Top 10 Best Interior Designer in Colorado Springs, Colorado

As the home of the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado is known for its diverse landscape and climatic edge. From arid deserts to snow-capped mountains, it encompassed everything in its geographical embrace. The state is home to Colorado Springs - an elevated city with so many beautiful sights to behold.

Aside from natural attractions and iconic views, Colorado Springs is also the home of some amazing interior designers. They don’t simply offer a fantastic aesthetic, but every consultancy on this list has been hand-picked because of their unique take and expert client servicing. If you’re looking to refurbish your home, office, or even business, then we’re sure that you’ll find your design soulmate on this list. Let’s take a look:

1. All About Home 

This luxury home building firm has a local showroom and prides itself on delivering a completely customized experience to each of their clients. Their designs have won many awards and are considered some of the best in the Pike Peaks area. Scott Maynes, the principal designer, not only has 35 years of experience under his belt, but he’s also an industry innovator who leads his team and counsels his clients in the best possible way.

Their Farm House project at Broadmoor Canyons is straight out of a picturesque home magazine. This fresh take on a typical rustic farmhouse got a major exterior revamp with a hint of neo-classicism. The interior is a cozy retreat in its own right that features a strategic mix and match of various textures and patterns that have been incorporated in the most innovative way possible. Its a “farm fresh with a modern twist” aesthetic that will make you want to pin it to your inspiration board for sure!

2. Consign & Design

This consignment furniture store come design consultancy is heaven for all those who want a beautiful home on a strict budget. The team here not only consigns “gently used” furniture into fresh, new spaces, but they also help their clients get the best deals on designing gorgeous ambiances around them. In fact, principal designer and store manager Karin Doty Wyeno is not afraid to “mix it up” and specializes in curating stunning spaces by pairing vintage and contemporary items in eye-catching ways.

In fact, their entire home design portfolio is a sight to behold. You’ll love the eclectic mixing and matching of furniture within a background of modernity. With fresh ideas ad unique accoutrements to bring your vision to life, Karin and her team can help you get the space of your dreams in an affordable and hassle-free way.

3. Seasons Interiors  

As industry leaders with twenty years of experience, this Colorado springs interior design firm has got some amazing things to offer. Although Gidget Webster and her team are masters of refurbishing bathrooms and kitchens, their interior design services do span to the rest of the home as well. They pride themselves on curating timeless rooms that are artless and sophisticated in their natural appeal.

Moreover, their thoughtful approach to designing spaces always puts clients at ease. You can take a look at their Modern Minimalist Renovation project for a quick study of how they can take a simple concept and transform into something charmingly livable. The soft neutral undertones are overlaid with gorgeous warm lighting and the occasional flamboyant furniture piece to keep things visually interesting. This is definitely a dream aesthetic for all small homeowners.

4. Pikes Peak Interiors 

Theresa Guthals’ 30 years of industry experience is the driving force behind this Colorado Springs interior design firm’s success. With a motto that says, “we incorporate your belongings in the design,” this firm has made quite a reputation for themselves by offering homeowners not only expert advice but also gorgeous home furnishings - especially window treatments - that will last for life while maintaining their excellent quality.

Pikes Peak Interiors’s entire portfolio is a culmination of how they’ve artfully interpreted their ideology within every project. Theresa is a master at reinventing spaces while retaining their previous character and individuality. She’s an expert who takes the time to learn the story behind your existing space before curating a new one for you. You’ll love browsing through her portfolio if you’re looking for the kind of interior revamp that will respect the integrity of your previous space.

5. Rich Designs Home

Interior design aside, this Colorado Springs consultancy deals in fabulous fine art accouterments. From florist fashion to home furnishings, this firm can help you design a fantastic home by consulting you on how best to dress as well as design your home. Their consignments of amazing fine art objects have a way of sprucing up even the dullest of space, and their ability to formulate a trendy them goes a long way in curating total classics.

The eclectic flamboyancy of this firm’s portfolio is an excellent example of its signature aesthetic. They have a way of emulating the best design accessories within every theme while making it feel diverse yet relatable. From bedrooms that brim with relaxed charisma to living rooms and kitchens that have got tons of personality, the team at this firm can bring your vision to life in the most exciting way possible.

6. Speas Interior Design

Starting with the fact that the home is the comfort and security of a family, this Colorado Springs interior design firm strives to help you make the absolute best decisions while designing your abode. Family-run and operated, the team here has an efficient and collaborative system that will help each client refine their own ideas into the best possible versions of implementation.

The team at Speas Interior Design knows that on average, there are about 10,000+ decisions that need to be made during a renovation or remodel and they’re always there for their clients when it gets hard. Their Forging Forests residential project is one of the best in their portfolio and perfectly showcases what they’re capable of. Featuring their signature colorado style with a rustic twist, this home brims with effortless style, charisma, and comfort. The use of salvaged wood also adds an element of sustainability to the whole mix while the dash of greenery pulls in some amazing unification with the extensive outdoor views.

7. Toscano Interiors

From concept to completion, this Colorado interior design firm sets the bar pretty high for residential and commercial projects. Regardless of the scope of the project, this team is diligent in giving out advice on color schemes, art selection, and more. Moreover, you can even hire them for a custom furniture restoration consult if there’s a beloved piece you’re looking to revamp.

Candance Toscano and her team have a way of breathing new life within a space. Their whole portfolio is an eclectic mix of various projects where you’ll love the Pinterest-worthy aesthetic that they were able to achieve. From stylish contemporary spaces to quaint and classical rooms, you’ll find a number of amazing projects that you’ll want to immediately add to your inspiration board.

8. Tremmel Design Group

Boasting a cumulative seven decades of phenomenal interior designing and creative problem solving experience, the team at this Colorado Springs interior design firm has become one of the absolute best in the area. The fact that they value collaboration and are open to any number of ideas by their clients only works in their favor.

Mark Tremmel and every person on his team are acquainted with the trendiest practices in the genre and their residential project, “The Escarpment” gorgeously showcases their incredible skill. It is sustainably designed, and features strategically designed public and private spaces that lend the home a nice visual as well as practical impact. It also features a stunning blending of rustic and modern aesthetics while maintaining a nice, cosmopolitan appeal within the interior.

9. The Wherever Home Interiors

The story behind Wherever Home interiors follows the life of principal designer Kimberly Potter, who not only travelled the world and her country to the fullest, but managed to make a fine home of “wherever” she stayed. This led her to believe that no matter where you were in life or actuality, there’s always a way to make the space you’re staying in absolutely worth living.

If you take a walk through her gallery, you’ll see how she’s been able to emulate an inherent sense of homeliness in each one of her projects. From bedrooms that invite you to cozy up and lie down to living rooms that brim with cheerful energy, Kimberly can manifest beauty in every space that she touches.

10. Maple & Moss Staging and Design


With a goal to create a warm and welcoming space, Lydia Andrews has made her practice one of the best interior design consultancies for agents and homeowners alike. From staging to gut renovations, she and her team can take a simple space and give it a transformative, experiential overhaul. They also work on 3D renderings tha give the clients an overviews of what their project will look upon completion, so that they can make all the changes that they like before spending a fortune on actual renovation works.

The Flying Horse residence is a nice look at what Lydia and her team are capable of. The accentuated rustic-contemporary charm of this home impresses with its exceptional texture and pattern palette. It’s neat but also beautifully accessorized, which lends an extra beauty and timelessness to the whole venture.


So, these are some amazing Colorado Springs interior design firms that we’ve picked out for people who’re looking for the best consultency. We hope this list helps you meet your design soulmate and come up with some amazing home design solutions while you’re at it.