Top 14 Interior Designers In Portland, Oregon!

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland is famous for its eco-friendly ventures, lovely coffee houses, breweries, and formal Japanese Garden. But the one thing you won’t find on conventional lists is the distinct variety of amazing interior designers.

Portland is a veritable hub, and it’s vast collection of designers take their profession quite seriously. From basic renovations to new constructions, they can help you out with everything. If you’re looking for the best ones, here’s a list of some of the most in-demand professionals in this field who’ve got their base in Portland, Oregon.


Each one has something unique to offer and all of them have been hand-picked to deliver the best of design pragmatics, aesthetics, and thematic articulation. Let’s take a look: 

1. Allison Smith Design

This interior design firm is one of the best in Portland and made it to the top of our list because this team believes that the only trend out there is the one which tells your story. Allison Smith herself, believes that articulating someone’s design aesthetic into their home is a privilege that every designer should appreciate. Their amazing collaborative spirit and client appreciation has won them projects from Portland to Beijing.

While ASD offers a full-service catalogue for residential and commercial projects, their Modern Oregon home revamp is definitely worth a second glance! Originally a 90s home that had been outdated beyond belief, this modern refurbishment ended up converting it into a contemporary dream. Outfitted with stylish furniture and fixtures, this home is a study in trendiness, elegance, and absolute sophistication - definitely worthy of being on your inspiration board.

2. Angela Todd Designs

This interior design firm has a team that believes in creating meaningful spaces. They avail of their intuition and strive to create spirited spaces that make the user feel immersed within the experience of using that particular room. Their static aesthetic, unique thematic interpretation and visual story telling has made them absolutely sought after in the Portland metropolitan area.

Their Hood River residence is one of the best projects in their portfolio. With a neutral, understated palette that has been articulated through a sophisticated material scheme, this home makes the best of its surrounding views and has been accessorized to the point of perfection. With gorgeous finishing and excellent lighting, this abode feels like it belongs in an Archi Digest magazine spread!

3. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

With the motto of “your style, done beautifully,” Garrison Hullinger and his team offer a wealth of creative expertise, innovation, and fashion-forwardness in a variety of project genres. Their services span the gamut of residential, multi-family, and hospitality related projects. They pride themselves for designing with purpose and always priorotize the client’s needs above their personal aesthetic

Their entire residential interior design portfolio is worth browsing through. Full of unique projects that reflect their users’ personalities, every home is as charismatic as it’s refined and tasteful. From classical to modern and even eclectic themes, you can take a look through each interpretation and decide which one attracts you the best. It’s definitely a great look-through for those who’re searching for smart inspirtaion.

4. Green Hammer

If you’re looking to design a home that’s smart, automated, and best of all: sustainable, then look no further than Green Hammer. This Portland interior design firm excels at designing LEED certified exemplary buildings and interiors. They priorotize eco-friendliness above all else. Their Net Zero Energy Building strategies are truly ambitious and they can also help you come up with “living buildings” that work on renewable energy while providing clean water and fresher air.

The Think shout office design is one of their best projects to date. With an open floor layout the maximizes the building’s views, this office space exemplifies the “agile” concept beautifully. With clean finishing and a classic corporate ambaince with a modern twist, this project delivers the best of all worlds on every front.

5. Introspecs

This Portland interior design firm believes in the “well loved + well used” philosophy. They strive to create modern spaces that avoid starkness and severity while still being refined and tasteful. Approachability and immersion are their main goals and they excel at the designing warm midcentury modern, scandinavian, and bohemian style spaces.

Some of their best work includes the Hygge at Home residence. It features the classic Scandinavian style aesthetic and uses to create an immersive layout that is cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. The intuitive warmth of the ambiance is reflected in the careful accessory selection and the entire home feels like an ode to ye olde Nordic homes that originally came up with the concept of “hygge.”

6. Jenni Leasia Design

Promising to design your forever home, Jenni Leasia Design is one of the best consultancies in Portland. The team at this firm strives to create cozy, beautiful spaces that spark creativity, inspire joy, and are wonderful to live in. They promise that their spaces will nurture you while enriching your day-to-day routine.

Jenni, the principal designer, has a knack for understanding exactly what the client needs and always designs spaces that embody the personality and lifestyle of the client. Thie Strand Condo residence is certainly a great example of her amazing abilities. The Portland-inspired aesthetic of the condo makes the most of the waterfront view and inspires a cool, calm feeling with the minimalist furniture.

7. Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Design

Kimberlee Jaynes believes that style should always come with substance and soul. This is why every space that she and her team designs is infused with personality and panache. Her aesthetic comes with an artistic twist that amalgamates traditional and modern themes. Moreover, this firm specializes in a customized design process that always appeals to the clients.

Kimberlee’s signature aesthetic can be seen and appreciated in her interpretation of the Elizebeth Loft project. The warm undertones of this home are complemented with neutral furniture and the occasional colorful accent. The warm lighting strikes a perfect balance with its natural counterpart, and the overall ambiance feels cozy, inviting, and incredibly sophisticated.

8. Lord Interior Design

An expert at creating dreamy, romantic spaces that brim with charisma, Arlene Lord of Lord Interior Design is a connoisseur of fine things. Her passion for beautifying spaces led to the creation of one of the best interior design firms in Portland. She’s someone who lives with design and creativity in her heart, and it certainly reflects in her work as well.

The Northwest Elegant Modern home designed by her is one of the best projects in LID’s portfolio. The cleanly-classic ambiance of this home brims with character and charisma. Every single detail has been stylishly curated and selected to imbue personality within the space. The custom cabinetry and soulful accessorizing add to the heart of the design, making this house a perfect inspiration for those who want modern-meets-traditional with a flair.

9. Mosaik Design

This design-build remodeler is one of the finest that you’ll encounter in Portland. This consultency has been built around delivering great designs and better services. By keeping your timeline and budget in mind, they help you create the home of your dreams. Moreover, their full-service platform has been designed to provide a seamless combination of practicality, imagination, and implementation.

This firm has many award-winning designs under its belt - in fact, their entire portfolio is a veritable collection of dreamy spaces that will make you want to add each one to your inspiration board. You’ll really appreciate the incredible style and attention to detail that makes each space a study in trendiness and timeless refinement.

10. Pangea Interior Design

Synonymous with premium excellence, this Portland interior design firm has garnered a loyal client base and hosts a dedicated team of designers. The principal, Pangaea, has an absolutely wonderful aesthetic, and each space designed by him is positively experiential. As a full-fledged Houzz influencer, this designer boasts an ability that is well-worth the hype.

The Tualatin Modern Home residence designed by this team is a fabulous, understated, and highly cosmopolitan project that you’ll want to add to your inspiration board. Specially curated for an empty-nesting couple with no pets, this home was revamped to highlight its already strong lines and brush up its personality. Its charismatic neutral design is definitely one for the books.

11. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

“Thoughtful” and “beautiful” are the keywords when it comes to Jessica Helgerson Interior Designs. They’re one of the best interior design consultancies in all of Portland, and their strive to create practical yet gorgeous spaces has always led them onto a journey to creative discovery with their clients. With a vast network of professionals, they’re able to bring all of your ideas to life in the trendiest of ways.

The Library House is one of their finest projects to date. The posh English-vintage-meets-contemporary vibe of this house has resulted in an innovative aesthetic. The extensive use of dark tones adds charisma to the entire ambiance. But the best part was how expertly this team of designers repurposed an old church building into a lovely home while retaining its originality, character, and grace! This is definitely a keeper for your inspiration board!

12. Copeland & Co. Interiors

“Storytelling by design” is a concept that not many can accomplish, but Copeland & Co. has got it down to an art form. This team of interior designers is led by Katherine Maund and today, they’ve become quite a phenomenon all over Portland. With a unique creative flair and an ability to strike the right balance of vision, practicality, and thematic articulation in its designs, this firm has a high ranking amongst its peers.

The Donna ADU (accessory dwelling unit) project taken on by this team is not just visually pleasing, but also pretty fun! The use of vivacious colors without taking away the refinement of the space is quite notable, and the furniture has been selected in the perfect proportions to complement the size of the space. Even the layout has been perfectly planned to add dimension and spaciousness to the entire home. Moreover, if you’re looking for ideas to add transparency to your own homes, then this one would serve as the perfect inspiration.

13. Kaemingk Design

Set to impress with their modern-minimalist aesthetic that leans on the “pared down” side, Karmingk Design is known for their signature way of designing homes. They are experts at merging the austerity of the modern style with charming vintage and old-school details. You’ll love their interpretation of the neutral color scheme, and how they’re able to distinguish each space by using the understated drama and charisma of this palette. You can avail of their residential and commercial interior design services and browse through their amazing press details that feature their best work in well-known magazines.

The Lo House is an excellent representation of everything that they have to offer. While the working color scheme of this home leans on the light and bright side, it’s also beautifully accentuated by just the right amount of bold browns. The furniture has been selected to emulate some bold lines into the ambiance, while the strategic placement of the accessories keeps the background from feeling too dull.

14. Guggenheim Architecture + Design Studio

This award-winning Portland-based interior design firm prides itself on being a multi-disciplinary creative atelier. They’ve got an amazing team that can take on any and all project types, be they residential, commercial, retail, or even in the hospitality genre. Their one-of-a-kind designs are eye-catching, engaging, and have garnered them a reputable national and international client base.

Their Manzanita on the First project is one of the finest interpretations of the blue theme that you’ll ever see. They’ve taken an ocean-front view and made it all the more accessible and well-integrated by designing the home in a theme that reflects its surroundings. You’ll love the understated coastal vibe of the space and how everything has been strategically placed to pull the overall aesthetic together.


So, these are the top 14 interior design firms in Portland. They’ve all got something unique to offer, and you’ll love what each of them brings to the plate. We hope this list helps you find the best designer to execute the kind of aesthetic that you have in mind.