Top 11 Best Interior Designers In Raleigh, North Carolina

The “City of Oaks” is also home to some of the best designers in America. Aside from being quite populous, it’s also got a thriving design industry and some great industry professionals who can deliver the most alluring, dramatic, or refined spaces based on your needs.

This list of designers has been specially curated so that you can find the most suitable firm to partner with. Each one of them brings something new and unique to the table - be it a maximalist signature style or allowing for some affordable options. Let’s take a look:

1. Colorful Concepts Interior Design

Sally Williams has led her Raleigh, North Carolina-based interior design firm to be one of the best residential consultancies in the area. Her goal is to make every home a soulful sanctuary for the people who reside there. Her client-collaborative process ensures that she and her team work with your ideas and reinterpret them in the most creative ways.

Upbeat and professional service aside, you can catch a glimpse of what Sally has to offer in her Artistic Design Elements residence. The unbeatable eclectic beauty of this home is apparent in each of its colorful artworks, unique ceiling designs, and quirky furniture choices. However, despite the distinct disparities, everything pulls together in the most wonderful and cohesive way possible. If you’re a homeowner whose tastes run the gamut of unique and individualistic, then this is the place for you.

2. DeCocco Design, LLC

Anne DeCocco has been making floor plan outlines with pine needles in the woods surrounding her family’s summer cabin ever since she was a little girl. Today, she’s the owner of one of the best interior design firms in Raleigh, North Carolina. She prides herself on not being a “design dictator” - instead, she helps her clients refine their own ideas and curates refined spaces that reflect their tastes.

In fact, Anne’s entire portfolio is filled with some pretty distinguished interior design interpretations. From bold, navy blue living rooms that lean on the eclectic side to bright, airy transitional ones that make you enjoy the breezy atmosphere, there are so many works to explore here. Browsing through will certainly want you to add many things to your inspiration board.

3. Form and Function

Promising to come up with design solutions that tell your story, this North Carolina interior design firm has a team of experts that are skilled at reimagining spaces. They pride themselves on respecting your past while designing for your future. They do so by honoring your existing furnishing and decor, while giving it a fresh modern spin in order to breathe new life within the space.

Their elegant retreat project is an excellent example of this motto. The entire home was upsized so that the clients could accommodate their growing family. The bigger space was filled in with newer accessories and furniture, while showcasing what previously existed in the space to begin with.

4. Furnishing Solutions Interior Design

This Raleigh interior design firm thrives on the challenge of making each space they curate as unique and distinguished as possible. The team here believes that every space requires the perfect balance of form and function in order to be properly utilized by the user. Moreover, they always cap things off with personal and meaningful furnishings and decor so that every home feels absolutely inviting and comfortable.

This firm offers two distinct consultation offers. The first one is where you get an in-home consultation and the firm reworks all your existing furnishings to create a fresh look. The second one is where aside from the in-house meeting, you can also purchase materials and furniture through the firm. Clients can pick whichever suits their needs and budget!

5. Lisa Stewart Design, LLC

Lisa Steward is a traveler, and her residential experience in America, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong has shaped the way that she molds spaces to the atomic level. With a global sense of style and a vast network of industry professionals, Lisa and her team have managed to carve a sturdy niche for themselves in the North Carolina interior design industry.

You can browse through this firm’s international portfolio to see the sheer diversity and range of its design expertise. From bedrooms that feel as if they’ve been plucked from whimsical wonderlands to dining areas that belong in stylish penthouse suites, there are so many wonderful projects that you can take inspiration from right here.

6. MA Allen Interiors

This taste-maker come interior designer has taken on maximalism as her signature style and has managed to set her Raleigh-based interior design firm apart from the rest. With her work featured in prominent publications like Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, MA and her team strive to articulate people’s lifestyles within a space in a fun, quirky, and bolder-than-ever manner.

This designer always makes unexpected choices when it comes to curating spaces, and you can see the best of her expertise in her Luxe + Layered study remodel project. This home-office makeover strays from the typical sophisticated-minimalist approach and goes all out with the colors, textures, and accessorizing. The bold choice of wall-wainscotting, floral blinds, and timeless furniture may seem like contrary choices to an untrained eye, but MA definitely manages to pull them together in an unexpectedly stylish and timeless manner.

7. Southern Studio Interior Design, LLC

This award-winning North Carolina-based interior design firm has been here for more than 20 years. Their penchant for designing casually sophisticated spaces with luxurious accents has made them stand out while their goal of providing personalized attention to each project has made them quite the client favorites. With an amazing team that sees through the entire process, this firm belies the typical and strives to create outstanding spaces.

You can visually experience their signature style in their Charlotte Charm project. The beach-house chic ambiance has been carried out in breezy whites and blues, both of which are complemented with warm distressed accents and patterns. Add in the eye-catching light fixtures and the brightly lit of atmosphere, and this home feels like a coastal haven right off the bat.

8. The Karma Corner

Casey’s burning desire to make the world and more beautiful place is what led her to open her Raleigh-based interior design firm. Her belief that wonderful things attract wonderful opportunities in life always encourages her to design the most beautiful interiors and exteriors for her clients. Her incredibly positive attitude is infectious and her clients always appreciate the great energy that she brings to each of her projects.

You can check out Casey’s signature boho-chic style in her living room project. Teh sophisticated neutral color palette has been interpreted in such a fun way throughout the entire space. The leather couch and textured rugs accentuate the entire ambiance perfectly, and then there’s the wall art that literally layers up the whole atmosphere with its neutral diversity.

9. Bardi Designs

This high-end Raleigh interior design firm prides itself on delivering the finest turnkey projects. Their full-service palette allows them to take on projects of every scale and marsh them into the best possible versions of themselves. Their close networking with architects and builders also ensures that they can help you through every stage of a project without unexpected hiccups and bumps. Other than that, they can also design custom furniture pieces, so that your project can enjoy its one-of-a-kind position.

You can glimpse their exquisite vision the best in the Westbury residence - a home that has been articulated in the most extraordinary color scheme. From the lovely blues that underscore the entire design to the bright whites that lighten up the ambiance and the rainbow accents that add personality to each room, this home has been finished in the most stylishly whimsical and serendipitous manner.

10. Heather Garrett Design, Inc.

With a firm belief that meaningless design can take away from our life experience, Heather Garret comes with a mission to make every space she curates as vivacious and full of life as possible. Her Raleigh, North Carolina-based interior design firm is one of the finest consultancies in the area, and Heather’s 20 years of experience only solidifies this position.

Heather and her team always make deliberate design choices when they’re curating spaces. Nothing is without meaning, and you can experience this conciseness in their Updated Mid-Century Modern residence. While the basic essence of this home remained the same, there were a few eclectic updates that emulated a fashion-forward flair within the whole home. These included some French Rococo accents, bold contemporary furniture, and a life-sized quirky art painting.

11. TEW Design Studio

This full-service interior design firm from Raleigh, North Carolina aims to create beautiful and livable spaces that are brimming with personality and complement the user's lifestyle. Their fresh approach to design is paired with a distinct love of working with families and business owners alike in order to create uplifting interiors. Their network of industry partners allows them to execute each project in the most immaculate, detail-oriented manner ever.

The team at TEW Design Studio comes with a goal of designing visually inspiring spaces, and you can see how they do so perfectly in their Kenmore residential project. The first thing you notice about this home is how warm and welcoming it is. Then comes the undercurrent of stylish modernity that is overlaid by mid-tones of bold colors and patterns. It’s a home that makes the user relax immediately.


These top 11 designers in Raleigh, North Carolina are some of the most fantastic professionals in the area. You’d have noticed how each of their featured projects highlights their distinctive abilities, and we hope that you can pair yourself with your ideal partner from this list.