The Four Factors of a Comfortable Sofa

Are you looking for your sofa soulmate? When it comes to sofa shopping, love at first sight doesn't exist. You can't fall in love with a sofa without knowing how comfortable it is unless you don't plan on sitting there. There are plenty of factors that play into finding the perfect sofa for your home.  You need to think about style, size, and (most importantly) comfort. 

Everyone has a different idea of which seating feels best, but to find the best option for you it's essential to consider the four factors of a comfortable sofa!

1. Cushions

The seat of your sofa is where things get cozy! Seat cushions provide the first impression of a couch, so you want to think about how you want it to feel when you sit down. On one side of the spectrum, you have relaxed cushions. The relaxed styles are more cloud-like and fluffy, allowing you to sink that sweet spot that you can nestle into for a while, just like the EM Sky Sofa.

On the other end of the spectrum, many people enjoy the comfort of styles with high-density cushions such as the Freeform Sofa & Ottoman. You might prefer the firmness of foam cushions, especially if you would rather sit on a sofa that slowly adapts to your frame than one you can sink into. 

If you're not sure what you like, your mattress and pillow preferences can be a good indicator! 

2. Seating Space

The seat depth on your sofa is one factor that you might not consider at first, but it will make a significant difference in your comfort. Interestingly enough, your height will probably influence your preference in this area. The depth mainly refers to the amount of space between the back and the edge of your seat. 

There is a general rule to follow in order to find the right sofa seat depth. The rule is to make sure you can sit with your knees bent at the edge of the seat with your back still supported.  It's also best to go for a greater depth if you're taller than average, and vice versa. While this may be the go-to approach for considering seat depth, it also depends on the kind of seating experience you want. If you want a more casual vibe, like a sofa where you can bring your feet up or have some extra room to get cozy a longer depth is recommended! You can customize your own layout and create your perfect seat depth with modular options such as the Mario Bellini Sofa or select sectionals like the B&B Charles Sofa Large with a chaise on one end.

3. Seat Height

A sofa's seat height is the length from the floor to the top of the seat cushion. However, this is where things might get tricky. You obviously want the style you choose to match the proportions of the other furniture in the room but as we said, comfort should be the main priority. 

The average height range for sofas seating is between 15 and 20 inches. To find where your comfort lands on this scale, consider the depth of your seat first. A common rule of thumb is the deeper your seat depth is, the shorter the height should be and vice versa. 

Something you also need to think about is how easily you can get up from the sofa. If you struggle to stand up from lower seating, then we suggest something higher off the ground ideally above 18 inches such as the Borge Mogensen 2213 Sofa.

4. Back Height

Similar to the seat height, determining the best back height for your sofa will depend on your height and preferences. Most couches will have a rear height that ranges from 26 to 32 inches. To determine what measurements might work best for you, start by thinking about what makes you feel comfortable and supported when sitting. 

If you prefer to rest your head on the back of the sofa while you lounge, then you will probably feel best with a taller option. But for shoppers looking for a more casual style they'll lie down on more often, having a higher back is less critical. 

That being said, if you're a taller person and want to sit upright with some nice support from behind aim higher. On the other hand, short people can really go either way depending on their preferences. 

Your sofa soulmate is out there you just have to find the right balance!

Now that you're aware of the main components that play into your comfort level, you can begin the search to find your perfect match. Consider these factors based on your preferences when shopping for your next sofa to help you identify the design with the right balance for you.

A cozy home environment always ties back to your sofa it's where you sit to wind down after a long day, read your favorite books, or stay up all night talking with your loved ones. It's a staple furniture piece that can make or break the vibe of your living space. Odds are you still remember your childhood sofa, mainly because it was a source of comfort in your life for many years. 

That being said, you won't find the perfect design if you don't make comfort a priority. When you're buying a sofa, you're essentially committing to something that will be around for years to come so why would you commit to a style that doesn't make you feel good?

You may come across some styles that look great, but once you think about it… it's not somewhere you can see yourself sitting every day. So, keep these factors in mind when looking for a sofa and remember comfort is key!