Home Reset for the New Year

How To Refresh Your Home For The New Year

The new year is here, but it may still feel like nothing has changed. It’s up to you to embrace the spirit of the new year and make a change for yourself! And there’s no better place to start than your own home. But you don’t need to renovate in order to refresh your living space– just follow these helpful tips!

#1 Do a Deep Clean #1 Do a Deep Clean

There is nothing quite as refreshing as a clean home (like, really clean). Take some time in the new year to clean out all the debris left behind from 2022! Make a list of those cleaning chores that you’ve been avoiding and make a plan to finally get them done. Once it’s over, your home will feel brand new.

#2 Change Your Color Palette #2 Change Your Color Palette

Remember that paint color you picked for your walls years ago? It’s still in your home, even if your tastes have changed. So, kick start your home refresh with a fresh coat of paint! Consider switching your color palette in a way that gives the space new character that aligns with your current style. 

You can also accomplish these changes by switching out your rugs and large decor pieces with something that matches the new color palette.

#3 Update Your Entryway #3 Update Your Entryway

The entryway is the first thing to welcome you home, so why not give it a fun new look? You’ll look forward to coming home to your new and improved entryway. Decorate it with a stylish bench, mirror, and even some memorabilia you’ve collected over the years!

#4 Declutter Your Closet & Belongings #4 Declutter Your Closet & Belongings

This step is crucial. Your home has likely been building up with new clothes and decorations the past few years. However, all those items are no longer new, and some probably haven’t been glanced at since 2020. It’s time to declutter! Not only will it give you a chance to purge your unwanted items and open your space, but it will also re-introduce you to pieces you forgot you loved.

#5 Reset Your Bed #5 Reset Your Bed

Your bed is where you start and end every day, so it holds a lot of power. Take advantage of its influence on your day, and refresh your bedding and bed frame! This can also help you achieve a new color palette for your bedroom if you so desire. If you’re looking for a bedframe that you’ll love for years to come, you can find it at Eternity Modern.


You have what it takes to make the new year amazing! Whether you need a new bed, sofa, or colorful accent chair for your home refresh– Eternity Modern is here for you.