10 Best Designers in Honolulu, Hawaii

Spotless coastlines and ancient cultures may be the face of Hawaii, but it’s a dream destination when it comes to finding some world class interior designers. So, if you live in the area and are searching for someone to spruce up your residential, commercial, retail, or corporate spaces, then this list is exactly for you.

All the designers on here have been hand-picked and curated because of their distinguished design sense, unique ideas, and excellent articulation of some amazing themes. Below, we’ll do an introduction to the unique selling point of each firm and one of their best projects from their online portfolios. Let’s take a look:

1. MCYIA - Interior Design Hawaii

This award-winning Hawaii interior design firm was founded in 2004 by esteemed designer Chuen Yee. her internal motto of, “I always wanted to improve things,” has led her firm to be one of the most fantastic consultancies in the area. Chuen believes that the spaces we reside in determine the quality of our lives, so she always pays special attention to the light, air, and general feng shui of every space that she designs in quite some detail.

Although MCYIA has won many awards, their Beach State project is one of the most fantastic ones on their portfolio. Designed with grounded whimsy, this home is a culmination of lovely white and cream hues interspersed with warm wooden and choclaty accents. The ample amount of natural light and the decidedly breezy floor plan only add to the whole appeal.

2. Hawaii Modern Architecture and Interior Design

The team at this Hawaii interior design firm firmly believes that the interior and architecture are always interconnected. Therefore, they work closely with the architects and contractors in your team to design a space that’s not only worth living, but also growing old in. Their dedication and client-focused approach is very much appreciated by patrons and their ability to seamlessly guide you through tough decisions has made them quite the fan favorites.

Their award-winning Weil-Manuma-Bia project is definitely worth a second glance. It’s a new construction that has been arcticulated in the best modern-contemporary aesthetic. From the clean lines to the edgy accents and stylish furniture, everything in this residence is a classic juxtaposition of bold and understated. Add in the split levels and the gorgeous lighting and you’ve got yourself a literal winner.

3. CIH Design

Shelly David’s Hawaii based interior design firm caters to a global clientbase and she’s widely renowned for curating one-of-a-kind spaces. Her 25 years of experience in the industry has been shaped by evolving trends and her personal style that’s influenced by nature and travel. Shelly’s augmented 3D renders make for some excellent communication tools, ensuring that her clients always know what they’ll be getting in the end.

You can look at her Modern Waiea Tower apartment for a glimpse of her talents. The way that Shelly has designed this abode is the perfect blend of trendiness and comfort. The views that have been integrated on all sides highlight the neutral color palette and the cool blue accents in major rooms evoke instant tranquility. It’s a home that will make you want to kick back and relax your woes away.

4. Andrea Lecusay Interiors, Inc.

This international award-winning interior designer has a firm footing in Hawaii, Bali, and the USA. Inspired by her travels and the great outdoors, Andrea Lecusay her left an global footprint with the help of her expressive and highly unique designs. She prides herself on curating timeless spaces that remain joyful and liveable to her clients without losing their stylistic integrity for a long time.

Andrea’s Boca West residence is a complete and total dreamboat. It’s designed in understated neutral hues and a classic light wooden material palette with hints of fresh green to brighten up the ambiance. The common running theme between each room is the expressive connection to the outdoors. The lushly landscaped outside is an inherent part of the indoor experience and sets this home instantly apart.

5. Universal Interiors, LLC

Nancy and her team have set their Hawaii-based interior design firm apart by training themselves to articulate their clients’ aesthetic only. They belie the “signature style” conundrum by promising that whatever their clients want is what they’ll be specializing in. as a result, they’ve got a diverse portfolio that is full of lively and beautiful spaces, each one more distinguished and unique than the last.

You’ll especially love their Kukanono remodel, which highlights the amazing use to textures to add personality to the space. From timeless wooden grains to distinctive tiling and beautiful abstract artwork, everything pulls together in the most wonderful manner to deliver and sophisticated and elegant interior design.

6. Indigo Republic

Jenn Johnson and her team of collaborative designers helm Indigo Republic as a team. It’s a firm that has quite a poetic meaning behind their name and have carved themselves a notable niche within the Hawaii interior design industry. They specialize in building Island-style estates as well as resorts and retail outlets. However, they mainly take on residential projects and strive to deliver the best experience to each and every one of their clients.

A close look at their residential design portfolio will have you appreciating their signature beach-house casual aesthetic. They have a close and collaborative process where they invoke their client’s wishes into world class and timeless realities. You’ll love the inherent distinctness in each project and how they’re able to set each home apart while practicing the same underscoring visuals.

7. Jamie Jackson Design

This is one of the most well-respected firms around and about the Hawaiian islands. Led by Jamie Jackson, who specializes in interior architecture, this firm has a vast network of architects and contractors who they team up with on a regular basis. Therefore, they can help you get the best of your project by helping you start from concepts and guiding you through the entire construction and renovation phases as well.

The Foster Tower residence is the pride and joy of their portfolio. It’s a condo that has been designed in various colorful accents with a white-and-neutral backdrop for some visual balance. The bold highlights harmonize well with the stunning views that lead the mind of the user outside, ensuring that one will never feel trapped within this particular home.

8. Muro Designs

This Hawaii interior design firm is the brainchild of Miwa Yamamuro, whose Japanese pedigree infuses with her American education to deliver distinguished spatial results. With her work featured in renowned publications like Elle Decor, San Diego Home & Garden, etc. Miwa and her trust-worthy team have built a shining reputation for their firm.

You can gauge Miwa’s skill and talent by taking a look at her One Ala Moana N condo. She managed to infuse a distinct natural beauty within the very ambiance of this abode with the help of strategically selected and appointed accessories. The natural color scheme of this home is accentuated by wonderful gold lighting and lovely green planters, both of which elevate the experience of this this home two-fold.

9. Studio Shaolin

Shaolin Low is a born and bred interior designer who’s been experiencing the industry ever since she was a little girl. Her life-bound journey and connection with this world was nurtured from the get-go thanks to her design-construction family. Today, armed with the knowledge that sustainable and holistic designing can change someone’s life for the better, she runs Studio Shaolin to deliver just that to her clients.

While Shaolin has many unique projects under her belt, her One Ala Moana condo is definitely one of the best transformations she’s done. Home of a busy mom who needed a complete refresher on her furniture and decor, Shaolin rose up to the challenge and re-articulated this home in wonderful boho-chic accents with sophisticated, cool, and modern undertones. With minimalism as a key component, this home feels like something plucked out of Archi Digest’s instagram page.

10. Ventus Design

Helmed by the Japanese-born Reiko Lewis, this interior design firm in Hawaii certainly has something unique to offer. As a former CNN Senior Producer, Reiko has quite the experience traversing all over Asia to cover some major news. Her 16-year career there came to an end when she discovered her passion for interior designing and completely switched her field. Today, she’s an award-winning designer who’s helping people curate the spaces of their dreams.

Reiko’s Park Lane residence highlights her connection with her Japanese roots. The “Zen” vibe that underlies this home is apparent in each and every line. From the natural textures to the abundance of sunlight, this home has been designed to evoke a sense of immediate relaxation within anyone who experiences it..


These are the top 10 designers from Honolulu, Hawaii. You’ll notice the diversity in this list and how each designer brings a fresh new perspective to the table. We hope you’ll like their distinguished aesthetics and find your ideal partner here.