Get your home ready for fall

Tips for getting your home ready so you can enjoy the fall season with family and friends.

It's time to transition your home from summer to fall, where everyone loves spending time. Summer vacations have come to an end, and the cooler nights are on the way or in your area already. 

Here are some tips and steps to take to make sure your household enjoys a safe and happy fall season. Get ready for cozy movie nights, cocktail parties, and family meals.

Added Note: Stay safe! Anywhere you're going to be on a step stool, ladder, or another support tool for places high up or hard to reach, make sure you have someone else around to watch out for you.

Take advantage of the milder temperatures when the cool days hit to air out the house and give it a thorough cleaning. You may not have noticed all the dust bunnies that accumulated over the summer months or how dull things have gotten in the house.

Many think of a spring cleaning routine, but it's easy to miss the fall cleaning one. Improve your indoor air quality and bring new life to your living space with the same cleaning routine after summer's ended.

This is the time to drag out the cozy earth-tone colored decor, drapery, and throws to transition your home from summer to fall. Before you do that, make sure every room is as clean as possible. 

Living room fall cleaning checklist:

       - Clean blinds and drapes.

       - Wipe down ceiling fan blades with a microfilter duster.

       - Switch your ceiling fans to spin clockwise to help make heating more efficient.

       - Clean the room lights and lamps.

       - Clean your walls from ceiling to floor.

       - Clean your area rugs, carpets, and flooring.

       - Clean upholstered furniture according to the manufacturer's instructions.

       - Clean radiators and vents.

       - Clean the windows.

Kitchen fall cleaning checklist:

       - Deep clean the stove.

       - Clean the oven.

       - Clean the oven hood and filter.

       - Deep clean your microwave.

       - Sort and clean your pantry.

       - Clean and sort your cleaning supply storage under your sink.

       - Sort and clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

       - Clean your dishwasher, garbage disposal, and other additional appliances.

       - Pull out your dishes and clean your cupboards. 

Set aside a few days to go through every room of your house and do a thorough deep clean. It may feel like a chore you can skip, but you'll be happy you did it afterward.

Accumulated dust can make you feel closed in during the fall. You'll provide a more open and enjoyable space to live in when you take the time to prepare for the winter months. Your family and visitors will benefit from better indoor air quality and a cozy environment to enjoy sweater weather and cocoa at home.

Does your couch feel as if it's the wrong size for your living room?

Does squeaking, popping, or creaking indicate your sofa has structural damage?

Is sitting on your couch so uncomfortable that everyone avoids it?

Does your living room stink from old sofa fabric?

Does your sofa have a crappy color, or just doesn't fit with your decor any longer?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it's time for a new sofa. Fall is the best time to get a new sofa as you transition your decor for the new season and get ready to enjoy the fall/winter months ahead.

At this time of the year, your family will spend a good deal of their time in your living room. Grabbing a new sofa that makes your living room ambiance inviting and cozy feeling is one of the best investments you can make.

Three Seater

A customer favorite, the Mario Bellini sofa presents a cozy focal point in your family room. Choose from fabric, aniline, and vintage leather in a wide range of colors to match your decor style. Choose just the sofa or add a matching armchair or ottoman to complete the look.

Over the years, you've collected furniture, knickknacks, wall hangings, lights, tables, and other family room accessories. Perhaps they interested you at the moment, or they were gifts. Whatever the reason, you've felt compelled to use them in your home.

Now, over time, your ensemble looks disjointed, as if nothing goes with anything else.

If you find yourself in this predicament, fall is the best season to go through everything and make it work together again. 

Wooden end tables, lamp tables, coffee tables, and benches that don't match can be painted to work together. The cooler sunny days present the perfect opportunity to use the back porch and make them look like new again. 

Be selective, and donate unwanted pieces that don't fit within your new decor plans. Too much decor can make your space look cluttered, as well as too many wall hangings. 

Once you've opened up the room's feel, seek to bring in something new for your fall look. Add a few accent pieces to liven up the ambiance and give your room a sense of newness.

Grasshopper Floor Lamp

Brighten up that cozy reading corner for fall with a premium floor lamp. This sleek floor lamp makes a stunning addition to the room and directs light directly where you need it.

Accent pillows, throws, and accessories featuring yellows, oranges, red tones, and earthy browns will bring the fall season indoors. Transform your space with layers of soft furnishings people love sinking into while escaping the cold weather. 

If your furniture upholstery is boldly patterned, choose plain pillows and throws. If your upholstery is plain, experiment with a mix of colors or patterns by scattering cushions and throws around. 

Have fun and play around with different combinations to find the look you love. 

Tufty Sofa

Tufty Time modules allow you to create a unique space with clean lines and modern looks. Choose from 28 modular pieces to create the Tufty Time Sofa your family will enjoy through the cooler months.

Tufty Sofa | TF029 Pillow

Bring out the fall mood by accenting your Tufty sofa with a Tufty pillow. Choose from multiple colors and add a splash of autumn.

Brighten the space with a new coat of paint or add texture to your walls with wallpaper. Looking at the same walls all year long may make a home look predictable and boring. Freshen things up by adding some visual variety to your living space.

If all the walls are the same in the room, consider turning one into an accent wall by adding a textured pattern, an extra large artwork, or any of these other ideas:

       - Add dramatic contrast to a light room by painting one wall a charcoal gray, black, or deep navy.

       - Use bright, playful colors for a family room, kitchen, home office, or playroom.

       - Try peel-and-stick wallpaper to create an accent wall.

       - Liven up the kid's room with a jungle mural accent wall.

       - Create a geometric accent wall with some paint and stencils.

       - Add visual depth to a hallway or stairway with vertical or horizontal stripes.

       - Add texture with wall panels, using wall paneling or wainscotting.

       - Install board and batten on accent walls in a living room, bedroom, or dining room.

       - Install shiplap for a feature wall in a bedroom, kitchen, or stairwell.

       - Spruce up your bathroom or kitchen with tiles on one wall

Once your fall cleaning is done, your dining room is one of the best areas to bring the autumn season indoors. Guests and family will think back to fall at your home and remember the smells, good food, and special moments spent in your dining room.

Grab some knickknacks and decor items to spice up your dining area. Swap out pieces on your shelves with vases, serving platters, and other accents with neutral colors. Add in fall accents, such as mini pumpkins and fall leaves.

Swap out bowls of fruit and flowers for pinecones, acorns, or pumpkins. Keep it simple and repurpose what you can from last year.

Brighten up wooden dining room tables with vintage-looking glass hurricane lamps. Choose deep red and orange fall decor pieces for the decorative bowls and platters on your wood dining table.

Is it time for a new dining table? Wobbly broken-down tables or cheap knockoffs just don't cut it. Your dining table is more than just a place to eat. It's a place for social gatherings, and kids use it for their homework assignments. 

Spruce up your home for fall with a dining table that will help you experience the best memories of your life. They come in wood, quartz, glass, and more.

Eden Modern Extendable Walnut Wood Dining Table

Get ready to host an unforgettable party with this modern, clean-line designed table that can seat two or easily expand to seat up to eight people.

Corbusier Glass Dining Table

Bring a bit of Paris into your home fall design with this steel and glass dining table for that bold yet sensual touch.  This classy piece will comfortably seat six people.


Make fall a season of cozy comfort and love at home. It's your sanctuary from life stress and the elements. When you take care of your home and make it warm and inviting, people feel good being there from the moment they walk in the door to when they leave.