The Most Crucial Decision When Buying a Dining Table It all comes down to one question– glass or wood?

Finding the perfect dining table relies on many things, but some would argue that the most impactful choice focuses on the material. The two main options you will encounter are wood and glass. Each type has a considerable influence on the overall style, functionality, and atmosphere of your dining room. 

So, before you start searching for a new dining table– consider which material is right for you! We’ll walk you through three factors that can help you decide which option suits you best.

Factor #1 – Style

You want a table that looks great with the interior design in your home, as well as your style preferences. So, let’s take a look at the stylistic differences between glass and wood dining tables!

Glass Dining Tables


This choice tends to align most with a modern look. The glass material offers a sleek and sophisticated design that helps to brighten your space. It also comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it easier to find a design that really stands out to you! 

If you want your dining table to have a unique look that represents your individual style– glass gives you plenty of options to choose from. In this category, you are much more likely to find something that feels like a one-of-a-kind statement piece (instead of a clichéd design). 

Wood Dining Tables


Wooden dining tables are absolutely timeless. You will see wooden styles in all kinds of spaces, from vintage penthouses to modern farm homes! It possesses a certain simplicity that works well with various interiors, which is why it never goes out of style.

Wood also has a cozy, inviting aesthetic that appeals to many people. These tables provide a look that says “welcome home” while also having a dignified and classic style.

Factor #2  – Space

Are you searching for something for a spacious dining room or a designated dining area in a smaller space? This detail can greatly impact your final choice… 

Glass Dining Tables


The transparent appearance of glass tables can actually make the room look bigger.  It helps to distribute light, which creates an illusion of more space and enhances brightness. If you want something that doesn’t make your home feel too cramped– glass is the way to go.

It’s also helpful to consider that glass tables are available in various shapes and sizes. This makes it easier to find a design that fits into smaller areas without looking too overwhelming or out of place.

Wooden Dining Tables


If you need to fill up a room with lots of square footage, a wooden dining table can do the trick. In smaller spaces, these heavy styles can end up looking bulky. On the other hand, they have a more prominent appeal in larger areas. 

You might be planning to host dinner parties with lots of friends and family, which may incline you to choose a wooden style. This material is typically associated with long, formal dining tables, which better fit a spacious dining room.

Factor #3 – Lifestyle

You may know which material is suited for your design preferences, but will it work with your lifestyle?

Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining tables are the more delicate option. While a very strong material, it’s still fragile (unless you go for a design made with tempered safety glass). If you have a calm household, a glass table won’t be a big obstacle. On the other hand, it can present a safety hazard in a space where children and pets are running around. 

This option is easy to clean but may require some extra maintenance. A quick swipe with some glass cleaner will quickly get rid of water rings, food spills, and stains! That said, you might need to clean your table multiple times a day if you have kids who are constantly getting their fingerprints on the table. 

You should be very careful (using placemats, coasters, etc.) around your table or opt for tempered glass to maintain the beauty of this dining table option. Otherwise, it won’t take long for scratches and marks to dull its modern shine.

Wooden Dining Tables


Wood styles are incredibly durable and easy to repair. If you have children in your home, they may carelessly scratch or damage your dining table– but don’t worry! Wood styles are incredibly durable and easy to repair. These blemishes won’t be challenging to fix, so your table maintains its original elegance. 

They are much less fragile than glass tables, making them a safer choice for a home with children and pets. In addition to the safety aspect, wooden tables require less frequent cleaning from everyday use.

The durability of these tables is a big plus, but this doesn’t apply to water damage. Wood is very vulnerable to moisture, and water damage can be a problem that is not easy (or sometimes possible) to repair. So, make sure to treat spills immediately. If you are in a space prone to humidity or flooding– a wooden table probably isn’t a good fit for you. 

Now that you know the crucial differences between glass and wooden dining tables– which style are you leaning toward? No matter which you prefer, you can find the perfect dining table at Eternity Modern.