Best Powder Room Vanity Inspiration and Ideas for 2022

Powder rooms may be small, but they can certainly back a big punch when designed right. Now, since powder rooms lean on the tinier side, it’s quite tricky to design their layout and find the perfectly sized fixtures for them. This especially applies to powder room vanities, which are typically 36” wide. You can even find smaller versions that can be mounted on the wall to save up floor space. For those of you who don’t know what they are, let’s take a look at…

What are Powder Room Vanities?
Powder room vanities are bathroom fixtures that consist of a countertop and a sink. It’s usually accompanied by a mirror and sometimes even has a cabinet that goes underneath the counter. 

While a typical single vanity measures around 3’ to 4’ (around 36” to 48”) in width, the ones that are featured in powder rooms are usually smaller (around 13” to 30”) depending on their size and layout. These vanities are fixed against the wall and are the main visual attraction of the overall space. Now, this brings us to…

The Right Vanity for Each Preference

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to selecting powder room vanities. Here are some things that you might want to keep in consideration when searching for your best match:

- Style:  When it comes to powder room vanities, there’s a huge variety in styles that you can pick from. Ultimately, it depends on the theme of your powder room. Think about a specific color scheme for your main wall and select a vanity that would play in good contrast against it. Many homeowners opt for a rustic theme and go for a vanity that has an artfully distressed finish. Others opt for sleeker versions that give their powder rooms a modern-contemporary vibe.


- Budget:  Budget is quite the key consideration for those who don’t want to bust their bank accounts. If you want to keep your purchase under a certain limit, then it’s best to look at compact freestanding options. You can also get your hands on some amazing powder room vanities during clearance season.


- Material: Material is one of the most important facets to consider when selecting your powder room vanity. Some prefab choices are made from fiberboard (especially the ones that have closed cabinets) while some even come in metal frames.


Powder Room Vanity Function List to Consider

Preferences aside, a powder room vanity also has many functional elements that need to be considered. Here’s a checklist of questions that you need to decide on and mark off before you start searching for your best options:


What size do you really need?

Powder room vanities range in not only a number of styles and designs but also a variety of sizes. This is a highly important function to consider because it is determined by the dimensions of your space. You can’t buy a vanity that looks pretty but doesn’t fit, right? The best to make sure that you’re taking the exact dimensions of your power room, deciding which wall you’ll be putting the vanity against, and making your purchase accordingly.


Do you need one with a closed cabinet?

There are two distinct types of designs that a powder room vanity comes in, and they include a countertop that has closed cabinets and a countertop that consists of open shelves. 

Generally, people prefer having a vanity with closed cabinets so that they can hide away their clutter. With open shelves, you not only have to be consistently organized but you also have to be minimal with what you choose to put there or not. However, the shelves provide an excellent opportunity to lay out your decor and get really creative with it. Many homeowners even put plants on these shelves to give the powder room a more refreshing vibe.


What kind of sink are you looking for?

The powder room vanity is all about the sink and there are so many options that you can pick from. Firstly, there’s the pedestal sink, which also comes in a variety of formats. There’s the bowl one that you can even out on top of a 13” wide vanity countertop. Then there’s the under-mount one, which requires a wider countertop inside which the belly of the sink is outfitted. Although it is much more accessible, the pedestal or overmount sink is more aesthetically pleasing.

Top Design & Ideas for Your Own Powder Room Vanity

Now that you know all the functional and preferential elements that you need to consider, here are some great design ideas for your own powder room vanity:


1. Classic Rustic Style

Via Foo Foo La La


This type of powder room vanity might look simple, but it’s definitely high in style. The table-style counter makes for a nice, comfortable, and homely environment - especially with its distressed finish. Cap it off with an overmount sink that complements the counter dimension and you’ve got a winner on your hands. If you’re worried about not having enough storage space, then you can always get some wicker baskets to keep your stuff under the table.


2. Artistic Nouveau Style

Via Carol de Mauro | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger


This vanity is absolutely stylish and comes with the added benefit of being super compact. The under-mount sink really sets off the brass fixtures and the barrel-arched mirror, both of which complement the light wood finish of the cabinet and drawer. The design on the cabinet door leans the entire outlook on the artistic side while making an instant visual impact!


3. Super Compact Pedestal

Via Gabriele Kayser Rufino


This type of powder room vanity is specially designed for spaces that are really, really compact (think: 3’x3’ or 4’x4’ maximum). The use of a pedestal sink on top of the single-slat shelf is positively ingenious and the metal towel rod underneath helps make the most of the space even more. It’s a design that’s as minimalist yet functional as it gets without compromising the visuals!


4. Sleek & Modern

Via Lily Ann Cabinets


Neat, trim, and classy, this timeless powder room vanity design can work anywhere and everywhere. The smooth lines of the drawer really go well with the pedestal sink and the low-height shelf adds a lot of dimension to the whole design. Together with the white backdrop and the round mirror, the entire set-up feels quite magical. Moreover, the design is versatile enough that it can be outfitted in a space that is as narrow as possible.


5. Floating Vanity

Via Dream House Ideas


This traditional-contemporary floating powder room vanity is one of the most sophisticated designs you’ll ever see. Not only is it super compact, but it’s also looks pretty high-end because of the sleek marble finish. The low-height brass fixtures also complement the elegant looks and the thick front gives the whole design more visual impact. Something like this would look stunning in a powder room whose color scheme runs on the darker side and requires some light, metallic embellishments.

So, this is everything you need to know about powder room vanities, their functional aspects, and the trendiest ones that are being hailed by the design world these days. We hope this guide helps you understand that even this small detail requires careful thought, and could end up making or breaking your entire powder room aesthetic.