Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Cleveland, Ohio

As one of the largest cities in the US state of Ohio, Cleveland is a wonderland full of beautiful parks, boasts a vibrant music history, and has got a really fantastic art scene. No wonder it’s also home to some great interior designers who are striving to deliver the best spaces to Cleveland residents.

For anyone living in the city and searching for a great designer, this list has been handpicked to accommodate you. Every firm holds a principal designer who’s here to serve you the best version of your dream space while handling the process in the smoothest way possible. Let’s take a look:

1. W Design Interiors

“Functional elegance” is the signature style of Wendy Berry, who has led her interior design consultancy to be one of the top and most sought-after firms in Ohio. Her ability to juggle different themes in a coherent and timeless manner has led her to win several awards and numerous accolades in the press. She works with a team of talented professionals who strive to deliver the best of all worlds to her clients.

You can see what Wendy and her team are capable of in their Waterfront residential project; Mystique. From heightening the ceilings and working with stained walnut accents that vividly stand out against the grey-neutral color scheme of the rest of the home, this project exudes a timeless sophistication that will immediately blow you away.

2. Ashleigh Clark Interior Design Group 

Ashleigh Clark and her team believe that the design process should be joyful no matter what space you’re working with. So she and her team focus on a client-centric process that lets you take charge of the aesthetic as well as functions of the whole project - they simply help you refine the whole thing. Aside from residential and commercial design, this Cleveland interior design firm also specializes in hospitality projects and holiday decor.

Colorful and punchy, the Lincoln Park residence by this firm is one of their most fantastic projects to date. It features a plethora of colors that create a vibrant, refreshing space. From unique decor items that stand out against a white backdrop to cozy furniture pieces that toe the line between contemporary and eclectic, this home is as unique and experimental as they come.

3. Studio 76 Kitchens and Baths

This Ohio-based interior design company has got a long and illustrious history. While they started off as a plumbing and Hydronics company, they quickly delved into cabinetry and later expanded to bathrooms as well. Today, they’re one of the most brilliant baths and kitchen remodeling studios in all of Cleveland. Their work has been featured in numerous publications and they’ve got a great client base to prove their worth as well.

They’ve got separate kitchen and bath photo galleries where you can appreciate their work. The kitchen gallery is especially noteworthy because of its great takes on typical spaces. You’ll see a lot of customized cabinets that allow you to reach the peak of organization without compromising the overall aesthetic of the cabinet doors. If kitchen organization and visual updates are your main goal, then this is the consultancy for you.

4. Laura of Pembroke 

Whether it’s a new home or a dream office, Laura of Pembroke has the skills, experience, and gumption to deliver the kind of space that you want. With a loyal, recurring client base and an outstanding staff, it’s no wonder that this firm has become one of the best interior design companies in Cleveland, Ohio. This family-owned retail boutique has been run by three generations and prides itself on its signature “European eclectic” aesthetic.

You can spot their trademark style throughout their Interior Design portfolio. From Great Rooms with modern coffered ceilings to kids’ bedrooms with lovely pastel hues and well-lit hallways with statement chandeliers, you’ll find so many amazing projects that you’ll want to put on your Pinterest board.

5. Laura Yeager Smith Home & Design

Led by principal designer Laura Yeager, this team-based interior design firm in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the best ventures in the area. Their full-services range in scope, scale, and budget depending on the kind of project that they’re taking on. With a well-versed team of design directors and associates, Laura has built a loyal client base who really appreciate the work that she does along with the passion and spirit that she brings to the table.

Luxury Living is one of this firm’s most notable projects. It’s a well-appointed home with a lovely spatial layout and decidedly sumptuous furniture that invites the peruser to come take a nice lean. Brimming with cozy comfort and exceptional style, this home is the epitome of understated luxury and feels like it’s been plucked out of the great American sitcom set.


6. KAS Interior Design

Kirsten Anderson has made herself quite a name in the luxury residential remodel genre. Her process starts off with planning the vision and then laying down all the details that would articulate it. From specifications to furniture and material selection, she and her team will guide you through every aspect of the project as smoothly as possible. They’ll even oversee the installation of specified and purchased items.

Her museum residence portfolio is an absolute delight to sift through. Every project is as unique as they come. The expert play on colors, furniture styles, and lighting are definitely noteworthy, and the diverse thematic interpretation is another aspect that is significant. 

7. Ingrid Porter Interiors, LLC

This award-winning interior design firm from Cleveland, Ohio is run by Ingrid Porter. She is a firm believer in the fact that each new space should be a reflection of its owner in order to maximize its comfort. Therefore, she’s got a detailed collaboration process where she gets to know her clients and their lifestyles before designing sophisticated and viable spaces for them.

Ingrid’s Country Home project is a testament to her skill as a designer. The airy vibe of this home is grounded by bold accents. The hot pink sofa is especially a highlight that is complemented with billowy rattan furniture and boho-chic accessories. The rustic textures and on-point decor give this home an extra edge, especially when paired with the tasteful artificial lighting.

8. lzl interiors

Laurie is a second-generation interior designer and her exceptional work in the field has led her firm to become one of the most renowned interior design consultencies in Cleveland, Ohio. Laurie’s goal is to always make a space as inviting and comfortable as possible while infusing the ambiance with as much of the client’s personality as possible.

The entirety of Laurie’s portfolio is amazing. A quick once-over will overwhelm you with the number of distinct spaces that she’s been able to curate over the years. Each one has a personality of its own and the play of themes, color, and lighting is definitely something to behold. 

9. Devine Designs

This full-service interior design firm in Ohio is run by Devine, who’s got 20 years of experience in the industry. Her unparalleled skill and attention to detail can be seen throughout all the projects in her portfolio. Her goal is to create spaces that are timeless, but also reflect joy because ultimately, it’s the people who live in these spaces that define them.

Out of all her projects, we found the living room gallery the most fascinating. It’s got a number of unique projects. Their differences are automatically highlighted by the sheer skill with which Devine has played around with the themes. You’ll love the distinguished visuals of every living room. From classic Coastal Grandma to modern contemporary, you’ll find a lot of different thematic interpretations for inspiration here.

10. House of L Designs

Libby Palmieri believes that every home should be purposeful as well as beautiful in order to live your best life. Therefore, she and her team excel at creating residential and commercial spaces that are the epitome of pragmatic-meets-beautiful. Their mission to combine the best of art and architecture in a single space manifests beautifully in all of their projects, and you can see exactly how they do so in their Into The Woods residence.

Cozy and rustic, this home has a distinct cabin in the woods vibe that has been articulated via a pitched ceiling, wooden beams, and stonework that plays on the aesthetics of the theme quite wonderfully. The cozy fabrics, furniture, and textures add a sense of sumptuousness and comfort to the ambiance. Everything has been strategically picked and placed with the utmost deference to the theme.

So, we hope you liked the virtual introduction to these 10 designers in Ohio. You can see why they’re top picks and we hope you can find your best partner here.