Iconic Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Aside from anchoring the presence of living rooms, coffee tables have the distinct high-standing of being a beloved piece of furniture.

They're compact, always ready to make a statement, and are available in so many unique designs.

The midcentury modern time period has especially given us so many unique coffee table designs that are timeless enough to be used even to this day.


Mid Century Modern Coffee tables

If you're searching for some great mid century modern coffee tables both contemporary and old-school additions then below we've compiled an extensive list that can help you. Let's take a look:



1. Tulip Coffee Table

Eero Saarinen was another renowned midcentury modern master. An architect by profession and a furniture designer by hobby, he's created some of the most iconic pieces over the course of his career.

The Tulip coffee table is an extension of the Tulip dining table series. It's modified to deliver a shorter base but has the same, seamless aesthetic that made the original such a hit.

These days, the Tulip coffee table has spawned many reincarnations and is even available in oval/elliptical tops.

Its sleek design remains a timeless classic and has been reinterpreted in many types of marble-inspired surfaces. It would make an excellent addition to any modern home interior and is a great candidate for the ‘statement piece.

2. Pavilion Coffee Table


Mies van der Rohe is a fully established and highly renowned name in the design world, and the  Barcelona Coffee Table is one of his most popular designs. The sleek, subtle, and sophisticated design of this midcentury modern era coffee table has become a veritable icon for homeowners and furniture designers alike.

Its chrome plated slender legs have a cross-shaped top on which rests a high-performance glass top. It's minimalist to a fault and a great option for smaller living rooms that require as much transparency as possible.

3. Rivet Coffee Table


The brass body and round form of the rivet coffee table are automatic eye-catchers. It has been designed to deliver the best of both function as well as looks. Its circular tray-shaped top is perfect for featuring statement decor pieces, and you can also leave it as is. Its drum-shaped cylindrical base complements the top really well.

The bright, coppery-gold color and metal finish of this midcentury modern style coffee table is designed to emulate accentuation in your homes. It's the perfect decor element in its own right.

4. Blaze Coffee Table


The Blaze is a midcentury modern coffee table that is compact, retro, and just the right amount of vintage. Made entirely out of wood, it features a tripod leg design that is instantly statement-worthy. It has a triangular table top and is made to be a total centerpiece. It's also an excellent accent piece, so even if the rest of your living room furniture is understated and subtle, this coffee table can spruce things up nicely.

Other than that, the Blaze coffee table also has an iconic design. Its unique aesthetic and sturdy form are slated to remain totally timeless for a long time. It's stylish and impactful perfect for making a statement in your living rooms.

5. Aingoo Coffee Table


The very distinct design of this midcentury modern coffee table is a total timeless classic. Instead of one single rectangular or square-ish surface, it features 3 small table-tops at ones. It has a very organic tree-like form and is crafted in sleek lines. It's an excellent choice for creating a focal point in your living rooms.

All of its separate table-tops can be used to feature different home decor accessories. Its slender slanted legs provide a great contrast against the full cluttered top. It's an excellent conversation starter and would complement any contemporary home really well.

6. Saluki Coffee Table


With a retro profile and a multi-layered design, the Saluki coffee table is slated to capture your attention from the get go. It has an extremely unique aesthetic and is absolutely functional to boot. It features sleek, handsome lines crafted in smooth angles, and provides a highly pragmatic way to showcase your home decor as well as living room essentials.

This midcentury modern coffee table is a classic statement piece and pairs well with most interior design styles. It's an instant eye-catcher, is totally made out of wood, and is very sturdy to boot the perfect way to anchor your living rooms.

7. Platner Coffee Table


Designed by Warren Platner in 1966 for Knoll, this midcentury modern coffee table is part of the Platner collection and is one of the first pieces of furniture to feature a wire-structure and build. Its smooth, sophisticated, and has a design that never fails to capture the eye. It's made by welding hundreds of steel rods onto circular frames and is topped off with a round glass table top.

The Platner coffee table is statement-worthy and would make a great addition to any living room especially of the modern, contemporary, and eclectic variety. You can also pair it with a number of other unique furniture items such as sofas, accent chairs, and more.



8. Astro Coffee Table


Designed by British furniture designer Victor Bramwell Wilkins, the Astro coffee table is a study in clean lines and traditional dexterity. It is said to be influenced by Isamu Noguchi's patented coffee table and has distinct midcentury accents and highlights. It elegant, unique, and features a vintage appeal. It was manufactured by G-Plan a British company who first started mass-production of furniture in the country.

This midcentury modern coffee table is made out of teak wood and glass, which is not a surprising combination for that timeframe. It would make a great focal point and look excellent in any contemporary interior design style.

9. Siku Coffee Table


The Siku coffee table is another great example of how the midcentury modern aesthetic delivered the best visual dynamics. With its subtle ode to traditions and express modernity, it delivers some of the best and qualitative looks you'll ever find. This midcentury modern coffee table also boasts sleek, smooth, and seamless lines that result in a handsome overall look. It's made out of French oak and the top is made from glass. It features a highly stylized design that would look excellent in almost all types of modern contemporary interior design styles.

10. Semisfera Coffee Table


Handsome, rugged, and stylishly designed, the Semisfera is definitely a statement-worthy piece of furniture. This midcentury modern coffee table is designed by Los Angeles base interior designer and features a spherical form cut in half. It's very unique and has a hand-finished reclaimed peroba surface. It's the perfect choice to ground your living rooms without overshadowing the rest of its surroundings.

This coffee table features a distinct combination of materials and has a very bold presence. The slight variation of texture in its surface only makes it more interesting. It's also sealed with clear lacquer and would look excellent with metal accent statement accessories.

11. Wegner Coffee Table


Hans Wegner is a well-known name of the midcentury modern era. With so many furniture pieces under his name, it's impossible to leave him out of this list. His CH008 coffee table is definitely worth mentioning in this list. This round midcentury modern coffee table is simplicity personified and is extremely elegant in design. It features a 3 legged design and was designed in 1954. It's understated and elegant perfect for furnishing a modern, minimal, or contemporary style interior design. Pair the coffee table with a Hans Wegner lounge chair.

The simple elegance of this coffee table is able to transform and anchor any space. It's unadorned beauty also makes it the perfect surface to feature some other statement decor elements such as tall vases with flowers, metal bowls, etc. Its practical beauty has made it totally iconic and timeless.


So, these are the midcentury modern coffee tables that we love and recommend. We hope that you can find what you've been searching for on this list as well.