10 Best Interior Designers In Henderson, Nevada

Land of the restored vintage homes, Henderson, Nevada, is known for its rocky landscape and lies some 16 miles away from Las Vegas itself. It emerged in the 1940s, but is an inherent part of the USA now. With an annual 300 days of sunshine, Henderson has been listed as one of the safest cities to reside in America.

That said, if you’re already a resident or have a business in Henderson, then you’ll know that it also has a thriving interior design and architecture industry. For anyone looking to get their spaces renovated, here’s a list of some of the best designers in the area. They’ve been selected based on their inherent expertise and their ability to transform each space while respecting the client’s vision. Let’s take a look at them:


1. Inside Style

This firm has been serving the greater Henderson area since 2004 now and their signature aesthetic is defined by sheer elegance and sophistication. They’re masters at working with the neutral color palette and their goal is to make their clients’ dreams a reality. The close knit team at this firm has a highly collaborative process and their penchant for emulating comfort along with beauty in every project is exemplary.

You’ll love what they did with their Penthouse overhaul project. From the open floor plan to the classic integration of views while maintaining a certain level of privacy and the cosmopolitan articulation of the neutral color scheme, everything pulls together in the most compelling manner. Lastly, the accessorizing and decor is also on-point while the excellent lighting and fixtures illuminate the whole ambiance with absolute glamour.


2. Thomas Burger Design, Inc.

Thomas Burger’s international presence in the design industry has been widely acknowledged. He started out with a single firm in New York City in 1987 and is pretty well-known in the Henderson, Nevada area as well. Thomas’s aesthetic is well-appreciated on a global level and he was even asked to design the “The City of the Future” in China. On a smaller scale, he’s designed a wide variety of residential and commercial interiors.

Out of all his work, his Contemporary portfolio is one of the finest you’ll ever browse through. Featuring interior spaces that literally feel like works of art, each residence on this list is as unique, classic, and distinguished as you’ll ever see. From neutral to bold color schemes and gorgeous lighting accents, there’s a lot to be explored here.


3. Sandra Mijan

Sandra Mijan and her team know for a fact the fear that every homeowner faces when they’re ready to make a change but are afraid of making the wrong choices. Their firm specializes in taking that hesitation away through their excellent collaborative process and project management. Their signature style of creating lovely lived-in spaces has won over many clients and continues to do so via their portfolio.

In fact, taking a quick browse through their project collection will have you feeling in awe. From classic wood-and-whites to charming pastels and everything in between, there are so many unique and wonderful things about each project to explore.


4. Design by Sasha

Featured on two My Vegas covers, Sasha Good and her design firm have taken the Las Vegas design industry by storm. From staging to full services, this consultency can advise you in all project scopes. Sasha and her team have a vast network of industry professionals that help her manage a project from start to finish.

Sasha’s Modern Minimalistic Remodel is a great example of this firm’s work. There is an undertone of subtle glamour that runs throughout this modern abode. The achromatic color scheme has been articulated through a number of unique material choices and textures. The overall effect is truly amazing.


5. Ninush

This full-service interior design firm is run by the born-and-bred Israeli; Snir Peretz. His ability to emulate middle-eastern touches within modern spaces has led to a signature style that is appreciated by many clients. The great thing about this particular firm is that they don’t discriminate based on the scope of services required by clients. You will be accommodated with just as much care and respect if you come in for a color consultation as much as a person whose come in for a gut renovation.

Ninush’s entire design portfolio is a cumulation of artistic integrity and sophisticated contemporary spaces. Every room is unique thanks to the bold color contrasting that is a signature styling technique of this firm. Moreover, the decor leans on the eclectic side without taking away from the modernity of the space. This is another aspect that sets this firm apart.


6. Reveal Interior Design

Specializing in kitchen, bath, and full-house renovation, this interior design firm is one of the best in Henderson, Nevada. The team here is led by Kristie Schneider and they’re experts at combining form and function to provide the ultimate ambient experience. Clients are always pleased by their great communication level and how resourceful they are while designing the spaces of everyone’s dreams.

The Transitional Great Room makeover by this team is by far one of the most unique interpretations of this style that you’ll ever encounter. While before it was a dank, dark, and shabby looking space, Kristie and her team converted the entire room into a well-lit, beautifully furnished, and gorgeously appointed abode that would impress everyone.


7. Noble Designs

With the firm belief that “good taste is timeless,” this interior design firm in Henderson, Nevada pride themselves on creating simple yet elegant spaces. Led by Sara Noble, the team here is inspired by fashion icons, classic details, and photography. The seamless sophistication that brims in each project that they design is unparalleled and appreciated by many. A lot of their work has also been featured in great magazines and their entire portfolio speaks for itself.

The revamp of their Sunset Hill residence is truly exemplary. While originally dark and shabby, the new version of this home is bright and colorful with newly added powder blue wallpaper and emerald green cabinetry. The sleek furniture is accentuated by retro details in the firm of floral additions and cushions. Just one look and you can already tell that this is a home with a lot of personality.


8. Debrae Little Interiors

This interior design firm in Henderson, Nevada prides itself on not only designing beautiful spaces, but curating entire lifestyles. Debrae is popular for he bold use of color and fabric, which makes the spaces that she designs absolutely experiential. With many residential and commercial projects under her belt, Debrae has shot her firm to instant stardom in the Los Angeles area.

You can get a taste of Debrae’s style by going through her work. Her photo gallery is full of gorgeous spaces that she’s curated with boldness and panache. From lovely little nooks that are enhanced by patterns and lighting to one-of-a-kind wall installations that add tons of personality to a space, you’ll find so many unique inspirations in her work.


9. Graceful Spaces

This home organization studio in Henderson, Nevada is all about simplifying spaces and transforming them into the most beautiful yet minimalist version of themselves. This team believes that a well-organized space is able to spark creativity and emulate betterment into one’s lifestyle. Thus, they strive to create customized solutions so that their clients can live stress-free, happy, and serene lives.

The Classic Chateau is one of their most inspiring projects to date. Every single thing in this house has been neatly organized. From the customized kitchen-drawer blocks to the fully organized pantry shelves and even the laundry room, each and every single thing has been beautifully put into its place. Even looking at the pictures of this home will relax you.


10. Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc.

Every single space designed by this Henderson interior design firm is sophistication personified. The consultancy started out in 1984 and has since grown into a highly successful design practice that hires over 70 industry professionals. The company’s motto, “the difference is in the details” is reflected in every project that they design. The keen attention that is paid to every single aspect of curating an elegant modern interior is unparalleled and what sets this team apart.

With 30 years of experience in the industry Marc-Michaels Interior Design, Inc. has quite an extensive portfolio. However, their Contemporary Design category is in a league of its own. With mansions and estates that brim with luxury, each project is a study in cosmoplitan appeal. The sheer timelessness of every single project is not only exemplary, but a celar expression of what this team can accomplish.


So, these are some of the best interior designers in Henderson, Nevada. We hope you love their work as much as we do, and manage to find your ideal renovation partner on this list.