How to style mid-century modern for fall

Transform your space into an autumn sanctuary.

How to style your mid-century modern furniture for fall.

Make your space feel warm and welcoming without losing the mid-century modern feel with these ideas. Adding a new piece to the room will bring out the fall ambiance and work well with the cozy autumn decor in your home.

First, establish your foundation.

Anchor your room with attractive mid-century modern furniture that matches the style you love the most. Build your fall style look around these pieces. Your goal is to curate a variety of elements that reflects you, your lifestyle, and what you love.

   -  Beautiful wood cabinets and side tables provide a nice contrast with velvet sofas.
   -  Sofas that combine leather and wood add a natural element to your room that works well with fall decor.
   -  Neutral accent chairs provide a cozy base for seating and partner well with your other elements.
   -  Natural wood pieces create a grounding effect and produce a welcoming and calming environment.

Bring in some seasonal colors.

Set the mood and tone for the season with autumn colors. Warm and inviting tones like mustard yellow, burnt orange, and burgundy are great. We suggest that you don't limit yourself to just one trend. 

This year, olive and mossy shades in green, warm-toned, browns, tans, and caramels are a hit. Accent with warm neutrals, like beige and off-white whites, to soften your space.

Earth tones are growing in popularity. People love layering with different shades of throws and pillows. Accenting large pieces of furniture with wooden accent chairs and tables is also a hit.

Don't be afraid to reach for sand, cinnamon, mushroom, rust, caramel, muted greens, and other neutrals. They complement nearly any color palette nicely.

Add visual interest.

2022 fall home trends favor interesting shapes and luxurious textures. Bring your spaces in line with the current trends quickly with just a few adjustments.

Incorporate warmer wood tones into areas comprised of gray-toned wood elements by using sculptured coffee tables, side tables, and wood picture frames. Mid-century modern accent pieces in natural wood tones will complement your furniture while adding an element of fall to the room.

Woven, textured elements are getting a lot of attention this year. If you've been thinking about adding a sheepskin accent chair or a dining chair with a woven back to your room, now is the time to get it. 

Natural fibers, cane and rattan furniture, woven counter stools, and interesting, thought-provoking shapes are a hit. People love items in shapes that mimic the natural world this year.

Mid-Century Fall Style Looks

Here are some mid-century modern fall looks that take advantage of the tips mentioned above. Use these as inspiration to help you create the living space you'll enjoy all year.

Fall Style Look: Cozy Me-Time Space

The stylish neutral Mario Bellini Sofa sectional partners beautifully with the fall brown shades of the season. The sculptural form and provocative wood legs in the solid American walnut finish of the EM Coffee Table conjure harvest time images.

Tip for this fall look:

Continue the organic touch with complementary furniture featuring matching wood stains and tones.

Fall Style Look: Autumn Breakfast Nook

The crisp, clean air of autumn sets the stage for enjoying cozy moments with your favorite hot drink and comfort food. 

Tip for this fall look:

Add a distressed leather harvest yellow dining chair for a vintage fall twist, or go for a light tan for a more subtle style.

Fall Style Look: Natural Relaxation Space

Mix organic elements together for a cozy autumn look that will also serve you well through the other seasons. This clam chair presents a striking foundation for this relaxation space with comfy sheepskin upholstery and curved wood features. 

Tip for this look: 

Bring autumn indoors with a vase of fall branches.

Fall Style Look: Cozy Kitchen

Embrace shapes and textures from nature to design an inviting family kitchen. Natural wood and stone combine well with woven textures for an eye-catching space for meals and working on projects.

Tip for this look:

Add a pop of color with wood-framed pictures of fall images, but keep it simple, and don't overcrowd your wall.

Fall Style Look: Comfy Bedroom

Accent your neutral-toned bed with natural wood and fall colors for a comfortable mid-century modern atmosphere. A gallery wall of natural wood framed artwork adds a fall feel to this room without being too bold.

Tip for this style:

Layer some throws along the end of the bed containing brown, caramel, and beige tones.

The Finishing Touches

Step back and look at your newly designed mid-century modern fall space. Small accent pieces can make your room feel more lived-in and personal. Add a few that also bring out subtle autumn vibes.

   - You're not limited to pumpkins, which may not be design-worthy enough for your space. Add some fall florals to a modern vase and place it on one of your foundation pieces, such as a cupboard or coffee table.
   - Artisanal baskets are a favorite this year because of their interesting textures and earth tones. Grab a few and add them around for storage or on a bookshelf. 
   - Minimalist photos or autumn-inspired paintings in natural wood frames create eye-catching accents. Place one above your statement piece or fireplace for a unique effect.

Take away and add accent pieces until you get the look you’re happy with. Keep it simple, and don’t overdo it. You’re aiming for a light, airy modern ambiance to create that living space you’ll love experiencing life in.