How To Use Wood Tones In Home

Textures and tones play a huge role in home design, but finding the right wooden tones to match your style can be a difficult task.  It’s more than okay to mix wood tones, however the real challenge is finding the right harmony. That’s why we put together some important tips to help you find the perfect tones!

#1 – Determine a primary wooden tone (do this first). 

This is a very important step, as this wooden tone will dominate the rest of the tones you use. If you have wooden floors, that is the tone you should choose. If not, you can simply determine the wooden tone that has the strongest presence in your home. Look for the wooden tone that takes up the most space in your design and you’ll have your answer!

#2 – Find the undertones of your primary choice.

You will determine the undertones based on the wooden tone you’ve chosen from the previous steps. Pay attention to the lightest colors in the wooden tone, and consider whether it’s a cool (taupe, grey, etc.) or warm tone (yellow, orange, red, etc.). Keep these in mind, as they will help you find the best tones to mix with your designs.

#3 –  Incorporate balanced tones within your space.

Use your undertones and dominant tone to create balance by repeating them in your design. Make sure to incorporate elements that repeat these tones at least once to give your environment a nice balance. If you notice tones starting to blend together, you can add an area rug to separate them for a better look.

#4  – Coordinate some contrast in your wooden tones.

You want to avoid a design that looks too “matchy-matchy” by adding some contrast. The best way to accomplish this is to choose light, medium, and dark wooden tones that all share a similar undertone. This will keep the appearance cohesive while still incorporating an attractive visual aspect.   

#5 –  Use color to complete your design.

Find a certain color that you can repeatedly use in your furniture and decor. This color will bring the wooden tones together in a cohesive way while adding some style to your space! 

Your home environment can feel chaotic at times, but you can always use design to bring a sense of balance. We hope these tips helped and inspired you to discover the cohesive look you want for your home!