Top 8 Interior Designers In Fresno, California

This city may have appeared on the map in 1900s, but it’s got treasures that date back to the Roman era. From underground catacombs to modern zoos, Fresno has everything that you need for entertainment and pleasure. However, the part of the city that we’ll be focusing on is the diverse interior design industry.

Every homeowner wants a space that’s dressed to impress. If you live in Fresno, and are searching for an amazing designer to help you curate the space of your dreams, then here’s a list of 10 of the best, most unique ones in California. Let’s take a look at each of them:

1. Classic Interior Designs Inc.

Boasting 28 years of experience in California, this interior design firm prides itself of effusing every space with a patina of warmth and personalization. No matter what kind of a theme you have in mind, they can articulate it in the most perfect possible manner. This firm has a great professional network and can link you to the best contractors in the area. They specialize in residential and multi-family units, along with soft commercial projects.

You can appraise their quality of work and aesthetic style by going through their entire home interior portfolio. You’ll see a variety of styles that have been incorporated in the most stylish and brilliant way possible. From neo-classical to italian, to modern contemporary, Geru Blackwell and her team have got their finger on the pulse of every latest trend and are capable enough to make your home the trendiest.

2. Facility Designs

Offering custom designs and promising to add long-term value to your spaces, this is one of the most amazing interior design firms in Fresno, California. The team here is excellent at designing highly adaptable spaces that feature the perfect amalgamation of form and function. They’re also a Herman Miller certified dealer, so they’ll certainly recommend you furniture that’s as stylish as your ambiance.

The team at Facility Designs can tackle all sorts of projects, but the ones they specialize in designing amazing workspaces. Their Modern Custom Facbrication project is one of the finest examples of their work in this genre. The goal was to create a fully workable yet stylish workspace for the “next generation of welders, fabricators, and engineers.” With stylishly selected workstations and keen attention to detail, this workspace is the epitome of elegant, agile, and individual.

3. Interior Services

This California interior design firm prides itself on rethinking typical design in a totally refreshing way. They specialize in workspace design and strive to create the kind of spaces that promote productivity. With 30 years of experience and a top-notch clientele, they’ve even opened a showroom where people can browse model spaces that can be transported right in their homes and offices.

If you want a closer glimpse of how they can make a typical workspace more fun and cohesive, then take a look at their Fowler Packing project. Erin Melkonian and her team designed the entire office in a way that instantly sparks interest with its bold orange accents. The backdrop of monochrome neutrals acts as a prelude to sophistication and balances out the bright colors in the most perfectly refined and understated manner.

4. LuxySpace

This award-winning California interior design firm also excels at staging, and are one of the best at what they do in the entire Central Valley region. The goal of this team is to curate spaces that aren’t just elegant and inspiring, but also healing and empowering. They have an extensive “client discovery” process that allows them to fully understand the lifestyle of their patrons before designing spaces for them.

Specializing in high-end residential interior design, this firm has got an extensive portfolio that you’ll absolutely love. You’ll see their penchant for designing with monochromes and how the team can add distinct personality to this wonderful color palette. The underlying refinement in every project is highly apparent, and you’ll love how debonair each space is.

5. Nelson-Dye Remodeling Specialists

Nelson-Dye started out as quality contractors in 1956, but transitioned into residential and commercial interior design with the passage of time. The Fresno branch opened in 1972 and has since been renowned for its quality craftsmanship and amazing client service. They now specialize in renovating bathrooms and kitchens, and the family run-and-operated business is still thriving.

Their Newman Home kitchen renovation project is one of the finest modern interpretations you’ll ever see. Featuring a refined mix of glass and stainless steel, it feels like a futuristic interpretation. The cool monochromatic color scheme is contrasted with warm gold lighting, and the entire space feels ready for a home chef to take the mantle.

6. The Finishing Touch

Dating back to 1972, this interior design firm from California brings not just experience, but also the best of expertise to the table. Their 42 years in the market have made them quite favored by clients. Since they’ve got such a wide variety of services to offer, clients love the one-stop-shop theme that’s going on at the headquarters.

They offer the complete package - from simple design consultation, to curating fine furniture from their very own showroom, and even taking custom restoration works. So whether you’re struggling with picking door knobs or whether you just want help revamping a simple room, these guys are totally up to the task.

7. Central Valley Construction

This local Fresno interior design and remodeling consultancy brings you 5-star ratings and 20 years of experience to the table. With a mission to adhere to timeliness and budget, this team works hard on all types and scales of projects, be they just a room or an entire gut renovation. Even if it’s just a closet or a bathroom, this firm takes on every project with humbleness and grace.

The entire portfolio of this company is like a Pinterest board or an Instagram feed. You’ll love the sheer variety of aesthetics in each and every category. From bathrooms to bedrooms and other spaces of varying varieties, the team at this firm has designed some of the most amazing rooms that you’ll ever encounter.

8. Graced Designs

This full-service interior design firm gives all types of consultations in residential and commercial genres. From simple lighting plans to ADA bathrooms in public spaces, they’re fully acquainted with the best industry trends and can help you get the best of beauty and function with ease. A simple consultation is an hour-and-a-half long, and you can discuss even something as innocuous as selecting the perfect color scheme for your room.

You’ll get a glimpse of their artistic integrity and attention of detail in their Mediterranean Home project. It’s a home that brims with casual rustic grace, and has been styled to emulate breezy airiness. From the casual integration of small planters to the use of natural light to amplify the beauty of the overall ambiance, this firm has managed to revamp this house into a total dream villa.


So, these are the top 10 interior design firms in Fresno, California that you can get in contact with whenever you have a project that you want to design. They’ve each got something amazing to offer, and will help you achieve your dreams with ease and style.