Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Long Beach, California

As one of the most popular coastal cities in all of America, Long Beach is California’s finest waterfront destination and home to the RMS Queen Mary - a permanently docked ship that now hosts a museum. The city is brimming with fun and culture, and is definitely the place to be if you are a fan of deep-sea adventures. 

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that the Long Beach is also home to some amazing interior designers. We’ve curated this list based on what each of them has to offer, how unique their skills are, and how they can help improve your lifestyle with their distinct design vision. So without further ado, let’s take a quick look:

1. Parkyn Design

This Long Beach interior design firm uses its client’s ideas as the basis of their inspiration. You can tell that they’re passionate about what they do simply by looking at the sheer detail that they put into each of their concepts. They specialize in a number of genres, including new constructions, renovations, and full decor services.

The Happy Home is one of their most beautiful projects. There’s a lovely overtone of neo-classical theatrics that runs through the whole home. The white backdrop is embellished with simple and elegant details that are complemented by strategically placed dark furniture and the occasional bold accessory. The decor is absolutely timeless and adds another sheen of timeless refinement to the whole space.

2. Avenue Design Inc

This full-service interior design firm boasts numerous awards and a multi-faceted team that can help your dreams become the most beautiful reality. Each of their projects is specifically tailored to the client’s needs while matching their personality and style. Then there’s the obvious nod to the end user’s lifestyle and how every interior curated by this team appreciates how the person likes to live their life.

Daniel Way is a fantastic project in their portfolio. It’s a home that suffered from a lack of character, so the designers at Avenue Inc. infused the space with just the right amount of personality. Since the owners were quite young, the interior and decor were curated to emulate a sense of fun and freshness that reflects their values without compromising on the simpler aspects of the design.

3. Pizzale Design Inc.

Whether you lead a busy entrepreneurial lifestyle, a hectic family schedule, or even just a nice, quiet life with your fur-baby, Gabriele Pizzale believes that she can help you improve it with her design expertise. Her interior design consultancy is one of the best in Long Beach and she’s got a number of unique projects under her belt to prove it.

Full Scale House Reno is definitely a noteworthy project on her portfolio. It not only highlights her skill to manipulate spaces like a charm, but also showcases how she is able to infuse every single interior with an incredible amount of personality through expert deployment of colors, materials, and furnishings.

4. Karin Bennett Designs 

Karin Bennett urges you to live in the spaces that you love, and that’s her motto for curating an interior design for every single client. Her signature style combines the sleekness of modernism with warm contemporary accents and the occasional texture or bold accent thrown in for some extra appeal. Karin strives to give each home that she designs a personality of its own and she outfits every room in a way that would complement the lifestyle of its user.

You can see her genius way of articulating the modern-contemporary aesthetic quite clearly in the Carlisle residence. It’s a smart project that beautifully highlights Karin’s signature style. From the lovely wood and white color scheme to the warm accents and the cool pops of color, this home immediately calms you down and invites you to cozy up in one of its relaxing-yet-timeless furniture pieces.

5. The Expert Touch Interiors

This interior design firm in Long Beach, California is known for bringing a fresh perspective to each project. The team is helmed by Daniela Bubersky, who comes from a business background. Her foray into design was quite successful as she undertook and completed several projects on her own before joining The Expert Touch and took over from the previous owner, Felicia Gimza. 

Bubersky’s perpetual passion for creativity is reflected in the way that she embarks on each project - the Brookfield residence is a testament to that. This project was a challenge because even the clients had no idea in which aesthetic direction to take it. In the end, the home was dressed in classic neutral-contemporary accents with bold highlights to give it a dash of life. Add in the natural light and the whole abode pulls together in the most wonderful manner.


6. Parsons Interiors Ltd.

Parsons Interiors Ltd. is a Long Beach-oriented consultancy that prides itself on articulating even the most complicated of designs with flair and pizzaz. They’ve got a team of certified specialists and professionals who can guide you from Stage 1 to the end in quite a seamless manner. Their knowledge of quality furnishings and ] ability to personalize the space for each client has elevated them in high regard with industry professionals and patrons alike.

The Lane park residence highlights their skill quite nicely. This home has a gentle vintage aura that is spruced up with contemporary furnishings and decor for the best effect. You’ll love the on-point theme articulation and how everything perfectly pulls together despite having a strategic variance in color and texture.

7. Frahm Interiors

This award-winning Long Beach interior design firm specializes in all project genres, be they new build, renovations or even kitchens/bathrooms. They’ve been part of the Oakville design scene since 1998 and have built quite a reputation for themselves over the decades. These days, they’ve developed quite a streamlined process that makes the entire transformation journey quite easy for their clients.

We loved browsing through their Living Spaces portfolio. There are so many amazing projects in there and each of them brings something new to the table. From statement fireplaces to unique chimney breast styles and lush furniture, there’s something to be awed in every single one of these projects.

8. KMSalter Design

This Long Beach-based boutique interior design firm sets the standards high for others in the industry. Their main focus is on providing a fresh perspective to every client while tailoring the space to satisfy all their lifestyle needs. Krista, the principle designer, is a master of her trade and well-versed in the details of various interior themes. You’ll love her keen eye for detail and her ability to deliver on both the functional and visual front of every project.

There’s a wealth of inspiration in KMSalter’s portfolio, but the one that stood out the most for us was the Lakeshore residence. It’s a sweet-and-sour combination of vintage vs. modern and Krista has designed it in a way that timelessly highlights all the preexisting collectables owned by the client. It’s a true love letter to the lifestyle of the owner and brims with absolute character.

9. Lionsgate Design Inc.

As a true, veritable master of the industry, Lionsgate Design Inc. is another Long Beach consultancy that you don’t want to miss out on. They’re experts in providing great residential and commercial design services and promise to make the whole journey as simple, uncomplicated, and streamlined as possible for all clients. 

Home on the Water is one of their most visually captivating projects. The rustic-Mediteranean charm of the entire house is doused in contemporary undertones that give it a modern edge. Moreover, the stunning views have been documented expertly from all sides and the clear, concise attention to detail is highly noticeable in the material selection, furnishings, and decor.

10. Staci Edwards Interior Design

Striving to make every home feel like a sumptuous boutique hotel while giving it all the comforts of a home, Staci Edwards promises to deliver the best of all worlds in each of her projects. She’s amazing at what she does and quite an expert at molding every space according to her client’s requirements. However, her end goal is to always improve everyone’s lifestyle via an uplifting interior, as she firmly believes, “...coming home should feel like it too.”

You can appraise her skills in her Mississauga Interior Design project, where she introduced some major changes to the residence’s layout, as it was not suited to the clients’ lifestyle of constant entertaining. The addition of storage spaces and expansion of the kitchen was a feat in its own right, but Staci upped the stakes by functionalizing the rest of the rooms appropriately as well.

These were the top 10 interior designers in Long Beach, California. We hope you enjoyed browsing through this curated list and found some professionals who’d be perfect to take on your own project.