Top 9 Best Interior Designers In Memphis, Tennessee

Situated on the Mississippi banks, Memphis city is the Rock’n’Roll center of Tennessee. It is also home to the Sun Studio where legendary artists like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash recorded their iconic music.

However, these days, it’s also a thriving hub for some of America’s best interior designers. So, if you’re searching for someone to revamp your space, you’re at the right place. This list has been specially curated to deliver you the best designers in the area. Their skill range, aesthetic deliverance, and technical abilities are unparalleled, promising to get you far and wide in the process of improving your spaces. Let’s take a look:


1. Ami Austin Interior Design

Ami Austin always challenges her clients to throw their ideas at her and see how she exceeds their expectations. Her tailored designs are absolutely timeless and her aesthetic precision is complemented with a blend of functionality. Underneath it all, however, there’s always a sense of undeniable comfort that really appeals to all her clients. Ami specializes in both residential and commercial design, so you can consult her for all types of projects.

Her residential portfolio is certainly one of the most fascinating ones that you’ll ever see. Aside from the brilliant diversity, you’ll notice an undercurrent of luxury in every project. You’ll also see how she’s able to work with different and highly unique color palettes while interpreting them in sophisticated materials. Her flair for the dramatic is also quite apparent, while respecting the essence of the theme that she’s working with.


2. Kelley Jones Design

Kelley Jones recognizes that every client that comes to her dreams of making their home beautiful, and she always encourages them to “dream the dream.” This has led her consultancy to be one of the best interior design firms in all of Memphis. Kelley is well-known for her focus and decisiveness. She always comes up with comprehensive plans that keep up with the visual and functional needs of the client.

You can see how she merges all the important aspects in her Midtown Memphis remodel. It’s a kitchen revamp that took an outdated and old-school version - only to transform it into a state-of-the-art facility that could keep up with the modern times. Add in the natural color palette and the sophisticated material scheme, and you’ve got quite a winner on your hands.



It’s all about “loving the way you live” and Carmeon Hamilton is here to help you do exactly that with her interior design consultancy. She’s not just an excellent stylist, but also an amazing environmental curator and merchandising consultant. Her signature aesthetic is “modern bohemian” where she amalgamates earthy palettes with stylish accessories and materials.

As someone who’s been named a rising star of the design world by Architectural Digest, the entirety of Carmeon’s portfolio is worth taking a second look at. However, it’s her own living room makeover that really caught our eye. Transforming the original, uninspired baby blue and brown space into an achromatic heaven required innovation and a unique creative eye. The use of shapes and stark colors to create contrast is exemplary and the entire space feels truly sumptuous - a far cry from what it originally used to be.


4. Lindsey black interiors

With a firm belief that thoughtful designing creates impactful and livable spaces, Lindsey Black has curated one of the finest interior design consultancies in Memphis, Tennessee. She’s great at retaining the originality of a room without compromising the trendiness. You’ll really appreciate her consistency and how she’s just as invested in your project as you are.

Her John Smith Road residential project is a new construction that she designed and developed from scratch. It might have been a blank canvas, to begin with, but she certainly gave it its own look. From the lovely articulation of lines to the bold use of wallpaper and curation of gorgeous accessories, there’s no part of this home that doesn’t fascinate the eye.


5. Glennys Cowles Bryant

Specializing in residential and commercial interior design, this Memphis-based firm is helmed by Glennys Cowles Bryant and her team of specialists. This team’s got an eye for great designs and has the artistic vision to make every space feel special. Their talents belie a versatility that transcends various themes. No matter what type of aesthetic you’re looking for, they can help you articulate your vision in the most elegant and sophisticated manner. 

Bryant and her team are connoisseurs of sumptuous residential interiors. Her home interior portfolio is definitely worth going through. With lots of fabrics, textures, and smart use of colors, she’s able to give her spaces a certain flair. Add in the natural light and an inherent sense of sleekness, and she’s definitely a professional worth looking into.

6. Jill Hertz Interior Design

This award-winning interior design firm from Memphis is led by the dynamic duo of Jill Hertz McCollum & Leslie Shankman-Cohn. Their comprehensive interior detailing and respect for the existing architecture of a space have led them to be hailed as highly lauded industry professionals. Clients love their creative energy and imagination, along with their diverse interpretation of spaces.

You’ll love browsing through their online portfolio, but the project that caught our eye was the Chickshaw Bluffs Residence. With a one-year renovation period and an eclectic theme that incorporates the clients’ personal art collection, this home turned out to be a study in aesthetic brilliance. Moreover, the child-friendly environment and use of bold colors really set the tone toward bright and cheery with an undercurrent of vividness.

7. The Crump Firm

Founded in 1970, this Memphis interior design company is one of the most prestigious firms in all of America. Over the course of decades, they’ve completed 7000 projects across 37 states, so their reputation is definitely in the upper echelons of the industry. Their full services range in the architecture, interior, and planning genres, and they’ve got quite an impressive press page on their website.

Silver Tree Residential is their most exemplary corporate project to date. Spanning 18,000 square feet, the entire office space has been designed to emulate a highly professional look. The colors express the brand’s identity and even the furniture has been specially curated to deliver a fine, professional appeal.

8. Hnedak Bobo Group 

This Memphis interior design firm believes that designing spaces and experiences are synonymous, and their 40 years in the industry have made them the best at what they do. The team here specializes in hospitality design, and their passion for shaping physical spaces to forge human connections is quite unparalleled.

They’ve got quite an interesting variety in their portfolio, but the one that caught our eye was the Four Winds South Bend Casino Resort. Based in Indiana, the scope of this project ranges a whopping 175,000 square feet and encompasses a number of commercial and creative spaces. You’ll love the subtle tribal-culture references that have been infused within the contemporary ambiance along with a sense of modern grandeur that runs through the entire project.

9. Interior Design Collection

This consultancy deals in all aspects of interior design. From fabrics to furniture, lighting, wall coverings, and accessories, they strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your interior design needs. They believe that a space is the sum total of all its small parts, which is why they strive to make all the small aspects as on-point as possible.

Their traditional furniture collection is especially note-worthy. It features a number of armchairs, sofas, ottomans, and more that showcase the best amalgamation of classical-meets-contemporary. The sheer decadence and luxury that brims from each of these pieces will enchant you in an instant.

So, this is everything you need to know about finding your ideal interior design consultancy in Memphis. We hope this list becomes a guide and a checklist while you’re seeking out your best professionals.