Why Celebs and Interior Designers Love the EM Sky Sofa

It's like lounging on a sky of pillows.

This past year, we've been spending more time inside and on our sofa's than ever before. Even big celebrities are sharing their cozy home decor on social media as they lay low and social distance. That being said, you may have realized something similar between the living rooms of your favorite famous stars the Sky Sofa!

The Sky Sofa had a massive rise in popularity this past year, and we expect it to keep growing. This cool, comfortable design captures luxury lounging at its finest (and most flexible). There are plenty of reasons why this sofa is a favorite among the stars, so let's dive in and discuss the benefits of lounging in the sky!


We're not afraid to say that the Sky Sofa is arguably the world's most comfortable mid-century modern sofa design. When looking for a sofa, multiple factors need to be considered in order to reach maximum comfort. You must consider the height, depth, seat, and materials that make a couch comfortable. 

So, we should make this clear the Sky Sofa is made for relaxing. While some sofas serve as decor or temporary seating for guests, the Sky Sofa is designed for lounging. The sky style is perfectly-proportioned to support you with soft, breathable seating that feels like your laying in the sky. Whether you're sitting upright or snuggled up, the dimensions of the sofa will support your entire body for long-term comfort. 

Aside from the proportions, the cushions are key to providing the exceptional comfort of this design. The Sky Sofa at Eternity Modern features seat cushions made from feather-wrapped mixed density foam core fill so, what does that mean? In short it's breathable, soft, and plushy (but not too soft where you'll sink in too deep). These seats are ready for hours upon hours of lounging in comfort. As for the back cushions and pillows, they're made from 50/50 feather-poly fiber blend with feather-wrapped core fill keeping the comfort consistent all around.


Whether it's seating a party of one or an actual party the Sky Sofa is the perfect size to include everyone. 

Our EM Sky Sofa has an ideal and flexible size perfect for fitting the whole family on one sofa. As part of our modular mid-century modern sectional collection, this sofa has a customizable size to meet your needs! Combine the comfort into a loveseat, full-sized couch, l-shaped sofa, or whatever fits your living space.

Everyone is looking for a comfortable seating arrangement in their home, but it's not easy to commit to one style. And with the Sky Sofa, you don't have to commit! There's a configuration for every room, home, and style within this must-have modular design, making it a top choice for interior designers! 

Plus, the size of dimensions provides a perfect balance of space and comfort. This sofa won't take up too much room in your living area but will provide enough space for lounging to keep you comfortable at all times. However, if you have a big space that you want to fill up, you can go big with the EM Sky Sofa's full configuration. The complete style is perfect for large families, movie rooms, or the ultimate hangout spot! 


By now, you've probably gathered that the Sky Sofa is a versatile design. The modular features of this sofa allow you to arrange the comfortable seating as you see fit. This is an essential aspect of versatility, considering how your home designs may change over time. You might get an urge to rearrange your living room, and the Sky Sofa is ready to keep up. But aside from the modular benefits, this design has a range of versatility that fits your style preferences as well.

This sofa's simple style can conform to various interior types, including the Mid-Century Modern look we love here at Eternity Modern. Many things provide this versatility, starting with the materials. You can choose between three high-quality fabrics and their different color options. These fabrics include Textured Linen Weave (2 Colors Available), Woven Palo (2 Colors Available), and Performance Felt. 

These options are open to fit your preferences, allowing you to pick the material that meets your style and comfort requirements. But your choices don't end there because the Sky Sofa has removable covers for both the seat, back and pillow cushions! At Eternity Modern, we have replacement cushion covers available to order. And that means that you can even replace the covers and completely change the cushions for the style you want, even after you've already picked your fabric. 

Lastly, the material and color options have an earthy, fresh, and simple style that can match the vibe of any space, be it a modern bohemian, classic mid-century modern, or even a Scandinavian living room. From elegant to understated living spaces, the Sky Sofa will blend into any style. Even extremely luxurious celebrity homes can identify with this iconic sofa, which is one of the reasons celebs love it!


Multiple factors play into the comfort of a sofa, but one that is often overlooked is the condition. Even your favorite couches can become worn out to the point where it feels overused and ready for a replacement. As the condition of your sofa wears down, your living space may start to lose that fresh feeling. 

With the Sky Sofa, you don't have to worry about this the condition of this couch will remain fresh and clean for years to come. It begins with the structure, which provides a frame made from naturally rot-resistant Merbau wood. It's also greatly attributed to both the durably plush cushions and their removable covers. When it comes time for spring cleaning, you can easily refresh these covers! They're easy to take off and machine washable, so you never have to lose that fresh, clean feeling.

All of these elements (comfort, size, versatility, and condition) come together to create the sofa of your dreams. 


The Sky Sofa brings a breath of fresh air into every room with its refreshing, dream-like style. The elements of comfort and versatility ultimately create a feeling of zen in your living space that says welcome home.