Top 11 Best Interior Designers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Also known as the “City of Steel”, Pittsburgh is home to 446 bridges and boasts an active design industry along with its steel-oriented heritage. In fact, the city has some of the best interior designers in the USA and if you’re a resident looking for an upgrade on your space, this list might just be for you.

We’ve curated a list of eleven of the most popular, talented, and unique interior design firms in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania below. Each of these have been hand-picked based on great reviews, the diversity of their portfolio, and their ability to curate the most experiential spaces. Let’s dive right in:


1. Alisha Gwen Interior Design

Alisha Gwen believes that interior design is just like magic - you take something old and shabby, and transform it into something new and amazing. Her work is all about creating experiences while making the space as breezy, comfortable, and easy on the eyes as possible. Alisha and her team are well-versed in the art of fusing textiles, materials, and colors to deliver the loveliest interiors, and this talent speaks for itself in her portfolio.

In fact, a quick browse through her portfolio will have you pinning almost everything to your inspiration board! Alisha’s style leans towards casual breeziness , but she’s also masterful at incorporating bold accents without leeching away the lightness of a space. She’s got a unique aesthetic and clients are always singing praises of how she can implement their vision while polishing it to a diamond-like sheen.

2. B. Jarold and Company

Founded in 1990, Becky Jarold has been reforming the Pittsburgh design scene with her artistic style for more than three decades now. She grew up in the rust belt, so she knows the value of reusing materials. Moreover, her expertise is not simply limited to the residential sector - she is also skilled in designing amazing corporate, retail, and hospitality interiors.

However, B. Jarold’s residential portfolio is definitely worth going through. You’ll immediately notice her bold take on designing spaces and how she incorporates unconventional ideas within typical spaces to make them feel special. Her use of color and material is amazing - just the right amount of off-beat and quirky to interest the eye. If you’re looking to design unique spaces, then this is the place to consult.

3. Black Cherry Design

As one of the leading interior design consultancies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Black Cherry Design provides the best of all worlds to its clients. Whether they’re looking for new designs or even repurposing existing furniture to give the whole space a visual uplift, Lauren Piasecki and her team have the ability to deliver outclass spaces. They’re experts at working within a limited budget, so if affordability is your concern, it’s best to get your spaces styled here.

If you’re on the fence about how the final look might come out, you can take a look at their Wimbledon Drive residence. It’s a neutral, artistically designed home that features minimalist furniture that has been styled with maximalist ideas. All the natural textures stand out beautifully against the white backdrop, and the occasional bright accent gives the entire space the perfect finishing touch.

4. DTSH Interiors

This full-service interior design firm prides itself on creating dream homes for people who are too busy to do it themselves. They believe in emulating the users personal style within the space and are experts at bringing out the client’s vision through thorough questioning. They believe in taking on the hard parts of the renovation/revamp, and always try not to bog down their clients with unnecessary details.

The team at DTSH Interiors is helmed by Laura Bonucchi and they are masters of residential interior styling. Their entire portfolio is worth browsing through, but the best part is their streamlined process. They take your inspiration images and use them to articulate your thoughts into a physical design. From lighting to accessorizing and everything in between, they are able to deliver everything with such panache.

5. IKM Incorporated

Joel R. Bernard believes that every design decision has to be as well-informed as possible in order to be innovative. Other than that, their streamlined 3-step approach to tackling each project along with a talented team and an extensive portfolio has resulted in them being one of the top interior design consultancies in Pennsylvania.

Although this firm has tackled all genres of design projects, its workplace portfolio is one of the best ones out there. They pride themselves on designing corporate areas that define the company’s vision to the fullest. Their aim is to always engage the employees and create a collaborative ambiance that inspires people to engage with each other.

6. Lauren Levant Interior

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchens with a luxurious flair, then this is the Pittsburgh-based designer that you need to consult. With more than 30 awards under their belt, this consultancy has gained international recognition for their work. Still, their roots remain humble, as they always collaborate to their best ability with each and every client.

Lauren Levant is especially cognizant towards detailing and craftsmanship. Their Project 31 residence is an excellent example of this. It’s a living room that has been styled to perfection with lovely, understated accessories. The neutral color scheme is underscored with dim lighting and anyone who comes in would simply want to snuggle up within the sofa and while away the day in the room’s cozy’s ambiance.

7. Spagnolo Design

Spangnolo Design has left their mark on every single part of Pittsburgh with their amazing designs. Led by Karolyn, this team believes that clients should be involved in every aspect of their renovation from the beginning to the end, so that’s exactly how hey’ve streamlined their process.

Karolyn also believes in providing the perfect blend of quality and elegance to each project. Her Seven Springs residential project is the perfect combination of this practice. The house has been designed in war rustic tones that are fused with hints of vintage and classical vibes. There’s also an underscore of luxury within the whole project that makes it an instant hit on all scales.

8. Strada

Strada is a multi-faceted Pittsburgh based consultancy that deals in architecture, interior design, urban design, and more. Their team loves exchanging ideas and challenging each other to deliver the best product for each client. Their exceptional work has been internationally reocgnized, and they try to practice sustainability within every project that they take on.

Their Brunner Offices revamp is a stylish corporate renovation that has been uplifted to be super collaborative on all fronts. The space has been incorporated with innovative furniture and lovely natural lighting. The agile system has been implemented to emulate both work and play. It’s definitely the most up-to-date way of designing office spaces.

9. Susan Muschweck Interior Design, LLC

The great thing about Susan Mischweck and her team of designers is that they start the design process by using things that the client already owns. They understand the value - both sentimental and aesthetical - of pre-owned things, and thus, they always begin by designing with what you already have at your house.

Susan prides herself and her service-oriented business on providing her clients only the best of the best. Her interior styling is definitely on par with all the big names out there, and that’s even more apparent when you browse through her entire “interior design” portfolio. You’ll instantly notice the versatility and the care with which each and every detail has been seamlessly incorporated within the design.


10. Valerie M. Interiors

If you’re searching for someone to create comfortable yet refined spaces for you, then Valerie M. Interiors is definitely the place to consult. Their passion and dedication are definitely unparalleled, but what makes them even more of a first choice is the sheer attention to detail that they carry through each project. Aside from design services, they also have a showroom that features some of the most creative, lovely, and unique furniture/decor items you’ll ever see.

As for the best project in their portfolio, the Palm Beach Residence definitely takes the cake. It’s a huge luxury villa that features contemporary-classic detailing and exudes a sense of Victorian-era fantasy. From lovely vintage chandeliers and oriental carpets to modern floors and cozy furniture items, each and every aspect of this house is Instagram-worthy to the fullest.


With its client-centered design philosophy and innovation at the forefront of every decision, Diane Laskoski has managed to propel her consultancy to the top of the Pittsburgh design scene. She believes that a designer doesn’t just look, but sees within the very essence of a space if they really want to do a good makeover.

Country Manor is a project that perfectly defines this firm’s vision and skill-set. The regal and ornate appearance of this residence has been articulated in rich materials and fabrics. The use of lighting is absolutely phenomenal and the overall vibe speaks of sumptuous decadence.


This addition caps up this list of top 11 Pittsburgh-based interior designers and we hope that you find it helpful while curating the perfect one for your own project.