Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Reno, Nevada

Reno has been accurately dubbed as the “Biggest Little City” and is home to a thriving gaming and tourism industry. It also houses powerhouse interior design firms that have been contributing a wealth of nationally and internationally recognized projects in the city.

If you’re a Reno resident looking for a professional to translate your raw ideas into reality, then take a look at this list. Each designer has been handpicked because of their unique aesthetic. You’ll love how every one of them brings something innovative to the table, and the spaces they’ve designed will definitely speak to you in terms of authenticity and creativity. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them:

1. Aspen Leaf Interiors

Striving to design spaces that make people want to stay, this Reno interior design consultancy has spawned some of the most beautiful projects you’ll ever see. They believe that design is a language that one can use to tailor someone’s lifestyle and their goal is always to make sure that their audience engages with the spaces they curate.

The Oak Ridge residence is one of the most impressive projects on their portfolio. It showcases their range with basic house designing. The materials are quite diverse and unique - even the ceiling has been well-appointed to contribute a decadent look to the ambiance. Add in expert lighting and gorgeous furniture, and the whole space feels like a lush, la mode penthouse.

2. Mountain Concepts

Mountain Concept is all about making the built environment as user and environment friendly as possible. They believe in figuring out the best amalgam of function and beauty while brining serenity to the ambiance they’ve designed. With an “intuitive artistic sense” and a professional team that embraces his vision with gusto, David Spear has made his firm one of the top consultancies in Reno and beyond.

His portfolio is a testament to his diverse skill. His artistry isn’t just limited to interior design. He’s also an expert architect and it shows in all the exteriors that he’s designed for his clients. With a signature modern look infused with gentle rustic accents he’s able to deliver a wholesome, holistic project that is both comfortable to reside in and beautiful to look at.

3. Reno Business Interiors

If it’s an office or corporate space that you need to design, then Reno Business Interiors is the consultancy to visit for you. They are a client-centered full-service interior design form that specializes in curating work environments befitting the contemporary world. No more cramped cubicles and old-fasioned offices. 

The company has worked with so many reputable corporations, hospitality businesses, schools, and more. Throughout that, they’ve only strived to innovate. Elemental LED is one of their strongest projects to date. The creative nature of the company has been incorporated within the design in the form of colorful wall decor, funky furniture, and a blueprint that invites people to engage with each other. It’s definitely one of the best corporate spaces out there.

4. K Interiors

Inspired by her travels, Kristen Pena of K Interiors has a philosophy of creating colorful, lively spaces that would inspire creativity. She’s a big fan of European elegance and her projects always brim with an understated sophistication. She understands that proportions are a big part of designing interiors, so you’ll always feel a sense of balance and harmony whenever you enter one of her projects.

In fact, one can easily decipher this quality in her Webster Steet Home II project. Bright and breezy, the house has an instantly recognizable focal point around which the entire layout has been curated. With a combination of whites and woods, Kristen has packed so much personality within the space without making it feel overwhelming or cluttered!

5. Scott Corridan Design

Helmed by Scott Corridan himself, this interior design firm in Reno is a team-based effort that believes in storytelling through interior design. To them, it’s all about improving the world around them by using their skills and delivering spaces that are not only unique but also timeless, fun, and soulful. Their work has been featured on multiple design platforms and they’ve been hailed by clients and professionals alike.

You can interpret their lively approach to design within their Healthy Residence project. Curated in lovely natural materials, this home is a study in textures. Everything has been interpreted in clean, modern lines and the beautiful lighting adds a whole extra dimension to the space by highlighting the bright and shadowy spaces in all their glory.

6. Design Shop Interiors

This Reno-based interior design firm is helmed by a dynamic duo of designers. Their collective experience in the industry along with their individual talents have managed to garner them many clients. They take great joy in creating wholesome, innovative, and playful spaces that makes the user feel alive. Their confidence in what they do also makes clients always feel at ease - especially during those ubiquitous bumps on the road that come with every project.

Sebastopol Farmhouse is the crown jewel of their portfolio. With its contemporary-eclectic vibe and breezy outlook, it’s a home that invites you to cozy up and spend a fun day at the house. The white, wood, and navy blue combo evokes instant satisfaction and keeps the eye moving by creating an interesting mix and match of colors.

7. Interior Design by Julie Johnson-Holland

This firm believes in letting every client explore their own style and take it upon themselves to help them refine and express their vision. They have a clear-cut and highly supporting design process that lets each client be up close and personal with all the details of the entire scheme. Moreover, their work has been hailed and appreciated by industry professionals and clients alike.

In fact, a quick browse through their portfolio will have you appreciating their aesthetic. Every home is expressive and layered. The lovely use of textures is quite apparent, but you’ll also notice the intricately aligned classic and modern details that make each project absolutely unique to this firm.

8. Emily Esposito Interiors

Needing, wanting, and solving lifestyle problems - that’s what Emily of Emily Esposito Interiors believes what interior designing is all about. Her work is super creative and she is a mater at emulating her clients’ personalities within the spaces that she comes up with. Emily is a certainly a one-man-show of the best kind because she can also design custom furniture and is an accredited home stager to boot!

You can look at her Thunderbird Circle residence for a taste of what she can do. This home is richly textured, but the clean-liked detailing makes it feel very fresh and modern. The accessorizing is on-point, but it’s the lighting and emulation of different outdoor views within the interior that really make this project one of the best ones out there.

9. Lofty Expressions

Enthusiasm and innovation go hand in hand when you’re working with Doreen Mack. whether you want an office upgrade, a commercial makeover, or a home spruce-up, she’s up and ready for the job. Her skills and creativity are limitless, but what truly sets her work apart is the passion, dedication, and keen detailing that she puts into it.

Doreen is especially skilled at designing living rooms. You can decipher her skills by looking at her “Living Room” portfolio. There’s such a huge variety there and each one is different from the last. However, there’s a running theme of coziness in each of these spaces, and that’s Doreen Mack’s signature style.

10. Spaces Design & Planning

Twenty years and more than a hundred custom-build projects under their belt have made this Reno-based firm one of the best interior design consultancies out there. Helmed by Cheryl, this team understands that there’s rarely ever a straight line in design projects - everything is tricky and guidance is what most people need during this phase. They do exactly that and are able to deliver amazing results.

Inspired Organic is an excellent example of Cheryls work. This home is designed in beautiful organic lines with modernism as background noise. It features a stylish white and brown color scheme that has been interspersed with gorgeous lighting. It’s a home that evokes instant comfort and charm - definitely Pinterest worthy.


So, these are the top 10 designers in Reno, Nevada. We hope you find them as innovative and stand-out as we did and manage to meet your best choice on this list.