Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Jersey City, New Jersey

Well known for its historical points and the iconic National Park, Jersey City is one of the most iconic places in America. As one of the largest metropolitan areas, the city is brimming with a lively residential and commercial sector. It is, therefore, home to some of the most talented interior designers in the USA. 

If you live in the area and want to revamp your home, office, or retail space, we’ve curated a whole list of them for you. Each designer has been hand-picked because of their dedication to the craft, their ability to mold experiential spaces and give them new meaning. Let’s take a look at them:

1. NICHEdg

This interior design firm believes in designing spaces that are casual with a sophisticated twist. The team at this firm is dedicated and aspires to create spaces that feel like an extension of the client. They also excel at the creative aspects and have a streamlined process specifically crafted to make the renovation process as easy for every client as possible.

NICHEdg offers three types of design packages, including a dual virtual/in-person set up and a simple home staging package. They also have a number of impressive projects under their belt, but the one that struck us the most is the Scandinavian Living Room. The whole space gives off a cozy, Zen vibe and is furnished to the nines. It’s elegant, sophisticated, and casually inviting - a trifecta that totally hits it off when you’re pursuing perfection.

2. Susan Glick Interiors

Susan Glick believes that modernism and classic aesthetics go hand-in-hand. She’s a connoisseur of fine things, and her interior design palate is all about fusing the best of sophistication and comfort. She believes in curating spaces that speak for themselves and strives to add both luxury and value to every project she takes on.

Modern Salon Living is an excellent example of how Glick can add an experiential quality to her spaces. She’s managed to create a true stunner here. The foreground of modernism has been articulated in clean lines while all the detailing speaks of classic elements. It’s a wonderful amalgam that requires a true, keen professional eye - and Glick definitely has it!

3. CBH Interiors

Cheryl Beth Hillberry firmly believes that every space should be the perfect fusion of function, comfort, and style. She focuses on making each of her projects as memorable as possible, and you’ll see a major, statement-worthy hook in each of her ventures.

Hampton Inn is a charming example of her expertise. It’s a commercial space that is steeped in corporate elegance. The use of light, colors, and materials is absolutely spot-on, and the entire space has been pulled together most wonderfully. The best part is that the function has not been compromised to accommodate the style!

4. Darci Hether New York

Experience, expertise, and integrity are the keywords that this Jersey City-based interior design consultancy swears by. Led by Darci Hether, the team here specializes in delivering curated content that respects the bespoke vision of every client. They provide full-service luxury design and are experts in the residential genre. 

Darci Hether and her team always cater to even the smallest of details when capping off all their projects, and you can really see that in their Financiers Pied-a-Terre project. It’s all about the lines in this gorgeous apartment. They’re all clean, crisp, and angles or curved to represent a modernist front. Add in the beautiful accents, accessories, and textures, and the whole residence feels like a winner.

5. Debra Kling Colour Consultant

Colors make a space truly experiential, and Debra Kling’s consultancy is all about milking this dimension of interior design to its fullest. There’s a psychology behind the impact of each color, and Kling understands its intricacies better than anyone out there. She helps her clients choose the best hues while guiding them through the impact they might have on their psyches.

Soothing Home Office is a great example of her skill. The client brief dictated that the space be the epitome of Zen, and Debra achieved that by designing everything in a nice coral-sepia tone. Strategic pops of white break the monotony of the pink and oak-brown combo, and the whole space feels like a reprieve from the rest of the world.

6. Kellydesigns

This award-winning interior design firm specializes in redesigning old spaces - especially residential ones. They pride themselves on being adventurous, refreshing, and approachable. Clients really appreciate how they listen to, and incorporate their ideas within the final design while helping them navigate through any faux pas that amateurs tend to make.

Brush Island Residence is one of the most notable projects on their portfolio. The house needed a complete refurnish after being bought by the client, so Kelly and her team rose up to the challenge and curated the best pieces. They situated them to complement the flow of the house and ended up with a wonderful set-up that made the home feel like an Instagrammable masterpiece.

7. Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASID

The team at Karen B Wolf Interiors is a fan of timeless trends, and all their work is about styling homes that would be relevant even ten years from now. “Modern Simplicity” is their signature style, and you’ll appreciate how they articulate it within each project.

In fact, Long Beach Retreat is a great example of what this team can accomplish when given a task. It’s a gorgeous coastal-style home that’s been dressed in a relaxing white and blue color scheme. With simple rustic touches and a stunning play on the blue and whites, this home feels like a painting that has been capped off by an expert artist.


 8. Lucy Harris Studio

Inspired by various design movements, Lucy Harris is keen on curating timeless, modernist interiors that are as soulful as they are beautiful. She has a collaborative work process that allows clients and their vision to be an integral part of the design process. She’s a connoisseur of fine spaces and her work has been featured in so many renowned publications (1stdibs, Architectural Digest, etc.) to date.

Brooklyn Heights Brownstone is one of her most impressive projects. It’s been designed like a bright, cozy rooftop oasis and is inundated with the most gorgeous architectural and interior details. The clean, contemporary outlook of the overall home is accentuated with lovely vintage accents, and the entire home feels quite dreamy as a whole.

9. Decorist

This online interior design service is all about pairing you up with a designer that would curate the perfect home for you based on a set budget. If affordability without compromising style is your main concern, then this is the consultancy that you need to look at. It’s one of the most top-rated consultancies in New Jersey, and their work has been featured in publications like Vogue, Dwell, and more.

One of the most popular projects on the Decorist portfolio is the living room makeover done for the media darling, Audrina Patridge. The space is an ode to boho-chic culture and has been specifically crafted to accomodate relaxation and entertainment alike. The colorful outlook and simple backdrop work hand-in-hand to deliver a holistic experience.


Joshua David comes from an artistic background. With a watercolorist and graphic designer as a mother and a historian father, David developed a natural penchant for curating stylish spaces that speak to the soul. He’s garnered extensive experience from his travels, and every single project he’s designed is as unique as the patron it has been styled for.

You can experience his artistry through his Mangatten Apartment project. It’s a sophisticated home that has been overlaid with elegant accessories, clean detailing, and trendy furnishings. You’ll love the neutral tones and how they work as a foreshadowing for the strategically placed pops of colors throughout the interior. It’s a masterful execution - one that you’ll want to add to your inspiration board.

So this is a list of Jersey City’s finest interior designers and why they are at the top of this game. We hope you like what they have to offer and manage to find someone who can articulate your vision as perfectly as possible here.