Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Oakland, California

Oakland may be best known for being an important trade center for San Francisco, but it’s also got a thriving design industry. It’s an incredibly populous city, and with so many people looking to reinvent their homes, it’s no surprise that the city’s also home to some great interior designers.

If you’re in search of a good consultancy in Oakland that might help you spruce up your residential, corporate or commercial spaces, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of top 10 interior designers in the area who’ve got the skill, talent, and gumption to bring your vision to life. Let’s take a look:

1. Harrell Remodeling, Inc. / Design + Build

This full-service design-build interior design consultancy enjoys the sorbiquet of “contractor for life” because of their amazing services. Their 35 years of experience in the field has resulted in not only extensive accumulated experience, but also a keen eye to deliver the best craftsmanship and innovative design. Add in the fact that they never compromise on quality and personalization, and it’s an even better deal for all.

Martha Hernandez and all her designerlings understand that every remodeling project comes with its own setbacks. This is why they’ve got an entire set portfolio filled with unique whole house renovations. From sleek, urban, and sophisticated to crafty and charming, they’re masters of curating the ambiance of your dreams.

2. Sue Subbotin Interiors

With a firm belief that good design can change lives, Sue Subbotin Interiors has set aside quite a niche for themselves in the Oakland interior design industry. She and her team are experts at executing the client’s aesthetic with a fantastic flair. They’re also great at curating spaces that inspire, integrating all the small details that ensure that each space is tailor-made to the client’s lifestyle.

Susan’s believes in designing vignettes instead of boring, cookie-cutter rooms. You can see her unique perspective the best in her Historic Cottage residence. The farmhouse-chic visuals are pretty and inspiring, articulated with an innate sense of femininity that is balanced out by pure white and pattern wallpaper accents. This home invites you to come in and take a few days off from life itself.

3. Banner Day Interiors

As Clara Jung’s brainchild, this Oakland interior design firm is a class act and believes in reflecting every clients’ lifestyle while emulating a sense of whimsy within a space. Their signature style includes reinventing traditional spaces with whimsical color and patterns. Their penchant for combining playfulness with minimalism has made them quite popular with their patrons.

You can see the implementation of this signature style in their Estate residence - a renovation project for a couple that migrated from San Francisco. The earthy tones and natural elements set against the backdrop of white makes for magical results. The sophisticated overlay of decor and accessories adds the perfect endcap to the whole design.

4. Angelisse Karol Color & Design

A pioneer of color theory and art design, Angelisse Karol has made a living out of her passions. Her 25 years of field experience couples well with her natural talent and penchant for pulling together the most ideal of spaces. She’s also an expert at historical restoration. Aside from remodeling and construction management, she can also help you with customized color mixing, faux finishing, and decorative arts.

Angelisse’s entire portfolio is a study in eclectic diversity. From living rooms that embrace their neutral themes to dining rooms with specially curated color schemes, she’s got a whole lot of uniqueness to offer.

5. Wendy Daniel Interior Design


With a great eye for design and penchant for always listening to the needs of her clients, Wendy Daniel has made her firm the talk of the town in Oakland, California. She and her team have been servicing the high-end market in all interior design niches for quite a while now, and Wendy’s decade-long experience in the industry always brings the perfect trifecta of skill, talent, and individuality to each project.

In fact, you can experience Wendy and her team’s inherent knack for pulling every space together in her residential portfolio. You’ll notice a classic homely touch in all of her projects, and how each one feels absolutely lived-in despite being stylishly curated and the epitome of trendy.

6. Kelley Flynn Interior Design

Kelley Flynn believes that the spaces that we live in are fundamental to who we are as human beings. She understands the importance of curating a space that contributes to the emotional well-being of a person. She tries to explore the beauty of every space while making sure that it matches the personality of the people who’re going to inhabit it.

You can see how she captures the soul of every space in her Cambridge Drive Residence. This particular bachelor pad required a masculine touch and balances a timeless contemporary look with a craftsman style appeal. With modern forms and materials, this home is a modernist dreamhouse with a Zen twist. The handmade rugs and stylish accessories only add to the overall charisma and gravitas of the whole design.

7. LMB Interiors

Laura Martin and her team believe that a beautiful home equals a beautiful life. Her goal is to take the very essence of your being and articulate it within the spaces that you’re planning to reside in. She feels absolutely fulfilled by the positive impact of the spaces that she curates on her clients’ lives.

The Gracious & Chic home designed by her is exemplary because of its classic detailing with a touch of eclectic in the mix. The use of bold colors is quite apparant even at first glance, but since the house is big in size, it manages to carry it through with a lot of grace. The stylish furniture complements each room and its color scheme to perfection and the strategic accessorizing acts as the cherry on top of the overall design.

8. Joy Street Design – Oakland Interior Designers

Specializing in residential interior design, this Oakland based consultancy also serves the surrounding bay area. They’ve garnered quite a sterling reputation and are excellent at making a home out of a house. From conception to finalization, everything is handled by the team in a way that really adds a uniqueness to each complete space.

Founded in 2011, the main goal of this firm has always been to provide the perfect trifecta of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort to every project that they take on. You can see how they manage to do exactly that in their Barnaby Street residence. It’s a new-build home that has been given a contemporary twist new decor, furniture, wallpaper, and accents. The breezy ambiance and classy details only make it better.

9. Kathy Bate Designs

This Oakland interior design firm is helmed by Kathy Bates - the bay areas very own design aficionado and professional who has 40 years of experience under her belt. Her consistent practice in the industry has not only ensured that she be a master of her field, but has also led her to develop a keen sense of responsibility for every single project that she takes on.

You can experience Kathy’s passion for crafting gorgeous interiors in her North Walnit Creek project. The fully reconfigured kitchen was part-laundry room before it was given an extensive revamp. With lovely modern design elements in the mix, this space feels like a veritable contemporary beauty.

10. 3E Design

This design-build interior design consultency in Oakland is one of California’s finest. They’ve got a 5-step program that is slated to help you get the best out of the entire process as well as the results. Led by Eric Liu, 3E Design is a firm that was built on the ideology of providing excellence and efficiency in the most earnest of ways. The firm is also fully liscenced and has got a great network of industry professionals that can make your renovation ride a lot smoother.

The Second Story Additional by this team is one of their finest works so far. The sleek modernity of the unit is complemented with bold furniture accents that really carry the understated nature of the backdrop through. With lots of natural light and great views of the outdoor landscaping to make the space more interesting, this addition is definitely worth adding on your inspiration board.


So, now you can see why all of these designers have been included on this list. With so many amazing portfolios and amazing profiles, it’s no wonder that Oakland has become a thriving design industry.