Top 9 Detroit, Michigan, Interior Designers Around You!

Detroit - also known as Motor City - may be best known for its attraction to automobile aficionados, but as the largest metropolitan hub in the state of Michigan, it also has a pretty amazing art and design scene.

In fact, the city’s home to some of the most innovative, crafty, and amazing interior designers in the world. If you’ve been hankering for an update on your space, then you can browse this list and decide who you want to take on the revamp-venture with! Each firm has been hand-picked, and you can rest assured that they’ll imbue your projects with as much dedication, creativity, and timelessness as you expect. Let’s take a look:

1. RL Concetti

“Detroit Designs Differently” is the catchphrase of this interior design firm and they pride themselves for designing spaces that put the users first. The team knows that 87% of an individual’s time is spent inside a built environment, so it’s important that the space be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. They pride themselves on helping their clients’ express themselves, and not just beautify spaces according to the latest trends.

Their Ann Arbor condo called #JUSTUS2INA2 is an excellent example of how everyone can uniquely express themselves with some professional help. The classy hamptons style interior of this home leans on the cozy yet sophisticated side. It’s the epitome of relaxing and has been tweaked with enough wooden accents to make the entire home brim with rustic charisma.

2. Armina Interiors

This Detroit interior design firm specializes in luxury residential projects and pride themselves on providing “concierge-level” services. Their work has been featured in a number of renowned magazines like Forbes, Elle Decor, and more. Their comprehensive design services range the gamut of plan reviews to even fine detailing like window treatment selection and art curation. They also specialize in white glove installations and have a number of wonderful projects under their belt.

In fact, there isn’t just a single project in their portfolio that captures the eye - it’s actually all of them. From gorgeous living and entertainment spaces to lovely dining areas and kitchens, there’s a wealth of aesthetic range that you can find in each and every single one of their projects. Their signature understated look has become quite appreciated in the design world of Detroit and beyond.

3. Design Bar Detroit

This interior design firm is one of Detroit’s finest and you’ll find that their signature aesthetic comes with an edgy twist. They pride themselves for using the trendiest materials with an on-point design formation that revolves around the user’s lifestyle. The spaces that they design are thoughtful yet they do not shy away from experimentation. Their goal is to elevate the client’s vision to the next level while making the best of the given space.

Their charismatic touch can be best seen in their Royal Oak Residence, which is an intermittent contemporary haven that has been designed in monochromes and woods. The gilded accents that run through the space at strategic intervals lend a luxurious aura to the whole design. Moreover, the use of plush furniture with gorgeous rustic accents lends the whole environment a lived-in touch that balances out its largely cosmopolitan aesthetic.

4. Kraemer Design Group

From the onset, what sets this Detroit interior design firm apart is that their team consists of a diverse collection of designers, historians, and architects. All of these unique and individual minds work together to deliver a truly holistic and one-of-a-kind spatial experience that is offset with their technical know-how and worldly exposure. Their work spans a wide gamut and has been widely appreciated via several well-recognized publications.

You’ll love their 28 Grand Detroit project was the very first ground-up residential one in Central Detroit, and Kraemar rose up to the task by making it one of the most unique one’s that you’ll ever experience. While the basic style of this home leans on the Scandi-modern side, it’s been ramped with funky, colorful accents to brighten up the mood and bring an undercurrent of quirkiness to the whole aesthetic.

5. Tutto LLC

The Creative Director of this Detroit interior design firm has been an industry leader for more than 15 years, so her sense of style, leadership, and client collaboration speaks for itself. Her holistic approach to design has not only garnered her the approval of her clients, but has also received many accolades by industry leaders in the form of 48 design awards.

Cheryl’s passion and dedication certainly flows into her team, who have designed several distinguished projects in Detroit and beyond. However, their Sna Point Ca Residence speaks for itself. Its calm neutral tones instantly relax the user while the rich brown highlights add some much-needed contrast to the whole ambiance. Add in the wonderful lighting and unique accessorization, and this home is certainly one of the most delightful that you’ll ever come across.


This Detroit interior design firm is fully operated by a female team. Cofounders and partners Amy & Christine consider themselves to be audacious yet savory with their design approach. Their passion for curating the most outclass spaces has smoothened into a cocktail of big ideas through honest collaboration with their clients.

The flexibility of this firm’s design approach has garnered them a well-bred portfolio, but the most striking one on their list is their Cozy Retreat project. Articulated in a number of ruggedly rustic finishes, this residence also features an inherent stylish appeal that leans towards the cosmopolitan side. The lush furniture and artfully integrated artificial lighting make the entire ambiance absolutely layered and sumptuous.

7. Dunlap Design Group, LLC

Helmed by Charles Dunlap, who has been dubbed a “rising star” in Detroit’s interior design scene, this firm focuses on quality aesthetics and experiential ambiances. Dunlap and his team are masters at making the most of any space, be it a narrow living room in a humble home or a double-storey lobby in a luxury residence. Their dedication to designing the most amazing spaces has been chronicled extensively in many well-known publications.

The entire portfolio of this firm is something out of a Pinterest board, but the Oxford Residence is definitely in a league of its own. Symmetry is the core of this home’s revamp, and coupled with the eclectic ambiance, it certainly plays up the drama of the overall ambiance. Finished in natural colors and embellished with stylish accessories, this home has been timelessly re-articulated in strong lines, modern furniture, and antique details!

8. Ellwood Interiors

Ellewood Interiors is one of Detroit’s best design consultancies, and they’ve made their mark on clients by not only curating gorgeous spaces, but by also solving the inherent dilemmas that come with mixing the spatial-lifestyle ventures. They believe in clear communication and have a very transparent relationship with their clients. Their goal is to make each and every interior to be as personalized as possible while giving it the best possible visual and experiential development.

If there’s one project on their portfolio that captures this ideal the best, it’s the Arbor Bay residence. Smart, casual, and sophisticated, it’s a home that has been dressed to impress. The charismatic notes of dark wood are the most appratant feature, but they’re offset with breezy white walls, clean lines, and gorgeous gray overtones. With smart accessorizing and plush fabrics, this entire home feels like a stylish contemporary retreat.

9. reDesign home

As one of Detroit’s best, this boutique interior design firm also offers up its services in Chicago and Italy. Their impressive way to emulate classical details and finishes in the most unexpected ways is what sets them apart from others. Moreover, they always believe the functional aspects of a space with comfort. This triple layer of coziness, style, and feasibility always results in spaces that are charming, detailed, and truly bespoke.

This penchant for making the most of any available space is best showcased in their Modern Country Renovation project. The client’s vision was to create a dining hub for the entire family, and this firm rose up to the challenge amazingly. So, with the kitchen as the main focus, the team at reDesign completely transformed an outdated space into something truly unique and one-of-a-kind. The island became the instant anchor point that highlighted the trendy cabinetry and beautiful furnishings.


As you can see, each of these Detroit-based interior design firms bring something totally new to the table. They’ve got the style, network, and client-approval rates to speak for themselves. We truly hope you find your best remodeling partner on this list.