal to your guest bathroom interior designs. You don’t have to clad your entire wall in these planks – instead, consider covering just half the walls in planks of a bold, contrasting color and cap them off with a trim.


Textured stone walls for a contemporary touch

Your guest bathroom can look stunning with a textured wall. There are a number of ways that you can achieve this aesthetic and the one that’s the most viable is through matching wall and floor tiles. You can pick the texture of your liking and have them installed within the space in either standard or customized patterns.


A statement arch for instant impact

Another way to create a contemporary focal point in your guest bathroom is to opt for a statement arched niche. They’re used as shelves to store bath essentials like towels and small bottles and you can always personalize the background to match the overall theme of your space.



 #5. Intentional Use of Color Psychology

Guest Bathroom Ideas - Intentional Use of Color Psychology

Color psychology is an imperative part of interior designing for a reason. Certain colors have an impact on our psyche, and it’s important to understand this before designing spaces. For a guest bathroom, it’s all about the impression that you want to make. So, if you’re struggling with what hues to pick out for your bathroom, then here are some options:


Terra cotta & wood for a warm impact

If you’re leaning towards a warm, soothing atmosphere, then you should opt for materials like wood and terra cotta to furnish your guest bath. They have a classic, natural appeal, give off a refreshing vibe, and are pretty easy on the eyes. Plus, you can always accent them with beautiful vases, tiny planters, and brass fixtures to get a holistic effect.


Cool shades like minty green and pastel blue for tranquility

If cool shades like sage green, mint green, and pastel blue are what attract you the most, then you should opt for them as the dominant color scheme of your guest bathroom. These colors are known for evoking a gentle, soothing ambiance, and the best part is that they look quite different, so they’ll certainly make your guest bathroom feel unique.


Reds, pinks, and rusts for energized decadence

Pinks, reds, and rusts and have certain energy about them. They can be used in a guest bathroom where you want to play up the drama of the atmosphere. Do remember to take appraisal of your space’s dimensions, because these colors tend to be buzzing and lean on the heavier side. You’ll need to use their pale alternatives if your bathroom is small.


Classic neutrals for an upscale, contemporary vibe

Classics never really go wrong and if you want a guest bathroom that is super trendy, then neutral colors would be your best option. They include shades of brown, beige, tan, grey, and the like. You can emulate them in the intensity, shade, and tint that suits the theme and style of your bathroom.


#6. Use Bold & Striking Design Process

Guest bathroom ideas striking and bold design

The overall design process of your guest bathroom should make it look bold, striking, and absolutely unique. The idea is to add a lot of personality to the space, and you can only do that by highlighting certain aspects. Here they are:


Get creative with the shape, layout, and size

It doesn’t matter if your guest bathroom is small or large – your goal is to make it look spacious with the use of the layout and materials. The best thing to do here is to separate all the different fixtures; for example, the shower stall should have a glass separation, the WC should stand in its space, and the vanity/sink should be tucked against the wall – all while leaving an adequate amount of circulation space. Use the concept of a compartmentalized layout to make things feel organized.

Other than that, you can also manipulate the texture, color, and application of your materials to evoke various effects. Wall tiles with vertical patterns can make the room look tall while tiles with horizontal patterns can make it seem wider. Also note that light colors like white, beige and dove grey can give your guest bathroom an illusion of spaciousness because of their reflective qualities.


Consider using chevron patterns

The chevron pattern is the next big modern thing and it can certainly make your bathrooms feel timeless, unique, and incredibly distinct. From being used as wallpaper to create a dynamic look to being articulated in the form of floor tiles or bath mats, this gorgeous pattern can definitely help you achieve that one-of-a-kind look.


Use patterns on your windowpane and sink

A little bit of pattern never hurt anyone. In fact, it goes a long way in making an otherwise boring ambiance feel interesting. You can lean many ways with this venture; from bold-colored wainscotting on the walls to light-hued rococo-themed wallpapers, there’s so much to explore here.


#7.  Prepare Guest Bathroom Essentials

 guest bathroom ideas - prepare essentials

While design and visual detailing is all well and good, your guest bathroom can’t really be complete without all the essentials. These include things like soap, shampoo, towels, swabs, and the like – things that people tend to use in everyday life. If you’re wondering what to stock up your guest bath with, then here’s what we recommend:


  • Body wash, soap, and towels: Bath-taking essentials are absolutely the most important thing that you must stock your bathroom in. They include body wash, shampoo, soap, and of course, towels.


  • Toilet paper: If there’s one thing that your guest bathroom must never run out of, it’s toilet paper! Other than keeping some extra ones in a cabinet or a shelf, you can also get a custom toilet-paper holder to add to the aesthetics of the space.


  •  New razors: If your guest is staying for a longer period of time, then you need to stock up on new razors so that they don’t have to buy new ones on their own.


  • Feminine hygiene products: The most embarrassing thing in the world is to ask someone for a pad or a tampon when shark week unexpectedly hits. Therefore, it’s imperative that you stock your guest bedroom with feminine hygiene products so that no one has to scramble in their time of need.


  • Medicine cabinet: Lastly, you need to keep your guest bathroom stocked up on all essential medicines that your guest might require, including Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.


 #8. Some Interesting Guest Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas

guest bathroom ideas color scheme

If you’re wondering what kind of color scheme that you should opt for in your guest bathroom, then here are a few suggestions that might appeal to you


Sage green

The light, tranquility of the sage green color is perfect for guest bathrooms that you need to make bright, serene, and calming. You can either paint your vanity in this color, opt for rococo-inspired sage wallpapers, or even select wall tiles in this color.


Powder blue

Powder blue is another color that inspires a sense of calmness. It leans on the duller, cooler side and there are a number of ways that you can emulate it in a guest bath. From beautiful wainscoted walls to artistic wallpapers and even beautiful tiles, you can choose your pick.


Dark tones

If you’re leaning for a guest bath color scheme on the dark side, then go for slate grey. You’ll find many wall tiles in this color and you can pick out the texture or patterns that you like.


Sultry atmosphere

For a sultry atmosphere, you should pick out a bathroom wallpaper that inspires a tropical, luscious vibe. From patterns that feature giant leaves to patterns that feature clusters of plants and random arabesque designs, pick out colors that lean on the dark side.


 #9. Make Your Guest Bathroom Homey

guest bathroom ideas homey

The most important thing in any guest bedroom design is a sense of homeliness. The ambiance shouldn’t feel impersonal at all. In fact, it should make the user feel like the space belongs to them. Let’s look at how you can achieve that:


Let the natural light pour in

Natural light should be incorporated in every bathroom because it has the ability to kill germs. So be it a small ventilator or a medium sized window, use it for both aesthetic and pragmatic purposes.

Other than that, a window (and its natural light) can also contribute towards adding a certain amount of homeliness to the ambiance. You can add a trim or a shade to it in order to elevate the theme as well.


Add flowers

Adding some florals to your guest bathroom can definitely contribute towards making it feel lovely and homely. You can either go for a vase of fresh flowers and put it on your vanity or you can opt for a French-chic wallpaper with arabesques and delicate flowers. Both will vary in aesthetic, but will certainly make your bathroom feel comely.


Plush linens

Adding some fabric accents to your guest bath is another great way to emulate a homely vibe. Just make sure that the colors that you choose contrast the background and are able to stand out as separate entities to provide the best visual dynamic.


#10. Focus on the Details

Guest bathroom ideas - focus on the details


  • Use fancy glass containers: It’s always the littlest details that inspire a sense of awe in people, so make sure to accessorize your guest bath with fancy glass containers. They’ll definitely notice and appreciate it.


  • Use high-quality fabric for shower curtain: If you truly want to add a sense of luxury to your guest bath, then go for a high-quality fabric for your shower curtain. Bypass the typical plastic, and invest in something better like cotton.


  • Use gilded metal accents: Metal accents never fail to deliver on the impact front and you can emulate them in the form of hanging light fixtures, hardware accessories, or even a gilded wall hanging.


  • Use monogrammed towels: Your guests will definitely feel a prickle of pleasure when they notice the monogram on the towel. It’s a small but worthy detail to make a guest bath feel the epitome of luxurious and welcoming.


So, these are the best guest bathroom design ideas that you can incorporate on your own. They’ll help evoke a sense of uniqueness and swankiness in your space while helping maintain pragmatisms and trendy, stylistic aesthetics.

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