Designing your dream bedroom

Have you been dreaming of a better bedroom? Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade your sleeping space. After all, it’s where you end every night and begin every morning– so it should be a place you love. Follow these design tips to achieve a dreamy bedroom that lives up to all of your expectations!

One thing that can make our bedrooms feel not-so-dreamy is clutter. Our clothing, accessories, and other items always start to pile up and eventually create an eyesore. When designing your bedroom, consider opting for smart and stylish storage solutions. This way, there will be a space for everything in your room– even if it's hidden inside a charming dresser or unsuspecting storage bed.

The bedroom is one place where you can truly make it feel like it’s all yours. So, why not paint it a color that makes you happy? You don’t need to stick with a color on your bedroom walls that someone else chose for you. Unless you are 100% thrilled with your bedroom paint job, consider creating a color palette that brings you joy and taking home some swatches to help you visualize your dream room.

Our bedroom is where we go to relax and unwind, so you want a design that brings tranquility. We love using soft silhouettes to create a beautiful and cozy vibe (and you will too). Look for furniture, decor, or rugs with soft, rounded edges to give your space a comforting style. Not only will you love the way these styles look– you’ll also love how they make you feel!

Say goodbye to harsh lighting! Your overhead lights might be sabotaging the entire space, so it’s essential to create a lighting set-up that makes you feel good. If the default lighting in your bedroom feels too intense, you can add floor lamps with smart light bulbs, as well as modern accent lights. When you light up your bedroom with designs you love, it will make it easier to get comfy and relax at the end of the day.

What good is a bedroom if you don’t like your bed? Your bed should feel like a dream come true every time you lie down in it. This extends to more than just the mattress– you need a bedframe that you love to look at (and cute pillows too). Switch out your old bedframe for something new and improved. It will be just as comfortable but much more stylish. 

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