Top 10 Interior Design Trends 2021 A Predictions List

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what the future holds when it comes to interior designing. No trend is too timeless because each New Year brings a brand new set of aesthetics to follow. These include colors, materials, styling ideas, and more.

Now that 2020 is just around the bend, we've got a whole new cycle of trends coming up, and this list is going to predict the most popular interior design trends of the bunch! Let's take a look:

10 Top Interior Design Trends 
1. Going Bold

The past few years have all been about embracing our minimalist side, but we predict that 2020 is going to bring back the bold. With interior designs that are reminiscent of the pastel art deco era, you'll be able to let out your maximalist side. You could experiment with beautiful wallpapers, gorgeous vintage furniture items, and even delve into the modern bohemian aesthetic. Accessorizing would be at peak, so if you're tired of the no-frills, no-fuss modern-minimalist era, 2020 is definitely going to be your year!

2. Unleashing Your Abstract Side

2020 is bringing back the abstracts but not just any abstracts! It's going to be the year of free-spirited abstracts! If you're wondering what this entails, just imagine getting free reign on every piece of abstract design possible. Whether it's wall paint, area rugs, sofa cushions, or some other textile, these unique patterns are slated to bring such normal things back to life. The DS 600 sofa will be an important piece in 2020. It's going to be absolutely fashionable, so stay tuned!

3. Texture is Coming

Since we've been too focused on structured simplicity for the past few years, texture has been relegated to the back of every design palette. However, 2020 seems to be the year where this particular trend is slated to make a comeback! You could interpret both bold and understated textures in your homes by using eclectic materials, mid century modern rugs, fabrics, and other mediums. The boucle texture might be the most prized one of them all, though. Its looped yarns and sophisticated aura could spruce up any house design beautifully.


4. Bold Anchor Accents

Accent furniture and fabric pieces have been used to anchor interior designs for ages, but in 2020, they're going to have a bigger and better presence in your spaces. This time, accents are going to be in focus, while the rest remains in the background. This does not mean that you get crazy with all that visual clutter not at all! In fact, this means that when you furnish your spaces, the actual furniture is selected in shapes and fabrics that maintain a steady background presence while the accent pieces become the focal point of the room!

5. Humble Materials

The recent Milan Design Week has unleashed some pretty promising trend predictions for 2020 and one of them seems to be focusing on humble materials. These include rattan, jute, wood, stone, terracotta, and other earthy/organic textures. These are really easy to emulate in most interior designs. In fact, you can use them to accent certain spaces. Humble materials work well with mid century modern dining chairs. These materials and textures are perfect for adding personality and charisma to most spaces. This is definitely a trend that's unique, stylish, and homely at the same time!

6. Indoor Gardens

Environmental awareness is becoming more and more globalized these days, which is why plants are becoming a major part of green interior designs. 2020 will see a huge rise in the indoor garden trend. Now, there are so many ways to incorporate plants in any space. You could either go with unique hydroponic walls (especially if you want to get grow some herbs or eatable greens). Or you could go for oversized statement mid century modern planters. You could even go for tiny succulents to test out your green thumb. But before you decide on anything, you should create a moodboard of all the different things you could try.

7. Statement Shower Areas

Bathroom shower areas have become a staple of any modern house design, and the current trends seem to be leaning in favor of statement shower stalls. These don't really mean those typically tiled areas, but cabins that are the magnum opus of the room. Their fixtures, lighting, and backdrop would all be uniquely selected to deliver a gorgeous and highly distinctive design. Your moodboard can feature a gamut of ideas in this regard that include vertical gardens a la modern-tropical concept, bold colors, contemporary fixtures and more. The idea is to evoke a sense of luxury in even the smallest of bathroom shower area, and this seems to be the best way to do so!

8. Reviving Eclectic Glamour

If you've ever been inspired by the glam ambiance of 50s and 60s inspired spaces, then 2020 is going to be a fun year for you. Predictions say that the Retro Revival Movement is going to be taking everyone by storm. Featuring bold colors, lots of accents, and stunning vintage-bohemian undertones, this particular style is slated to reimagine the past in contemporary style. Refresh your living room with a mid century modern sofa. You'll see a lot of vibrant colors, beautiful 20s style furniture, metal accents, and a classy 70s style ambiance all around.

9. Reimagining Marble

Sleek and classy marble has always been a timeless part of our architecture and interior design. But 2020 will feature a whole new take of this iconic material. Instead of conventionally used modern-cut marble, designers are leaning more towards the rough-hewn quarry-fresh pieces. This interpretation of marble is super rugged and usually interpreted in the form of either accent furniture such as coffee and end tables, or simple decoration pieces.

10. Mixing Curved & Straight Lines

Another upcoming design trend that was highly apparent in Milan Design Week this year was the mixing of curved and straight lines. This one is a bit challenging as it requires you to think outside the box. You have to think in textures, materials, and furniture format at the same time. From architectural features such as windows to artsy furniture, round contours are easy to emulate in a space. But balancing them with straight lines is where you'll have to break the boundaries of your imagination.

So, these top 10 up-and-coming 2020 trends predictions list is your surefire way to stay on top of the style ladder if you're thinking of remodeling your home just now!