Avoid These Living Room Design Mistakes

In the grand scheme of home design, the living room is a top priority. It's a shared space that offers a setting for all kinds of occasion's“ relaxing, talking, celebrating, and simply living. We always remember our past living rooms, sometimes with comfort and other times with disappointment. Because depending on the design & environmental factors of your living room“ it can be a great place to call home or a room you end up avoiding.

To make sure you are creating the living room of your dreams, it's crucial to avoid making some very common but very impactful interior design mistakes.

Read more to learn about what you shouldn't do when designing your living room!

(Don't) prioritize style over comfort.

We all want a living room that looks nice, but at the end of the day's“ it's your home, not a museum. If you are looking for a place of comfort to welcome you home after long days, then aesthetics shouldn't be your main priority. Create a cozy atmosphere with functional furniture, optimal space, and relaxing elements/decor. This doesn't mean you can't achieve comfort and style, there are plenty of designs to fit both needs.


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(Don't) buy a sofa without really thinking it through.

The sofa is arguably one of the most important elements of your entire living room. It's where people gather and where you want to relax, but the wrong sofa can be a huge mistake. This is a common mistake because many people are eager to pick out a sofa when they first move in, considering how inconvenient it is to not have one.

But if you jump the gun and buy a sofa you aren't totally in love with, you'll eventually regret it. So, take your time when sofa shopping until you find one that fits all of your needs!


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(Don't) buy a rug that domes' fit your living room.

When shopping for your living room, picking out a rug may seem like the least of your worries. This is your reminder that it is an important factor, and you should pick wisely. We recommend waiting until you have your Eternity Modern sofa & other main furniture elements picked out before you buy your rug. This way, you'll have a better idea of what fits (both aesthetically and structurally).

If you pick a rug that is too small, it will look awkward and lack a comforting look, and if you pick an oversized rug's it will be too overwhelming. Measure your furniture beforehand to determine the right size for your living room, and find a style that fits accordingly!


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Keep these design tips in mind when creating your dream living room to avoid the most common mistakes! And if you are looking for the right pieces to fit your interior design needs, be sure to check out our Living Room Collection at Eternity Modern.