Color Trends 2021: The Definitive Guide

Are you about to give your walls a new lick of paint? Whether it's a new home or revamping your existing home, color has the power to make or break. It can make a world of a difference to how your interior space will look and feel. Color expert amy wax puts it well: color is the backbone of every form of design.

Hottest Color Trends

Still, for most of us, choosing just the right color can be a tricky affair. We can now reveal the hottest 2021 color trends from the leading paint manufacturers and interior designers. So before heading to the paint store, discover the color trends that have taken the year by storm. We'll also show you how to incorporate them into your interior for the best results.

So without further ado...

1. Hunter Green

Hunter green is a favorite choice in 2021 and with good reason. It's intrinsic in nature, carrying with it a sultry, sophisticated, and charming value. Hunter green also adds a lushness that makes a bold statement. You can be sure that this color will never go out of style. Little wonder renowned interior designers consider it a timeless color that integrates so beautifully with natural elements as well as neutral shades.

The other beauty of hunter green is that it's a color that has no gender bias: it's neither masculine nor feminine. It's a perfect balance of both. Hunter green works nicely as a color for mid century modern sectionals. Additionally, you'll love the way it transitions effortlessly between different components in your interior. If used in the right dose, a room painted hunter green color will provide calm and relaxed vibes to anyone who enters into it.



2. Lilac Gray

As the name suggests, this is a marriage of the elegant lilac and the neutral grays resulting in a color with a sultry beauty that has taken the world by storm. Through the years, the different shades of gray have been a significant feature in home decor. On the other hand, you find many people reluctant to adopt them fearing that the design appears too masculine and monotonous.

But the addition of lilac works to add warmth and cheer into the decor and, needless to say, gender neutral. This color makes an interior come alive with a refreshing exuberance that also happens to feel minimal and subtle enough so as not to tire easily. The Freeform Sofa & Ottoman in lilac gray will most certainly grace your living room with its presence and make a beautiful addition with its soft curves and colour.


3. Pale Pastels

Perennially in vogue, pale, soft or muted pastels have a soothing allure that carries along with an understated beauty that makes for stylish interior decor. These colors are the answer when you are looking for that unique, unexpected feel whilst apprehensive of using bold color trends that also run the risk of uniformity with your friends and neighbors.

Muted pastels are especially ideal for those common rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, where you want to maintain gender neutrality. They also do well in concealing those everyday scuff marks and dents on the walls. When incorporated alongside crisp lines and organic forms, these muted pastels combine to make a bold contemporary aesthetic statement perfect for any interior. Noteworthy, pale pastels present a warm backdrop that is ideal for a minimalist mid century modern living room design.


4. Mustard

Last year ochre was on top of the charts, but this year the trend has gravitated towards mustard. To a layman, it could be a daunting task to distinguish between the two yellowish shades. However, owing to its brown undertones, mustard is slightly darker.

It's the perfect color if you are looking for an alternative to gold or a pop of color for an accent wall. But for most people, you may like it more if you select its muted or moody shades and apply it in small doses. This will create provocative depth in your space and will provide a rich backdrop that highlights the other interior elements. Make your space pop with a mustard mid century modern chair.


5. Pewter

Gone are the days of clinical white walls! It's a breath of fresh air to note trends are now leaning more towards such rich alternatives as pewter, a shade of bluish or silver gray. This is a unique color that provides for a nonchalant yet sumptuous background that's anything but bland. It blends easily with almost every other color, pattern, and element; quite literally with everything, everywhere.

Little wonder expert interior designers recommend applying pewter color shades throughout your home as opposed to just one room. Unlike plain white, pewter is so much softer and welcoming, making a room to feel cozy and inviting. Select a pewter mid century modern sofa and make it your private oasis.


6. Hazelnut

Are you tired of grays but still in still in love with its calmness, serenity, and homey effect? You can achieve that feel with the trending hazelnut paint colors, a darker shade of beige. Were noticing hazelnut colors are now replacing grays and tans just as creamier colors are replacing the bright whites. Look for hazelnut mid century modern dining chairs.

Hazelnut comes in a wide variety of shades that provide for warm, inviting, and comforting backdrops that will never clash with your existing furnishings. In fact, it doesn't draw attention to itself; rather, it highlights other objects in the room. These shades of hazelnut colors are great for bouncing off light to create an illusion of more space. This makes them ideal for where you want to make a room appear larger than it actually is or to brighten it up.

If you opt for this gorgeous color, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. This is your go-to hue when you want a super warm and inviting effect for your spaces.


7. Medium Blue

Medium blue represents another trade-off that we are witnessing this year: they're phasing off the navy colors. We're seeing this color being used in a variety of interior spaces and it works superbly in nearly every setting. And rather than painting the walls, medium blue

is being applied more to the trim, doors and other architectural features. It makes for a fresh-looking yet timeless interior. If you're not the bold type, then find a less saturated medium blue, and you'll still benefit from the same effect.


8. Yellow

Last but not least we have yellows that are now making a comeback in 2021, and a dramatic one at that! Yellow is a vibrant and electrifying color that conjures scenes of summer and spring. It signifies strength and stability. Being the color of the sun, yellow and its variants will make you feel warm. Some yellow applied on the walls or ceiling can bring a little sunshine into your interior. It's also an ideal way to increase the dimensions of your space visually. The Camaleonda Sofa is available in yellow, and can truly transform a living room area. This is a color that fits well in kitchens. Shades of yellow range from mustard to gold can be matched with other colors to achieve enchanting combinations. To subdue the energy, consider adding some texture.



There you have it! Unlike in 2019, the approach of 2021 color trends appears to be more conscious and lifestyle-based. In general, it appears latest color trends are returning towards the pastel colors. Thus if you are looking to refresh the look of your home, you are now empowered to know which hues to indulge in.

A final thought, though. When choosing which color trend, you will adopt its important to appreciate the psychology of color. 19th Century artist Wassily Kandinsky is quoted saying: Color is a power which directly influences the soul. Colors evoke different feelings in different people. Color perception is subjective, so


not everyone will see color and feel exactly as you do. They can energize us, cheer us up, and make us feel calm and relaxed. On the other hand, they can depress, tire, or irritate us and make us remember some sad things. Understanding this will help you to choose a color trend that will not only be stylish but also one that you will feel good about and evoke positive sensations in you.