Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Greensboro, North Carolina

Also known as “Tournament Town”, Greensboro is one of the most popular cities in North Carolina, UK. It’s a beautiful city with tons of culture, and it’s also home to some amazing interior designers who always ensure that each home, office, or commercial space is as well-appointed and equipped to perfection as possible.

If you’re looking for the best ones in the area, then you’re at the right place. We’ve curated the top 10 interior designers in Greenboro for this list and each one has been handpicked because of their amazing talent, ability to cooperate with clients and bring something new to the table. Let’s take a look:

1. Allen & James Interior Design

Taking home styling to the next level, Allen & James (co-owners of this Greensboro-based consultancy) curate from a palette of richest design ideas and furnishings. They are experts at amalgamating interior and exterior spaces, so if you’re hankering for an outdoor living area or a bedroom that opens onto a lovely deck, then this is the place to go for.

Allen and James have a network of 400 custom furniture makers, so every project they take on always features some exclusive craftsmanship. Their Emerywood New Construction project is a testement to their originality, skill, and experience. The understated drama and sheer luxury that permeates each corner of this house showcases the designers’ expertise and ability to transform raw ideas into something brilliant.

2. ID Collaborative

ID Collaborative has been on the block since 1986, and has a well-earned reputation in the Greensboro interior design industry. Over the years, they’ve branched into medical, hospitality, and even corporate designing. Led by Nancy Borum, this team specializes in realizing their clients’ vision as accurately and innovatively as possible. They also provide procurement services so that clients can get the best of all worlds.

As the recipient of multiple awards, ID Collaborative has a host of amazing projects in their portfolio. Sir Walter Senior Apartments is one of them, and it stood out because of its unflinchingly contemporary appraoch. The sheer comfort that has been sketched within every nook and cranny of this project despite its modern highlights is exemplary. You’ll love how the entire project brims with casual livability despite being very neat and austere.


3. Kara Cox Interiors

Kara Cox’s Greensboro-based interior design firm strives to make each of their projects as timeless, fresh, and tailored to the client’s need as possible. They’ve also got a great client-collaboration policy and the fact that they’re able to incorporate unexpected details in their designs only manages sets them apart even more. Kara also has a curated network of tradespeople and she’s able to find the most brilliant accessories/furnishings for all her projects.

Country Club Hills is a residence that speaks volumes about Kara and her team’s innate talent. The charismatic mixture of contemporary-rustic themes in this home is both dramatic yet modern at the same time. It’s the perfect fusion of comfort, casualness, and ingenuity. One look, and you’d immediately want to add it to your inspiration board!

4. Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Lisa Sherry understands that “overdesigning” is a thing and actively works to avoid it in all her projects. She and her team always strive to make their interior designs as realistic as possible and dress them up in comfort and individuality. Lisa’s signature aesthetic is cozyness-meets-modernity, and a careful browse through her portfolio will have you wanting to add everything to your own mood board.

Lisa’s instincts for curating lovely, lived-in spaces are always spot-on, and you can see the best of those in her Raleigh residence. With neutral colors that make up the backdrop and artistic, one-of-a-kind furniture items that bring in a sense of nature, this home is brimming with sheer charisma and personality.

5. Marta Mitchell Interior Design

Specializing in residential and commercial interior designing, this Greensboro-based consultancy operates on a national scale. They fancy themselves artists - connoisseurs of beautiful spaces that are as detail-oriented as they are comfortable. Marta Mitchell has won numerous awards and a accolades over the course of her career, which is only reinforced by the multiple 5-star reviews the company has received on multiple platforms.

Marta and her team never discriminate based on the scope of a project, which is why you’ll find a vast variety in their portfolio. Their Gallery by Room is a great place to gauge what the team can do for you. From kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and living rooms to commercial spaces, you can literally check out any of their projects on this page. 


6. MBID International

Boasting 30 years of excellence in the design industry, MBID International is one of Greensboro’s most popular interior design consultency. They have two areas of expertise; boutique hotels and customized residences. Their goal is to enrich the lives of the users by making each space as luxurious, comfortable, and refined as possible.

Their participation in the Ruth Wicker Tribute Center's design has brought them to the top of the charts. The interior of the centre is a lovely combination of homely and upscale. The warm lighting casts a honeyed glow that is designed to put anyone at instant ease. Moreover, the history of the space has been artfully preserved while adding beautiful modern touches to the mix.

7. SR Design Group, Inc.

Angela Schlentz and her team run one of the best interior design firms in the Greensboro area. Their dedication to individualising each project has led to countless successes and accolades by clients and professionals alike. Aside from design services, they also run a showroom where clients can personally curate items to freshen up their homes.

A Rustic Touch residence is one of the best projects in their portfolio. The entire home has been done in a classic wood-and-white theme - but instead of being sleek and modern (which is where it typically goes), this one takes a rustic route with its distressed finishes and farmhouse-chic decor.

8. Transforming Rooms

The Transforming Rooms team believes interiors should be curated around the user’s lifestyle and not vice versa. Therefore, they always go the extra mile to ensure that each client gets exactly what they signed up for. The project's scope doesn’t deter them - even if it’s a simple window refitting you want, they’ll put in as much effort as they would in a complete gut renovation!

The portfolio section on their site is called “Transformations” where you get to see precisely what they can accomplish. The entire section is worth viewing, and you’ll undoubtedly want to put some of these ideas on an inspiration board. You’ll love the diverse themes and effortlessness with which every single aspect of these projects has been perfectly articulated.

9. Veronica Neal Home

Veronica is the kind of designer who loves to inspire creativity in everyone around her. This translates well in her interior design business, one of the best in Greensboro, North Carolina.  With several professional and client-oriented accolades, she’s affirmed her position as one of the finest members of the industry.  You’ll love her artistic taste and sophisticated ventures - especially how she amalgamates both in the spaces she designs.

Although there are numerous projects on her portfolio, this simple living room makeover just took the crown for being super attractive and comfortable. It features Veronica’s signature verve and showcases her talent perfectly. It’s a room designed in layers, and each peels off to reveal something new. 

10. Barbour Spangle Design

For Christi Barbour, it’s all about designing spaces where you feel like you’re meant to be. She is a firm believer of the theory that if everyone could reside where they feel comfortable, the world would be a better and healthier place. That’s the philosophy that she strives to emulate in her interiors, and her clients are all the better for it.

Badin Lake residence features Christi’s passion for comfort-meets-curation perfectly. There’s a seamless, experiential quality to the ambience of this home. It has been articulated in lovely neutral tones and understated decor items. With so much natural light and textures in the mix, it’s no wonder that this space feels like it’s the epitome of modern grace.

So, these top 10 interior designers from Greensboro are some of the finest in the area - and the entire USA. You can see why they have such rave reviews and why clients go to them repeatedly for consultancies. We hope you also liked some of them and could identify who would be able to transcribe your vision the best.