2022 Interior Design Trends

New Year always brings a breath of fresh beginnings and hopes in general, but in the design world, it means: brand new trends to look forward to!

We talk about timeless classics all the time, but the truth is, most trends don’t even survive the year. It has nothing to do with what’s good or what’s bad: it’s all about the interest. People are always looking for new looks to fashion their homes in, and so, something up to the minute comes along every year to great hype.

Similarly, 2022 is here and new interior design trends are making their debut on the market. Below, we’ll be looking at some major predictions by designers and other professionals about what we might see this year:

1. Dark & bold colors in matte

According to architect Alex Varela of the General Manager of Dallas Maids, 2022 is going to be all about embracing those deep, dark, and bold hues. “Black matte fixtures are for sure an upcoming trend. I think this can be defined as bold, yet very simple. Black is a very imposing color and it’s why it should be used in a few key areas to add a modern touch. Be sure not to go overboard, though.”

It seems that fashionable, impactful simplicity is going to be a top trend on the design charts, which is excellent because not only is it a very doable trend, but it will also leave a great impression on the user of the space.

Working with bold colors doesn’t always have to be expensive, according to Varela. She further goes to say, “A cheap, effective way of achieving this is with a universal paint + primer option! Matte or metallic finishes go great, hand-in-hand.”

Black aside, Varela also touches on how other bold colors are going to follow in the stead of black. “Mind that this year’s Pantone color: Very Peri is an excellent extension of the dark hued theme. This is good, because blue can match with mant other colors such as white, which can emphasize the light and existing neutral tones in your house as well. You might also see bright yellows in small decor items or art pieces. I can see this trend getting very popular.”

2. Outdoor Living

We’ve seen a major shift in the way that we live this past year. The pandemic has forces us to explore our lifestyle preferences in a way that we never did before.

Allison Dundovich, an interior designer at Gascadiseños | Vallarta Interiors elaborates on this with her comments. “For the past two years, people have been focused on updating and optimizing their interiors, and in 2022, we expect that to expand outward - to the backyard.”

Indeed, with such drastic changes to our lives in such a short time, people want to be able to breathe and enjoy outdoor spaces more than ever before. Dundovich continues, “Outdoor spaces have become a more important extension of the house as many people are still working in home offices. We’re seeing people wanting heir backyards to act as living spaces whenever possible. Think: oversized seating for added comfort and bold patterns that marry the outdoors with the indoors in a seamless transition.”

When it comes to actually articulating this concept, Dundovich says, “It’s important to think of your outdoor space as being a part of your overall design aesthetic. This is why you need to incorporate the exact same colors or motifs in these spaces that are also present inside your home. This will give each space a cohesive appeal and keep it from feeling like an after thought.”

To cap things off, Dundovich encourages homeowners to take this opportunity and have fun with it. “We tend to spend less time outdoors in general, so this is an excellent way to have some fun and choose playful pieces for your outdoor spaces that may otherwise be too bold for a main living area.”

3. Indoor plantation

In an extension of Dundovich’s prediction, Randy Kurtz of the kitchen design team at the Culinary Depot says that we might be seeing a lot of indoor plants this year.

It’s no surprise that indoor plant sales have been steadily rising over the last few days. With our urban areas becoming severe concrete jungles and our lives revolving around screens and technology, it’s inevitable to search out that human connection with nature in the most viable way that we can.

Kurtz says, “Today’s technology allows people to be anywhere, at any time, using digital devices. Despite that, people long to enjoy what little leftover time that they have in natural settings. It’s possible to feel more relaxed when closer to nature, so bringing in the plants inside your home is the next best thing…”

On the other hand, Andra DelMonico of Trendey says, “People have embraced the outdoor living lifestyle, but they realize they can’t spend 24/7 outside. This has led homeowners to realizing this concept by using more shades of green in their home decor. This could be with paint or fabrics patterned with flora and fauna. A more advanced approach is to use natural materials and add live plants.”

4. Purposeful Home Office Makeover

In another twist of the “work from home” phenomenon, we have lead designer Andra DelMonico of Trendey saying, “In 2020, people weren’t thinking about the design of their home office, but simply reacting to the world events and making do with what they had. 2021, on the other hand, either had many of us settling back into old patterns or embracing the work-from-home lifestyle. However, moving into 2022, we are seeing people wanting to circle back and reevaluate their home offices.”

Indeed, now that the dust has settled, many people are looking to revamp their home offices. Delmonico continues, “They’ve now had time to work and live in this office and are ready to give it a purposeful makeover. This could be upgrading furniture pieces, adding storage, going for better lighting, or decorating the space to reflect their sense of style and personality in a better way.”

5. Short-term Rentals

Vered Raviv Schwars, the COO and President of Guesty (a short-term and vacation rental property management platform says that people are fully embracing the staycation ideology.

“The short-term rental industry went mainstream during the pandemic,” says Schwars, “with private homes and apartments becoming the preferred and dominant accommodation choice for the safety, comfort, and convenience they provide guests.”

Instead of being cooped up in their own homes during the pandemic, people came up with the trend of renting properties so that they could get a nice change of scenery while keeping their minds at ease.

“In 2022 and beyond, the interior design of apartments and vacation rentals should cater to the new travel personas that emerged during the pandemic; from digital nomads exploring and working from new cities like a local, to singles and couples “lifeshoppong” and testing out new towns and cities before committing to a permanent move.”

When it comes to actually designing the interiors of such homes, Schwars says, “Guests want to feel at home when staying in short-term or vacation rentals. This means that you have to outfit your home with a dedicated aesthetic work/office setup with a reliavle desk and comfortable, sleek computer chair. A well-organized and stocked kitchen that allows a visitor to cook with reliable appliances and host proper meals in a central dining area is also a must. The bedroom should be dressed in minimalist bedding design with fabrics and sheets that create a cohesive theme across each bedroom.”

6. Extensive Use of Natural Textures & Lighting

Andra DelMonico from Trenedy foresees another hyped trend hitting us full force in 2022. “Textured layering,” she says, and continues, “As more people look to create cozy and comfrotable spaces, the technique of layering is finally getting the spotlight it deserved. While this practice was once a carefully crafted art and a well-kept interior design secret, now everyone is looking for complementary textures to create depth and visual interest in a room.

When asked about physical implementation, she says, “This can be done by hanging textured art on the walls. Macrame is always a good option, but you can also work with tactile fabrics and natural wall tiles like marble, sandstone, etc.”

Kate Diaz from Swanky Den, on the other hand, says, “I see living spaces becoming more open and expansive to maximize the sunlilight being let into the space. I also see homeowners investing in high quality, locally made furniture that will age well over time.”

With eco-friendliness and being close to nature being one of the major themes in coming years, this is certainly no surprise. People have been opting for locally and sustainably sourced furniture for a while now, and everyone knows how natural light can totally transform the space. Diaz elaborates, “Homeowners can incorporate thse trends into their design by selecting light colors for the walls and ceilings to create an airy feel. They can also use mirrors and glass surfaces to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.”

7. Repurposed & Vintage Objects

Cindy, the founder of the home decor store INK + PORCELAIN bids her professional opinion that, “The trends I'm seeing for 2022 include travertine, burl, and cane - all-natural materials that can be repurposed into stunning decor objects. Vintage pieces will always be sought after but I've also seen CB2 with great options. I also think neutrals will stay for a minimal aesthetic.”

These are some pretty specific decor items and many homeowners may wonder where they might be able to curate them, if not mainstream stores. To this, Cindy has to say that, “I have seen and found vintage travertine and burlwood pieces on Facebook Marketplace and estate sales.”

One might have to look a bit, but the sheer visual value of these items is definitely unparalleled.

8. Private Floor Plans & Multipurpose Furniture

While the past decade has seen an unprecedented love for open floor plans, things are about to be shaken up now. Staying cooped up in the house has made people crave privacy like nothing else.

Anton Giuroiu, an Architect & Founder of Homesthetics believes that we’re about to see a major shift in planning in 2022. “The closed floor plan is one interior design concept that will be prominent next year since people will be constructing additional rooms rather than tearing down walls. In the next year, more people will want to make their temporary work-from-home arrangement permanent, prompting the need for a dedicated place for their home office.”

Of course, there’s a small hindsight when it comes to this, and Giuroiu acknowledges it by saying, “Of course, this is only true for people who have the luxury of space. However, for individuals with limited floor space, multi-purpose furniture, such as a coffee table that can also be used as a workstation, is a common trend. Space-saving furniture will also be popular next year, owing to the fact that consumers will place a priority on making their living spaces more efficient.”

9. Embracing Maximalism

It seems that the trend of embracing minimalism is slowly fettering down and homeowners are slowly deviating towards comfortable maximalism. David Mason, an interior designer at The Knobs Company says, “There will be a return to using unique materials and textures that are both functional and beautiful. Wall space is being explored with framed mirrors, artwork, and decorative molding. Rich colors are being used in every room, even the bathroom. My favorite color combinations are cool hues paired with warm woods or metallics.”

It seems that Maximalism is leaning beyond the basic color scheme. Mason says, “Colors are trending towards the bolder and less bland side of neutrals. Lots of metallics, blues, greens, and purples are all emerging. We're seeing more woods, stones, and metals in the homes as well.”

As far as how homeowners are incorporating this trend in their interiors, Mason says, “A great way to bring in patterns and bold colors is through lighting. Inexpensive options include table lamps, pendants, and sconces. Ceiling lights can be a great way to add texture and pattern to a room. There are also more expensive options that can be used for this purpose, including light-emitting diode (LED) can lights or track lighting.”

Indeed, pattern-inducing artificial light fixtures are certainly seeing a rise on the 2022 interior design trend charts. Their intangible take on maximalism is definitely noteworthy.

As for other ways, Mason says, “Homeowners should consider revamping their flooring. Using a bolder color or a more patterned rug in the bedroom, hallway and bathrooms will brighten the space. In the kitchen, homeowners can add a new coat of paint to the cabinets or bring in some bolder pieces of artwork.”

10. Feature Walls Are Back!

Interior design is always transitioning, but as Kristiann Colassaco of K-Ann Kreations & Design says, “Each year we are evolving in the design industry taking older concepts and applying them with a twist! There is such a force field of innovative fresh ways to take something simple and make it stand out from the rest and with that said I myself as a designer utilize the rise of the wow factor feature wall in every space! I have been seeing this applied in many different ways amongst my design peers as well!”

Colassaco further elaborates on how feature walls have evolved and are slowly becoming more budget-friendly. She says, “As a designer in my 13th year in the industry I have been utilizing millwork applications and accent tiles as my feature walls to add depth to the space and a pop of interest keeping the rest of the space in a more timeless manner! Homeowners can take a simple printed ceramic tile and apply it easily to add visual interest as well as play with Board and Batten Millwork on surrounding walls rather than what was once widely popular for many years, the beadboard!”

These are some of the top 10 emerging trends that are going to be taking 2022 by storm. Our designers have based their predictions on what the market consumers are currently leaning towards and we hope this list helps you redesign the most attractive and up-to-date home this year.