Iconic Mid Century Modern Dining Tables

The dining table is one of the most utilized and most outstanding furniture pieces in the home, so you can't afford to make a choice lightly.

Fabricated to impress, the sleek and minimalistic lines of mid century styling provides an ideal backdrop to the happy moments that a family can enjoy during mealtimes. By incorporating a mid century modern dining table, you'll be doing more than just hosting palatable meals in your home.

The mid century modern style features some outstanding dining tables whose craftsmanship bespeaks the peak of sophistication and elegance of the 50s and 60s; an indelible statement of what home décor encompasses. It offers timeless and quality classic dining tables you will love that have been recreated with impeccable attention to detail.

From round to rectangular, walnut to glass, there's a table to suit every taste. The following is a selection of our most favorite mid century modern dining tables that will make every meal an occasion. Bon Appetit!


1. Corbusier Glass Dining Table

Corbusier Glass Dining Table


Designed in 1928 by the Swiss-born and pioneer of modern architecture Le Corbusier, the Corbusier Glass Dining Table was a stunning revolutionary piece of furniture, and remains so to date. The idea behind all his design was to develop a style that underlines the beauty in harmony, proportion, and simplicity.

It features a 15mm-thick, rectangular-shaped tempered glass top that makes it ideal both in a conference room and at home as your dining table. The base is made of aeronautical steel elliptical tube, seamlessly welded with sculpted angles and smooth, mitered corners. This structure of steel and glass is mathematically refined to give the table an ethereal yet bold appearance.

Today you can get this dining table customized on request to suit your needs. For example, the base is available in custom colors such as matte black or light blue finish. 


2. The Oval-shaped Dark Walnut Wood Tulip Dining Table

Dark Walnut Wood Tulip Dining Table


The original Tulip table was designed by Finnish-American Eero Saarinen made from fiberglass and was all white in color, with clean lines and curvilinear beauty. His design of this table was all about breaking out of the conventional leg-based table designs.

From this conceptual design has sprung forth numerous variants that have an inspiration of the original piece yet provide for the satiation of a wide array of tastes. One such variation is the oval-shaped Dark Walnut Wood Tulip Table. It is distinctly different from the original Tulip table in two ways.

First, the table top is made from chip-resistant veneered walnut and, secondly, it is distinctly oval-shaped, a deviation from the original round one. This seemingly small alternation is all the difference needed to transform a conventional piece that has been reproduced over the decades to a mesmerizing, unique design.

What is more, the table's base is made of white-cast aluminum with a striking semi-glossy luster. This table's unique shape combined with its opulence and guaranteed quality integrates to create a sense of line, scale, and proportion unsurpassed by other designs.

Pair it with classic choices such as the Tulip ChairWishbone Chair or the Saarinen Executive Chair.


3. The Round Carrara Nuvo Calacatta Quartzite Tulip Dining Table

Carrara Quartzite Tulip Dining Table


Another Saarinen-inspired piece, the savory quartz Tulip dining table is a marvel of ingenious design and engineering.

Our creative production team has exclusively reproduced this table with a Calacatta Quartzite top made from natural ground quartz with resin and ribbons of pigment that results in an impeccable marbleized surface. Thus, it has a sparkling glossy finish that is highly durable resistant to cracks, stains, and chips.

The non-porous table top negates the need for waxing and sealing. In fact, the background and veining details have been consistently and expertly controlled during the engineering production process.

As a result, this Carrara Nuvo Calacatta Quartzite Tulip Dining Table, be it round or oval shaped, is an exquisite accent piece and sumptuous addition to your interior. It comes in a selection of three different table top sizes and at the height of the standard 30 inches, which will allow for comfortable sitting. Add some mid century modern dining chairs to this table to complete the look.


4. The Round-shaped Black Carrara Marble Tulip Dining Table

Black Carrara Marble Tulip Dining Table

This is another interpretation of Saarinen's original tulip table with a contemporary twist unique to itself. Both the table top and the base are all black. A glance at this table will strike you for its sleek, luxurious natural black marble texture with grayish veining and applied with a special glossy surface treatment to make it resistant to chipping. Its slim-build but sturdy aluminum base is highly durable and offers a great balance to this iconic piece.

This recreated version of the Tulip table is not only affordable and more meritorious but also comes in a variety of sizes. Its large size and splendid materials make it the perfect contender for an accent piece. Nonetheless, the fact that it easy to assemble and chip-resistant makes it a must-have for all modern dining areas.


Dine Every Day in Style!

Nothing brings together a family like a shared meal. Reclining at the dining area together is an occasion that should always evoke a sense of ceremony.

What is more, enjoying a meal with the added spark of a stylish and luxurious mid century modern dining table will leave unforgettable memories for your family and friends. You can enjoy this daily activity with the added glamour of an inspiring dining table that will turn every meal into a special occasion.

These vintage mid century modern dining tables are uniquely designed without being overly ostentatious. Their sleek, clean lines with simple yet elegant tops and more abstract bases provide for a unique variety to choose from. So, there you have it; all you have to do is reach out for your choicest selection.