10 Mid-Century Christmas Decor Ideas For Modern Homes

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but the frou-frou decorations can be a bit too much for those with modern homes and tastes.

The sheer extravagance of the themed decor can also take away from the understated luxury of many modern style home interiors. This is why further, we've compiled a list of some amazing Mid-Century Christmas decor ideas for those with minimalist tastes. Let's take a look:


Mid Century Decor Ideas 

1. Playing With Colors


Candy Cane red and white may be the unofficial-yet-official color theme of all Christmas decor, but what if you could play with different colors?

It would help you retain the elegance and personality of your existing home interiors with a dramatic flair! If you take a look at this image, you'll see how the Mid-Century Christmas decor has been specifically selected to complement the existing color scheme of the living room.

Even the tree has been donned in a bright shocking pink hue to harmonize and visually balance with the surroundings. This technique works well with most modern and contemporary home interiors!


2. Exacting Your Decor


Mid-Century Christmas decor has to be slightly understated in order to balance with the modern aspects of most contemporary homes. Therefore, going overboard with the accessories is not an option. Instead, you can take inspiration from this image and be as exact and specific with your decor as possible.

The white-to-green gradient of the Christmas tree goes perfectly with the overall surroundings. Even the red baubles match with the existing accenting. The minimalist wreath and JOY lights add subtle cheer and thematic ambiance to the decor while not seeming overwhelming at all, making a perfect mid century modern living room.


3. Snowy Modern Artwork


If you're a true minimalist at heart who doesn't really want to delve in the frou-frou side of Mid-Century Christmas decor ideas, then you can take a look at this winter-themed living room for inspiration.

With little-to-no accessorizing at all, it's actually the oversized snowy artwork on the statement wall that acts as the main decor for this room. It goes really well with the other Mid-Century style furniture, color scheme, and accessorizing carried out through the space!


4. Bringing in some Modern Cheer


While decking the halls in balls of holly may not be the perfect solution to your Mid-Century Christmas decor problems, you can certainly bring in a lot of cheer by strategically placing all your ornaments and accessories.

The decor carried out in this image is perfectly thematic and on-point in this regard. The string ornament above the fireplace couples really well with the glass bottles that carry the single stem greenies.

Similarly, the artfully decorated tree contrasts well with the rest of the contemporary style surroundings beautifully!


5. Just the Tree


Sometimes, all you need is one statement worthy Mid-Century Christmas decor accessory to bring out the best in your modern interior designs. More often than not, it's a gorgeous tree.

However, you'll have to be really understated with the ornaments that you put on this tree. Instead of going for the typical colorful accessories and baubles, you can decorate with simple white balls and fairy lights.

If you think that would be too bland, then think again! Take inspiration from this image the all white plus fairy light decor is actually very whimsical and pairs really well with stylish mid century modern furniture.


6. Match the Accents


The Mid-Century Modern style is all about the bold accents. While most of the color scheme in this style is carried out in neutrals, there are always bold tinted highlights that provide beautiful accenting.

You can use a similar technique to carry out your Mid-Century Christmas decor! Just like the tree in this image, you can match the ornaments and baubles with the accent colors of the interior design.

A Christmas tree acts as the perfect backdrop to your mid century modern coffee table. This will result in a wholesome and beautifully harmonized ambiance that's equal parts stylish, cheerful, and eye-catching!


7. Get Creative with the Proportions 


The great thing about Mid-Century Christmas decor ideas is that you can DIY the accessories and ornaments to match the proportions of your spaces.

Take this living room as an example the red and gold tinsel trees are clearly very festive and retro. They perfectly match the Mid-Century style aesthetic, but what makes them really match the whole ambiance is that they've been scaled down so the stylized modern surroundings outshine them.

Of course, they're still very eye-catching, but they harmonize really well with the rest of the interior design!


8. Getting Retro Decor 


Stunning retro style Mid-Century Christmas decor works best when your DIY with colorful paraphernalia!

One of the most timeless and classic ways to emulate this concept is by featuring multicolored stockings atop your shelves or mantles, next to your mid century modern chair.

They merge well with the surroundings, can be easily taken down, and are a great way to hide some precious gifts for your loved ones. You can complement them with fairy lights and minimalist wreaths as well.

It all depends on how creative you can get while remaining subtle. You can take a look at this image for inspiration!


9. Holly and Mistletoe


If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit while retaining the integrity of your modern and contemporary style interior designs, then all you need to do is get creative with the Mid-Century Christmas themed plants!

Holly and mistletoe are the best choices, of course. You can wrap them around the staircase railings, the furniture handles, and even your light fixtures just like in this image! 


10. Visual Balance with Furniture


Furniture is an important part of the Mid-Century style aesthetic. You can certainly use it to balance out the Mid-Century Christmas decor.

You can get inspired with this image, where the artful combination of the sideboard, wall art, and other accessories is used to balance out the fully-loaded Christmas tree and decorations that are placed on top of the mid century modern sideboard.

All the elements go really well with each other. You'll definitely love what this concept will bring to your spaces.


So these are some Mid-Century Christmas decor ideas that you can use to complement all modern and contemporary style interior designs!