24 Best Home Decorators to follow in 2021

Home decorating may seem like an easy task to take on, but it's never as simple as it looks! In fact, you may do your research on the top trends and yet still fail to get the best results on your own. Therefore, you need to find home decorators that have a keen eye for detail and a sensible, unique aesthetic. You also need to follow someone with a great sense of harmony, balance, and proportion while decorating any space. Whether you're going for earthier aesthetics with the Wishbone Chair, modern luxury with the Mario Bellini Sofa or clean tones with the Wassily Chair, we've got you covered.

24 Home Decorators to follow in 2021

In conclusion: home decorating can't be carried out by just anyone.
So, if you're looking for some of the best professionals in this industry to learn and take inspiration from while adhering to the top trends of 2021, here's an extensive list of some of the best ones you can follow! Let's take a look:

The Color Expert 

An expert at pulling together a space with the help of different colors, Maria Killam has carved herself quite a name in the industry. She's the genius behind the Color Me Happy blog, where anyone can go and educate themselves about the power of certain colors, their impact, and how they can be used in certain spaces!

If you're interested in transforming your interior designs with the power of colors, then this is one of the home decorators that you should be following. With the help of her Live Color Workshop, you can easily design a great space on your own. On the other hand, you can also curate their edesign services for a handy consultation!

Arts and Color

Photo credit: Shelby Bella Photography

If you really want to get inspired in the art of home decorating, then Kim Lewis is the blog that you should follow. It's a great blog run by one of the most famous interior designers in the industry. Their portfolio is something to behold and everything they create is striven to be as purposeful as possible.

One of the greatest things about following this blog is that they provide a totally whimsical aesthetic for you to follow. Everything is homey and charming but looks professionally put together. You'll love browsing through their portfolio!

Classic Elegance

Garrow Kedigian's aesthetic exudes classic elegance and if you're searching for inspiration that speaks volumes in sophistication, then is the home decorator that you should be following! Garrows training in classical architecture allows him to introduce wonderful neo-classical elements within spaces, and if that's your jam, then you'll love browsing through his portfolio!

Decorating is truly an art form, and Garrow's designs are not only timeless, they can also be featured as one of the top trends for 2021!

Natural Light 

Your DIY Family is an excellent blog to follow for some creative decorating ideas, and their take on how to emulate natural light into your homes is one of the trendiest that you'll ever come across.

As one of the top trends in 2021 home decorating, this blog's ways of emulating natural light into your spaces can be extremely useful for you. They list several innovative ways that can help you design a better, happier, and more cheerful spaces in the long run!

Colorful Kitchen 

A colorful kitchen is one of the top up-and-coming trends of 2021 and if you're searching for an excellent home decorator to guide you in this field, then do check out Happy Loves Rosie! Her entire feed is a kaleidoscope of wonderful and colorful things, but her kitchen aesthetics are definitely something special.

She's got an entire tutorial on how to add some magic to your kitchens. From featuring accessories of different hues to using funky wallpapers to emulate a unique look, you'll find tons of amazing ideas here!


Make each room unique

What's trendier than making each room the epitome of unique? Nothing, really! As one of the most sought-after trend in 2021, you need to find and follow up on some great ways to make your rooms trendy and distinguished!

DIY Decorator is an amazing blog where you can find some great ways to make your spaces stand out with conventional things! Kylie's simple style and easy to follow decorating tips are a great way to add unique flair to your spaces in an economical and timeless manner!

Outstanding Remodeling 

No matter what you do, your homes will never look their best if you do a shoddy remodeling job. Therefore, you should always find the best home decorators to help you out in the process. Hestia Home Services has some amazingly talented and famous interior designers who can help you with the process!

Their great design services span kitchen, bath, and overall home remodeling. You can browse through their portfolio and see how each project boasts amazing finishing! From the sharp and sleek edges to the classic detailing, everything looks absolutely fine!

Design and Organization + Modern Twist 

Being organized is going to be a high-fashion trend in the home decorating industry come 2021! However, being able to carry this concept out with a modern twist is what will make it such a highlight. If you're wondering how that can be done, here's a handy example: how about designing a cozy dining nook in an otherwise redundant corner of your home layout? Or how about arranging your layout to accommodate more storage space? It's all about the details and how you improve them with super organized, well-managed designing while adhering to timeless modern concepts!

Blending with Passion

The art of curating gorgeous interiors is all about how you blend, mix, and match everything in a pro way. One of the biggest benefits of hiring famous interior architects and decorators is that they're highly capable of blending all the statement pieces and stand-out objects in your space with passion.

Blending various aspects of an interior can include ensuring that a bold statement wall doesn't clash with the rest of your decor. It can also include a highlight accessory complementing the rest of your decor. It can also include good lighting bringing out the best in a space. It's all about expertly pulling everything together!

Nature Art & Decor

Nature art and decor has always been an attractive concept to work on, and 2021 is going to see a stark uptick in this trend thanks to the stay-at-home protocol. Justina Blakeney is one of the most amazing and famous interior designers to consult in this genre. Her ability to balance colors, plants, and unique patterns always results in the curation of beautiful spaces.

As one of the most influential designers working in today's market, her work has been widely featured and appreciated by professionals and clients alike. If you're someone who appreciates the concept of emulating nature art and decor in your homes, then she's definitely the best inspiration!

Bedroom Sanctuary

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's how bedrooms are the most powerful sanctuaries for a person. The ability to ensconce yourself in a private bubble while working, resting, and entertaining yourself can only be carried out if the space is designed right.

Justina Blakeney's extensive guide to style your bedrooms with Target accoutrements is definitely a must-see for anyone who's looking to revamp and cozify their private space. As one of the top interior decorators, her keen insights on every detail will help you curate the most comfortable space for yourself.

Double Duty Furniture Concepts

Multipurpose furniture has been paving its way in the design and decor industry for quite some while now, but it's going to peak in 2021! Since we're always short on space nowadays, it's best to make your ideas not just big, but also super ergonomic.

Kate Lester Interiors is quite an aficionado in this regard. Just a basic glimpse at their profile will tell you that they're experts at double-duty furniture designing. From bay windows that double as dining nooks to kitchen islands built with cabinets, this interior architect will help you come up with some amazing ideas and inspirations to amplify the purpose of all your home essentials!

Helix Light 

No one can deny the importance of good lighting in an interior design, but one can definitely contemporize its overall looks and purpose. One of the biggest 2021 trends is going to be Helix lights, which is a unique concept that adds a fun, funky, and distinguished look to a space.

Inspired by the tradition of Macrame art, Windy Chien works with circuit boards and weaves helix patterns while retaining their power of conduction. Not only does her work inspire a classy mix of antiquity and modernity, but you'll also immediately approve of the statement-worthiness of this venture and how it's able to uplift any old bare wall!

The Summer House Project

If you live in a part of the world where summers are extremely brutal, then you'll need to craft interiors that are the antithesis of this climate. Think: cool white surroundings, minimalist decor, wooden highlights, brass accents, and a breezy ambiance that inspires billowing beach-wind vibes!

Tiffany Leigh is a master interior architect and one of the best home decorators that you can consult regarding this aesthetic. Her Summer House Project is exactly the kind of aesthetic that you should be aiming for when designing your own! There's lots of inspiration on her website, but this one definitely deserves all the hype!

Brenna Sectional

If you're someone who appreciates the importance of a good living room, then the Brenna Sectional is going to be a great potential purchase for you in 2021! Not only does its sleek simplicity complement all the all the trending highlights of this year, but it is also a great buy for anyone who loves hosting, entertaining, and relaxing in a their living room or den.

Designed to deliver the epitome of comfort and style, this sectional also provides sleek integrity to any ambiance that it's featured in. You'll love its aesthetic potential and how it's not just an amazing surface to cozy up, but also a gorgeous long term addition to a home. For more inspiration, you can check out designer Bree Ganjane's extensive review. She's an amazing interior decorator and her insights will be paramount in your selection process!

Clean Fabrics 

You might not notice this, but fabrics and textiles make up a large bulk of your interior aesthetic. From wall hangings to bed covers and sofa upholsteries, they're the deciding factor in what your interiors look like. While bold patterns and accents have been a big thing for a long while now, 2021 trends are more inclined to lean towards clean fabrics!

Interior decorators are already opting for simple, neutral shades that bring a sense of cozy minimalism to spaces. If you, too, are searching for something like this, then you can check out the extensive collection at the Jackson Home Company! From gorgeous sofa slipcovers to plain textiles, you'll certainly find everything you need in their collection!


Inspiring Makeover

Let's be honest; with 2020 and COVID-19 (and all of its variants now), doing a whole spanking new remodel seems off the books and very risky (which is true). So, refreshing your old spaces with minimal interventions is something that's going to be a trendy venture this new year.

You might find it challenging to think out of the box when trying to upgrade a space that you've lived in your entire life, so one of Emily Henderson's talented staff, Sara, did a  gorgeous living room refresh that will definitely serve as a great mood board for many. Her interior decorating skills shine brightly in this project and you'll certainly appreciate how she was able to take a dingy, lived-in space and make it look totally new with just some basic design upgrades!


The fresh eclectic look is an aesthetic that's going to top tiers in 2021 and the Lake Me Away project by Lori Paranjape will make you a convert if you're not already smitten with it! This interior architect has a very sophisticated palate, which shows in the careful detailing and finishes of this project.

Carried out on a wonderful white backdrop with a few pops of pastels as highlights, this project is as sweetly welcoming as it's inspiring. The attention to texture, decor selection, and overall accessorizing just takes the whole ambiance to a new level. You'll appreciate the material selecting, the smart use of natural light, and how everything looks sleekly charming despite the austere edge!

Evanston Club

  Photography: Cynthia Lynn Photography

M. Lavender is one of the most famous interior designers and his take on the timelessly elegant club house update will totally blow you away. The historic former entrance portico that was converted several years ago to a Sun Room used for meetings by club members as well as a quiet space during weddings and other large events for conversations and prep space for brides and groom parties.  The Club design committee worked closely with Mark to design the space and shared a lot of input that went in the craftsmanship of each detail.

However, the overall ambiance and outlook is simply breathtaking and charming. The aesthetic refresh through a new furniture layout and lots of natural light really provides a stunning update to the 120 year old building!

Palettes and textures

Your overall palettes and textures can become the very definition of your interior's aesthetic, and when it comes to home decorating, nothing is more important. In fact, when you're selecting accessories, trinkets, baubles, and even your furniture, you have to be extremely cognizant of what each thing's color and texture's impact is going to be.

You can check out interior architect Gillian Segal's project for some stunning inspiration in this regard. Her ability to mix and merge different fabrics, decor, and textiles to deliver a wholesome outlook will leave you wanting for more! It's the perfect inspiration board for anyone doing a 2021 interior refresh!

Pacific Palisades 

Incorporating natural elements and wonderful organic textures in an interior design is also something that will see a huge uptick in 2021 trends, so if you're searching for some related inspiration, JDP Interior's Pacific Palisades project is just the source you should be looking at.

Featuring a gorgeous combination of sleek modern attributes and organic decor elements, every room in this project brims with individuality. The wooden accents, terra cotta highlights, and the use of traditional elements like clay pots and basic metal framed mirrors contrasts starkly against the clean white backdrop, thus providing a show stopping ambiance!

Easy to clean 

Another one of 2021s biggest design trends are spaces that will be easy to clean. Since we've all become such homebodies, living in cluttered, hard to maintain spaces is just not appealing anymore. But what exactly does an easy-to-clean space entails?

Bandd Design (one of the finest and famous interior designers) showcases this attribute in their Austin Camelot project! With a cozy atmosphere and a focus on materials that are strategically distressed, artfully shabby, and can just be wiped clean if the situation arises, it's a project that's bot absolutely beautiful and practical at the same time!

Kid-friendly material

It's always been important to consider the impact on certain materials on kids health when it comes to designing interiors, but unfortunately, this aspect is always at the bottom of everyone's priority list. But not anymore 2021 is also going to see a big spike in awareness when it comes to this!

In fact, the interior architects at Moore House Interiors are trendsetters in this genre. Their entire portfolio is exemplary in this regard. Their casual-chic aesthetic and an emphasis on natural materials makes each space that they design absolutely child friendly in every regard!

High Impact colors

If you're searching for the newest paint trend for your 2021 refresh, then it's important to know the importance of high impact colors! They're charming, sophisticated, and able to leave a lasting impression on the person who's experiencing the space!

They casual vibrancy of these colors always leaves you wanting more. Gabrielle Santiago Design (a popular firm that houses amazing interior architects) has definitely gotten this art down pat. Their Camden Drive project is totally exemplary in the use of high impact blues that have been scattered in various shades throughout the project!

Design and lifestyle inspiration

Keeping up with the latest lifestyle and design inspiration is also something that's on-trend with homeowners who regularly like to refresh their spaces and keep up with the changing times. If you're one of them, then you'll love Interior Style Hunter's blog that covers all aspects of the industry. From diversifying designers to upcoming events in the field, this blog covers various topics that appeal to professionals and regular homeowners with a special interest in learning about the industry all the same.

In conclusion, these are some of the best home decorators you should be following in 2021. Not only do they set the bar high in redefining the upcoming trends of the year, but they're also great professionals with timeless aesthetics. Whether you're looking to style your home with the classic Womb Chair & Ottoman or shake it up with the Freeform Sofa & Ottoman, their work will be the perfect inspiration for you!