Top 10 Best Interior Designers Kansas City, Missouri

As the beating heart of America’s Jazz origins, Kansas City, Missouri has a vibe that will immediately suck you in. With its heating art and historic heart, it’s no wonder that the city is also home to some inspirational interior designers. 

If you’re a resident of Kansas City and searching for a designer who can help transform the entire face of your space, then you’re in luck. Below is a list of some of the best interior design firms in the city, each of which has been handpicked based on their excellent deliverables and amazing aesthetics. Whether you're looking to jazz up your space with the Ettore Sottsass Mirror and some mid-century planters, switch up your style with a mid-century modern sofa like the Soriana Sofa, or revamp your home to include some wabi sabi furniture, these interior designers will be able to help you achieve your dream casa. Here’s everything that you need to know about them:

1. Design Connection, Inc.

Known for effusing iconic timelessness in every space that they curate, this Kansas City interior design firm is one of the best in the area. Their dedication to creating one-of-a-kind experiences for each of their clients is well-appreciated by industry professionals and patrons alike. They believe that it’s not about having a beautiful home, but all about how you’re going to live in it. This philosophy has led them to create many wonderful, award-winning interior designs over the course of the years.

A single look at their Overland Park residence project will immediately reel you in. The simple, modern beauty of this home is reflected in its clean lines and minimalistic approach to designing. The monochromatic theme is offset by the white backdrop and the stark contrast between the primary colour scheme makes for a truly dynamic space. Add in the beautiful accents and natural light, and this is one of the most beautiful homes you’ll ever see.

2. Interior Elements & Design 

This full-service Kansas City interior design firm prides itself on delivering the most graceful and beautiful spaces. They specialise in residential and boutique commercial projects. Their trusted network of industry professionals allows them excellence in project management and execution. You’ll love their philosophy of home evolving along with the people who live in them, and how the team is able to act on it through their thorough design consultation. 

The sheer excellence of this team’s deliverance can be seen all through their portfolio. From rugged and charismatic contemporary living rooms to elegant and sophisticated kitchens, you’ll find a huge variety of all types of residential spaces there. The truly experiential vibe of each one might make you want to put a few too many on your inspiration board!

3. Jan Kyle Design 

As one of the best architectural and interior design firms in Kansas City, Jan Kyle and her team are known for their signature “beauty in comfort” style. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jan Kyle has got her finger on the pulse of all the latest design trends, which she tends to personalise with her modern-vintage signature aesthetic. 

You can experience her broad depth of creativity within her Residential Model project. Brimming with eclectic charm and instant visual charisma, it’s an abode that is as elegant as it is unique. If you’re after curated individuality, then this is definitely the interior design consultancy that you want to go with.

4. KHL Design Studio, LLC 

Kelly Lankford and her team understand that interior design is a whole mood and they strive to curate an atmosphere that strikes just the right tones for every client. Their full-service company has won many awards and its signature aesthetic is a combination of modern, contemporary, transitional, and eclectic. They’re not afraid to go bold and pride themselves on being a one-stop shop for excellent planning, management, furnishing, and lighting services.

The Modern Lakefront home is one of the most beautiful projects in their entire portfolio. Designed in calming blues, whites, and woods, this home is the epitome of serene. The stylishly comfortable furnishings are paired with lovely accessories and accentuated with an abundance of natural light.  You’ll find the occasional red accent charming beyond belief against the backdrop of so many pastel hues. 

5. Knapstein Design 

Knapstein Design is one of Kansas City’s finest consultancies, and with 20 years of experience under their belt, you can be sure to get the best of all worlds. Helmed by Kurt, a patriotic Kansas City resident himself, the entire experience of creating the best, homeliest, and trendiest spaces for his clients is what gives his life purpose and joy. His penchant for creating unique spaces in any stylistic genre makes him a versatile artist who is lauded by clients and professionals alike. 

You can clearly see how versatile Kurt’s vision can be in his portfolio, where each project is more exemplary than the last. Project 3 is especially an eye-catcher with its cosy, urbane aesthetic and rich, charismatic overview. You’ll notice a striking contrast in all of Kurt’s projects and how each one is able to hold its own when it comes to amazing visual integrity and superior functionality. 

6. Lisa Schmitz Interior Design 

This team-led Kansas City interior design studio is all about creating modern spaces that belie the starkness and embrace a soul. Their approach is to style a room in minimalistic undertones and give it a punch of maximum style with accessories, furniture, and lighting. Their main goal is to create liveable, usable spaces that are absolutely timeless and iconic in their own right. 

Aside from residential, this team also specialises in corporate, commercial, and hospitality interior designs. You can see their diverse aesthetic range all through their portfolio, which consists of some pretty impressive projects. From stylish residences to high-end commercial areas that brim with personality, this team can do it all.

7. McCroskey Interiors

This full-service Kansas City interior design firm has got a versatile range and can take on any type of a project, be it a new-built, a gut renovation, or a simple remodel. Their impeccable project management skills ensure that the client gets a smooth ride from the start to the finish line of each project, and their ability to craft unique spaces has been hailed professionally in a number of impressive publications. 

McCroskey Interiors has got three different portfolios; one for art, one for spaces, and one dedicated to kitchens. This shows how flexible they can be, and each project highlights the team’s dedication to providing the best aesthetics, function, and ergonomics for every client that hires them.

8. Michelle Ford Design 

This Kansas City interior design firm is all about providing concept-to-completion services for all its clients. From commercial to medical and residential projects, Michelle Ford has done it all. Her ability to transform mundane spaces into sparklier and more graceful versions of themselves is truly exemplary and her team’s unparalleled services are just the cherry on top.

Michelle’s commercial and residential design portfolio is quite impressive. She knows how to play with colours, textures, and styles in order to deliver the most unique space to her clients. She’s an expert at combining contrasting looks and making them seem effortless, timeless, and absolutely refined. 

9. Picture Perfect Interiors, LLC 

This Kansas City consultancy is not just an excellent interior design firm, but is also a specialty retailer. The team at this firm thrives on its two-decade history and drives on the legacy of delivering beautiful, comfortable, and charming spaces for their clients. Moreover, their specialty retail store is full of unique and lovely furnishings, decor, and embellishments that will immediately make you want to transform your homes with them.

You can browse through their online gallery to take a look at their projects. The firm has done a lot of residential work and you’ll want to curate each photo to the “Dream Home” board on your Pinterest. From classical lobbies that span two floors to gorgeous contemporary living rooms with just the right pop of colour, there’s something for everybody here!


10. R Designs, LLC 

Kim Rice believes that a home should be a culmination of the inhabitant’s best values, and that’s exactly how she expresses her client’s aesthetics and lifestyle in her projects. Rice also builds on the philosophy that design should be able to accommodate better living, and every space should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. 

You can see how she leverages all of that and more in her designs in her Wyngate Home Remodel project. The vintage-contemporary emulsion of this residence enraptured the eye at first glance, and an undercurrent of luxury can be felt throughout the ambiance thanks to the plush, sumptuous furniture. The cosy rustic accents ground the atmosphere perfectly, and the entire home feels like it’s come straight out of a design magazine.


As you can see, all of these Kansas City designers are beyond the mark and you can be sure that they’ll transform your homes, offices, and other spaces into the very best versions of themselves.